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  1. Ok got the plat on PS4 and most of the dlc but does this work on Xbox one there are 2 version on there to play
  2. Well seems there might not be a point I was doing it so I could have my digital games installed as going into the shop is buggy but turns out my hdd is already 500gb if the limit is 1tb not sure another 500gb will work
  3. Thanks for the advice I will upgrade the internal drive to a 1tb which are cheap now
  4. Can I run PS3 games from an external hdd yes and no from searching online so I am a bit confused if if not I have a spare 2tb drive can I upgrade the internal drive with that the only guide I found only talked about upgrade ign up to 500gb
  5. So I have always played on PS4 but as they added cross play figured I would add my account on my Xbox one x everything went fine on the game luanch screen my character is there under my pan name but when I click play it fails every time any idea how to fix this issue
  6. I am missing 1 and a marauder camp and I am just going in to the final missions did notice in the camps I have 3 missions from them left so going to do it in free roam after the game
  7. Yeah that's my issue I seem to be at a point after blowing up a damn where I only get called to camps for bounty hunts but I know we were planning to blow up a cave so not sure as iron mike and me were doing that but now talking to him locks me out suppose I should just do a back up save here just in case it messes up something so i can go back easy
  8. I was just going to post this same thing does it matter if you have some stuff left to do and collectibles the only mission I think I have not had yet is blow up the caves for iron mike just dont want want to get locked out of the plat as I have had zero issues with the game and love it
  9. Well looks like this is going to be a major grid then for that trophy I have not yet seen the cpu make a mistake on the line judging after a couple of months of playing
  10. Is there anyway to roll it back to before the game was patched I got mine digitally and was told the You Cannot Be Serious!!! trohpy was so much more easy back then because the computer was crap at being a line judge
  11. Thanks the reason I am asking I have this game that I finished on the PS4 cel damage hd found I have a PS3 and vita version in my downloads so tried it and trophies popped in game but it did not give credit in my trophy list so I am guessing some games fake pop trophies as you cannot get them more than once
  12. Hey guys not sure if this is a stupid question but is there a list of games that I might own on my PS4 and 3 that I can get the trophies again on the vita
  13. Not really a time limit but you had to get them all by a certain point in the story because there was another trophy you needed the armour for that your mum makes with them
  14. Can pick them up at anytime or is there a time limit like in 2 with the feathers for the armour
  15. For me this was the first COD game I played on veteran I played it last gen but thanks to the FPS sickness issue I got I hurried it so now with this gen I no longer get ill from FPS I tried this I did great on veteran mile high club took near a day but this damn trophy is sitting there months later I have made it my goal to get this done and the plat in 2019 so far closet I have come is .5 off