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  1. Little suprised that they did not fix this with the latest patch. This worked from day 1 of the release, it is also how I got the 10 million trophy.
  2. You mean the challenge part where you need to save the animals involved? I had the same on VR in normal it worked I saved all animals. In my TVHM run I had 3 stalkers at the first part stuck in each other so they did not move off the map. Quest completes normally so you will only miss the challenge bonus.
  3. lol there I was flying most parts of the map with a tamed Argentavis manually searching for all notes. Based on a map like this :
  4. Tried a game on my second account it unlocks on normal.
  5. Same here, like what the? Do they bring it by limousine?
  6. To clarify you dont just lose 400GB on a 4TB drive. The reason for the "loss" is the fact that harddrive manufacturers use 1000KB=1MB but most OSes use 1024KB=1MB When formatting a 12TB drive on windows it shows 10,9TB usable. Would be useful if harddrive manufacturers would at least put the 2 bases on the drive [email protected]/3,[email protected] Seen a lot of these discussions pas by in the years people get frustrated by the misleading information from manufacturers.
  7. You just need to get the services done indeed. My service times differ every service sometimes I finish with a few minutes to spare some I finish like the dutch rail road service (with 10 minutes delay)
  8. Just had strange one I was not logged in and tried to open Borderlands 2 Trophy Guide. My BitDefender AntiVirus/AntiMalware triggered on a load element. 26 minutes ago: Function: Prevention of online threats A Dangerous page has been blocked: I tried to reproduce but was unable to do so.
  9. Its ok. And yes and no this is the shortest of the two. Because you can do either Main Spessart Bahn or Rapid Transit. Rapid Transit has 167 services, and Main Spessart Bahn has 309 if I am correct. It (the 167 services) then is divided over 3 Trains you will do most services with the Talent 2, and the DB BR 182 & DB BR 767.2 are DLC trains.
  10. That all depends on the requirements for the trophy. The speed ones need little explanation. The all scenarios is plain as day complete all the scenarios for example GWE: Peak Performance just complete all scenarios in Great Western Express The all services is literally all services of a route for example German Legend currently I am working on Rapid Transit consists of 3 locos/trains with 167 services in total. I had completed this one just after buying CN Oakville Subdivision but the trophy did not pop. So I restarted with a new savegame.
  11. I rather have the all black one. Or make it black with white. Meaning black for the biggest part.
  12. This excuse I heard before. It simply is not a valid one, other already said it there is no such bug ever found in this game. There is no way you can unlock B Spec in seconds from A Spec or other way around. Same goes for Endurance Series in seconds after the Extreme Series. Shortest race will take like 2 hours. None of the special events can be completed in seconds between completing another. In my experience trophys pop as soon as you complete the requirement there is no need to go to the home screen of the game first .
  13. Whenever they release new DLC just before. And in some cases to fix bugs. Usually I play without internet on to prevent the game from updating, while I am busy with a time consuming trophy.
  14. no you dont need to just as @NERVergoproxy said. My first complete game was at level 40 and then I went to TVHM with Guardian Rank enabled experience is put in both.
  15. Have you recently updated your game or purchased new DLC ? If yes start a new save game delete all savegame files, and start over. I have had this experience many times as soon as an update or DLC is released trophies stop popping on the active save.