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  1. To anyone struggling with this trophy a piece of advice. Use a new save game. I was trying to get this with my level 30 save at first. But skipping a day then took 30~35 seconds per day. When using a new save game I was able to skip a whole month in 15 seconds later on this became 25~30 seconds around 2026~2027.
  2. Well your internet is excellent judging on your screen. Mine is 200mbps up and down but with 15 ms ping latency nearly always. You really notice this in an online game. That is one of the examples why I like to run a single player game, when playing online in a game it should be a choiche. I dont mind coop I like Borderlands for instance or Battlefield, Killzone MP etc.
  3. True to that...
  4. No we don`t, but a game in single player should be capable to be played offline. It is my opninion wheter you agree or not is up to you. The best case would be to add at least the possibility of offline play.
  5. Link to for a petition to convince Blizzard to make an offline mode in the game.
  6. works till monday: KB5JT-BFRZ9-XTWZ5-93KJB-3RRFT 3 golden keys
  7. CHCBT-TF6HB-ZC3WC-BT333-KBR3B 10 hours remaining
  8. They did this because you now share the safe for items between all your characters. Also the user setting profile always stored golden keys. Because these items where game based and not save based. Just back them up to PS Plus or a USB drive.
  9. 5SCT3-ST69B-HWJW5-TTTB3-W5S6H 6 hours lifetime
  10. 5H5JJ-KJ6HB-95JWW-BJTJJ-95FJW +- 5 hours remain
  11. It breaks down to this: NPC`s that are non hostile (civilians mostly) dont embrace them. Enemies that you fight skals and Priwen you can bite in combat to receive blood and health. However watch out for biting named NPCs even enemies. Rats you can eat as much you like.
  12. Does anyone remember Black? On PS2 from 2005 I believe, would love a remaster of that game.
  13. Yeah true that IT was annoying as hell after 2 runs per sector i figured their spawns, most of them atleast
  14. 5ZC3B-WRKHT-Z53CK-BTB33-CB9HH 12 hours lifetime +-
  15. Yeah Apexion sucked finally got through that part. Once you finish that it is a little easier. One tip dont run in apexion they spawn and shoot way too fast. When you learn their spawn points it gets easier. I do like the game but Apexion should be changed.