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  1. I think I used Paige, Saffron, and Grace as they were all fairly easy to annoy. Let me know if you figure out the Smooth Criminal trophy as I haven't managed to get that either
  2. For Crash & Burn you just have to upset all three first dates (keep an eye on your relationship stats during conversations and you can see how much your choices are impacting things). Then when after you select 2 of them for second dates they should both decline which will give you the trophy. I don't know about the Smooth Criminal one
  3. One More Dungeon has a 29% Platinum rate but I gave up on it. I found that combat felt too fiddly and I kept dying really quickly, it just wasn't very fun so I stopped playing :-/
  4. It would have been nice if they'd included a single player game as well. I was hoping for an RPG but they seem to be ignoring that genre at the moment
  5. Looks like an interesting game :-)
  6. I think the frog is the one called "The Changeling"? It's at the beginning of chapter 34. Instead of following the wooden path round to the left, head to the right and it's at the end of that path.
  7. You madam have an excelent taste in games! Hats off to your very impressive trophy list :)

  8. yup this has happened to me a couple of times as well
  9. Rayman Legends is really fun and works really well on the vita
  10. There aren't really many horror games on the Vita. As others have said Lone Survivor is quite good. Also Danganronpa has some dark themes but I wouldn't exactly class it as horror
  11. I was really pleasantly surprised by this game as well. Sure it's only a couple of hours long but it's fun and I really enjoyed the graphic style and music of the game. I love finding these hidden gems on the Vita!
  12. I'm normally happy as long as there is one game that I like the look of, I've been a member of PS+ for a couple of years now so if I'm honest I have a huge backlog of titles that I haven't got round to trying yet. I do get why people get frustrated with the service but I really don't think it's that expensive, even without the AAA titles I think we get good value for our money
  13. 7/10 for Toasty - I find multiplayer trophies really annoying!
  14. Nope - I've never even watched Spongebob Road Not Taken
  15. Bloodbourne :-)