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  1. That's true for some of the lore, but not for all of it. There's no collectables in Gambit for example and it's got its own tab in the lore section.
  2. http://www.powerpyx.com/marvels-spider-man-2018-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  3. Yes. You can finish them before you finish Act II.
  4. The game is like real life, in which choices also don't matter. By doing this, it makes it's artistic statement about the world.
  5. Just checked what I'd have to pay to get all DLCs for this. 70 bucks for Forsaken and 20 for the two previous DLCs. 90 bucks, what a bargain.
  6. It may have something to do with the sensitivity a game uses. Anyhow, the PS4 controller is awesome to handle, one of my favourites, if not the favourite in gaming, but in terms of quality, it's absolute garbage.
  7. I played it yesterday for a few hours and never had problems to get into lobbies full with randoms.
  8. You can't do it because it depends on reloading a checkpoint, which you can't do on Insane.
  9. There's a video out there where Druckmann explicitly says it was an agenda of him to create a strong, non-sexualized female character. So they had one (which doesn't mean that it has to be a conspiracy). I don't think the kiss would be discussed as much if Ellie's partner was male. Ellie's story arc has a lot of coming-of-age vibes to it, so giving her a relationship is fitting and helps characterize her more. Left Behind pretty much outed her as gay already, so this coupled with Naughty Dog's interviews over the years should've made it clear to anyone that she's probably gonna be interested in another girl down the road. I personally couldn't care less about her being gay. She's well written and Ashley Johnson is doing a superb job voicing her, that's what's important. I also think Ellie's tattoo is a way worse design choice than any of the game's diversity.
  10. I also preferred the way the design was before. The only thing that feels really off to me personally though is the platform icons. I'd prefer them back on the right. It just feels really off aesthetically.
  11. 2019. This year is Treyarch, last year was Sledgehammer.
  12. I can't remember, but if you check another of those balloon locations and it still doesn't increase, you should be fine. If it does, you know it glitched out in the case you've described and you should re-do it.
  13. I think I like it.
  14. On PS4 the MP is really easy as long as you pay attention to the tasks (as others have pointed out). On PS3 the trophy requirements are way harder and it also seems less populated these days.
  15. There's no point in forcing yourself to do something you won't enjoy.