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  1. Did you do Rapid Transit or Main Spessart Bahn? On my runs it never popped on Rapid Transit Also Long Island Rail Road did not pop The New Yorker
  2. On PS3 there was this issue but it was patched.
  3. so far they all unlocked for me. In 2 accounts I first played with my test account to see if any trophys where bugged. Looking at your progress you are not yet at the end of Delta Act 1?
  4. (Kun je nog een paar PS4 games vinden.) Here you can find a few other PS4 tales of games.
  5. Great work will be usefull for 100% completion.
  6. Nope, with one exception if a trophy is bugged I get a little annoyed. Which usually leads to force quitting the game and trying again with sometimes some/a lot of swearing. I have seen people who could not even get the simplest of trophys and started swearing up and down, at some point looking and acting like they are possessed. Like they started jumping on the floor and even hitting themselves breaking the controller and possibly their heads in the process.
  7. used a few of these. when these where made the game was different. Luck is a big factor nowadays.
  8. Yeah this sometimes happens to me too. Then I just go to the garage and try again.
  9. Yeah they fixed most issues. With the patch before my game froze every mission, I could not even progress any further. Now it crashes sometimes. I hope they fix the traffic next. Had a AI car on the highway driving in against traffic and got an head on collision. And they randomly just crash on their own or collide with another.
  10. Little suprised that they did not fix this with the latest patch. This worked from day 1 of the release, it is also how I got the 10 million trophy.
  11. You mean the challenge part where you need to save the animals involved? I had the same on VR in normal it worked I saved all animals. In my TVHM run I had 3 stalkers at the first part stuck in each other so they did not move off the map. Quest completes normally so you will only miss the challenge bonus.
  12. lol there I was flying most parts of the map with a tamed Argentavis manually searching for all notes. Based on a map like this :
  13. Tried a game on my second account it unlocks on normal.
  14. Same here, like what the? Do they bring it by limousine?
  15. To clarify you dont just lose 400GB on a 4TB drive. The reason for the "loss" is the fact that harddrive manufacturers use 1000KB=1MB but most OSes use 1024KB=1MB When formatting a 12TB drive on windows it shows 10,9TB usable. Would be useful if harddrive manufacturers would at least put the 2 bases on the drive [email protected]/3,[email protected] Seen a lot of these discussions pas by in the years people get frustrated by the misleading information from manufacturers.