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  1. There's one area late in the game that you can't get back to, though you'll still be able to plat the game if you miss the chest inside.
  2. There would have been two solutions to fix this ending. 1. Keep it as it is but change the backstory of Leo to where he was the one killing Vincents brother, not the main antagonist. 2. Implement a hidden ending where you can let Leo go, because he actually didn't do anything besides trying to sell a stupid stone. As it stands, there's really no incentive to force you to kill one of them besides trying to make it more dramatic. Imagine if Rebecca would've just randomly shot Billy at the end of Resident Evil 0 instead of letting him go because of the bond they developed by working together and overcoming their differences. Just feels wrong.
  3. First off let me say that I can see the point you're making. I do agree that the game is pretty easy and I can see that this might upset people. Your post seems like you're implying the difficulty isn't fitting for the rest of the game when you say that it's specifically aimed at children, meaning other aspects in the game are not. To me this game is targeted at children in pretty much every conceivable way when it comes to it's storytelling as well. I don't think this game nessecarily wants to include adults in its target audience, maybe comparable to Fromsoft who don't want to include an easymode to target people who don't like the challenge the Souls game offer. I would argue this is the same thing, just on the other side of the difficulty spectrum. Like I said I can still relate to people who'd rather have an option to up the difficulty, all I wanna say is that I think its difficulty fits the overall experience in my opinion. P.S. Your username made me laugh. I like it.
  4. I'm pretty sure it's been hacked and because of that it turned into the real wild west.
  5. Even on easy you die really fast when the enemy is 3 levels above you.
  6. So I just got the sting in the tale gold trophy from the second DLC. It requires you to complete 5 specific locations, 4 of which hold a scorpion you have to kill. The annoying thing is that even if you're at max level, which is 55 right now, the scorpions are 3 levels above you, which gives them an advantage. Or not. I used the smoke and mirrors predator bow. It has the on fire perk on it. My character was level 54, my bow 52 (can be upgraded at the blacksmith). With that I was able to kill the scorpions in 4 hits each, pretty much negating the entire challenge they pose. Hope this helps people who may be struggling with this.
  7. Looking forward to the Royal Complete Extended Plus version in 2019.
  8. Greed. Why shouldn't they do it like that if people keep buying it. Bet the PS5 will give you the plat just for buying the game. Ah no, I forgot, they're already doing that.
  9. I think the title is so inspired. Metal Gear Survive, you know, because it's a survival game. Must've been the same genius at work who came up with Call of Duty: WWII.
  10. I was always someone who shied away from MMOs because I knew I'd try to finish them, even though you can never really do that. Little did I know that trophies kinda make games into an MMO of sorts, or to be more precise a meta-game. The experience isn't about any single game, but the games become some sort of a "level" in this bigger game of trophy-hunting. I think ultimately that's why a lot of people get sucked into the world of shitty games. The shitty game is the metagame equivalent of the "experience the tutorial"-trophy, something that suggests you're making "progress" (which you are not really, but in terms of numbers you are). Shitty games are a way to quickly reach a point in the trophy hunting game which suggests you're doing well, which you are because the numbers say so, and this is all about numbers. Ultimately, like an MMO, you can never be done. As a completionist you just end up chasing completion, which you will never reach, because you're not even meant to. Shitty games with easy and fast trophies capitalize on that. Even if your psn card says 100%, there's an "infinite" supply of other games that demand completion as well. Recognizing this, I'm way more laid back about trophies and completing everything than ever before.
  11. There are sites where you can pay people to get trophies for you. You give them money and your account details and they log on and play games that they have previously bought for you. I've met both people who provide that and who paid for that over the years. As far as I know there's no way how you can tell that someone has done that, but I think especially with fast, easy and cheap games people do this a lot. Obviously there's a risk involved so I wouldn't recommend doing it.
  12. I wish every trophy would be like this. Seriously. This is what an achievement is (at least in the gaming world). We just forgot about that, because easy trophies turned the hunting into a different kind of beast. It's not enough that we have a zillion games now that only exist to sell trophies, which I have admittedly indulged in as well. At the same time we gotta negate every challenge right away. It's so weird. If you can't get a trophy due to a lack of skill or a lack of time, just don't go for it. Let it go. Or if you care about your shiny 100%s too much, don't buy the game. Problem solved.
  13. @PooPooBlast No multiplayer, Breach just needs an online connection.