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  1. I can't remember, but if you check another of those balloon locations and it still doesn't increase, you should be fine. If it does, you know it glitched out in the case you've described and you should re-do it.
  2. I think I like it.
  3. On PS4 the MP is really easy as long as you pay attention to the tasks (as others have pointed out). On PS3 the trophy requirements are way harder and it also seems less populated these days.
  4. There's no point in forcing yourself to do something you won't enjoy.
  5. Glad it all worked out!
  6. From the looks of it I didn't deserve it bud, so far it hasn't been released. Guess we just gotta wait.
  7. Have you tried getting one more to see if that unlocks it?
  8. Only thing I hated about the game was the challenges glitching out, since that prevented me from getting the platinum. Gameplaywise I had fun with it and think it gets an undeserved bad rep.
  9. I kinda think it's Tuesday, July 10th. Last DLC hit on a Tuesday and I doubt they'd release the trophies much earlier than the DLC's actual release. Haven't seen it confirmed anywhere though.
  10. Like that didn't exist yet. There's always a way to import stuff. While it might be annoying, I feel like such items feel more special to own.
  11. @Dr_Mayus M is a really nice choice. People don't talk about that movie too often, I guess because it's kind of eclipsed by Lang's Metropolis, which is also amazing. His Girl Friday is a nice choice as well. Black and white movies get a bad rep these days, unfortunately. Teens usually never watch them anymore, not just because of "missing" color, but also because of very different pacing. To me, there's a ton of different movies that I love for different reasons. If I had to name just one, I always choose Fight Club because it has had such a big impact on me and is the only movie which I can say I've watched several hundred times without being hyperbolic. And because I haven't seen it mentioned too often - if at all - here, One flew over the cukoo's nest is a timeless classic.
  12. You'll always have her on Grey's Anatomy.
  13. It seems like you can't get the trophy to pop with any blueprint that's just converting materials from one tier to another (say blue to gold), e.g. anything from the very bottom of the list. Apparently it used to work, but it doesn't anymore. I got it when i crafted a gold glove. First I tried crafting an exotic gun, but that also didn't pop it. Guess high end means high end, not high end or better.
  14. The max for raw is +5, not +10. I've dropped 10 fully upgraded weapons - one of each kind - for a friend and we didn't encounter any problems with this. He didn't have most of the weapon types at all, was missing nearly every ember and surely never upgraded any weapons (with the exception of a sword that needs Demon Titanite, which is not needed for a trophy). So either I'm misunderstanding your theory completely, or it's false.
  15. The DLC is about a helicopter crash and you gotta get across the map to get extracted. On your way you can rescue people and destroy cannons etc. If all bonus objectives are neglected, you can run through the DLC in about 15 to 20 minutes. There's only one obligatory shootout in the DLC and for most of that you can order a friendly helicopter to drop bombs on the enemies. This DLC is fast and easy trophywise.