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  1. I guess I will eventually try those forums, but I thought I might be able to get valuable input here, too. If I unplug it, the sounds instantly stop.
  2. Hey, I noticed today that my barely used Xbox One S makes a buzzing, electrical noise when it is completely shut off. It is not very loud, but if you get close to the console, there is no denying it. I own quite a few consoles and have never noticed one ever behaving like this. Because of this I am a bit worried. I've googled the issue and this seems to be a problem, or to have less negative connotations: stituation, that has been discussed quite a bit over the last few years. Usually in those threads there is someone who says that the console needs to activate the power saving mode, but often the sounds coming from the console persist anyway. For me, this is the case as well. I have also tried the Full Shutdown option, still the sound never fully stops. Ultimately, I think I'd be able to disregard these sounds, but for that to happen I would have to know that this is just normal - for whatever reason. Maybe someone has insight into this. In the threads I've encountered, there seems to be two camps; one claiming that the noises coming from the console when it's shut off are normal, others pushing people to replace their console because it's apparently broken. Are these sounds "normal"? Should I be worried? Have you experienced this yourself? Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Edit: I can now say that not every Xbox One S sounds like mine did. So it may be a common thing, but those sounds definitely weren't right. Got a new one now and it's very quiet.
  3. I don't understand why you would do that if you hate the game that much, given your total completion rate isn't even at 60%. Not saying that to belittle you, I'm genuinely interested in why. You have Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Meat Boy and The Last of Us on your list, just to name the first three games on there that caught my eye. All of those games could have been played for 100 hours easily and you would probably have enjoyed yourself more. I get that there's a bunch of people on this site that can't break away from their OCD, which is fine, I'm not judging. My recommendation would be to focus it on great games first. Then, once you finished all of them, you can still grind terrible games. If you're really lucky, you'll be stuck at the great games forever and you will have spared yourself the pain of having to endure something you hate doing.
  4. Reprieve is really nice to have, but there's a few problems with it. 1. It's harder to acquire than Barrier, 2. Reprieve can only save you once, but for an inexperienced player Bahamut will likely be able to pull off two Megaflares during the fight instead of just one and 3. If you don't know how to fight properly yet, you may lose Reprieve before Bahamut does Megaflare. Since it can only be activated once per battle, that would leave you helpless.
  5. Götterdämmerung trivializes a lot of fights, especially non-boss battles are often over the second they start. Grinding your character and materia levels is pretty quickly done at the start of chapter 16 too. If you are going for the platinum, you'll have to beat Pride and Joy anyways, so you might as well do it right away. The only hard thing is the Bahamut fight anyway and even that isn't bad as long as you use Manaward to half the damage taken from his instakill attack. Just run Barrier materias on two characters and it won't be that hard. That all being said, I just got Götterdämmerung today, just after finishing the first 13 chapters without it. Playing on hard definitely makes you learn the battle system properly. I feel like I appreciate it more now, because I didn't really get it going through on easy. You dont have to use Items, Magic or Staggermechanics at all on easy. Tl;dr If you just want the game to be as easy as it can be, go for Götterdämmerung first. If you wanna be good at the game, do hard mode first.
  6. Anyone who's curious to see if you get the trophy as a joining player can join me right now. I'm a third or so through the mission. If it doesn't pop I'll return the favor and help you afterwards. Just send me a message, whoever might be interested. Edit: Eventually invited someone from my friends list. They had Almost a Band as well as Extreme Manhunt pop at the end of the mission too.
  7. So instead of making a new thread in this so far very silent subforum, I'm just gonna use this one instead and hope that what I wanna suggest is just kind of off topic. Since the second trophy list for ESO got added, the little title card in the trophy list has changed; instead of "Tamriel Unlimited" it says "Volume I", which fits perfect to the "Volume II" on the second lists icon. Would it be possible to maybe change that in this sites trophy list? "Additional Expansions" could be changed to "Volume II" and "Tamriel Unlimited" to "Volume I". It would please me immensely. And yes, I know that's kind of a strange thing to care about. From what I've heard, @BlindMango could potentially have the power to grant this wish. Also, I think @Sergen would like that change too.
  8. Does anyone know how and when you can craft ammo? Those recipes are still all locked for me.
  9. Not super hard, I guess it'll be hard to not unlock it before hitting lvl 50.
  10. How is that possible? I had every resistance at 100% and he could still kill me. Also, as far as i understand the game, only fire resistance should matter for this fight anyways, right?
  11. Best preparation for Mein Leben is to play Wolfenstein II on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty. Basically the same difficulty but with checkpoints.
  12. I completed 12 stranger mission strands and got no trophy for it. Under Progression - Total Completion - Strangers it used to count up showing x/10. Once it hit 10, it changed to a checkmark. Shouldn't that have unlocked the trophy for me? Am I missing something? Edit: Not every stranger mission counts. The Rockstar Social Club shows your real progression under the trophy tab. Don't be worried, this trophy is not glitched.
  13. It happened to me too, guess it's normal.
  14. My theory would be that the ingame counter tracks the strangers needed for the 100% completion trophy. This can be single part stranger quests. The social club counter tracks the exact trophy progress for the Western Strangers trophy, for which only multipart quests count. Or it might just be glitched.
  15. You're right. Social Club and ingame tracker don't work the same. Ingame I have completed 10+, on the Social Club the trophy progress is at 80%. I'm guessing not all Stranger missions count for the trophy then. I know and I have. Like I have said before, the ingame counter has become a checkmark, meaning the game counts at least 10 as done. Afterwards I completed 2 more, which didn't change anything. I'm just doing them all, guess it'll unlock eventually.
  16. For anyone who thinks this is boring, fortunately there's enough Superhero and Zombie stuff around to satisfy your needs.
  17. Hold left on the D-pad.
  18. That could really be terrible. The emblem for killing it is RNG based already and after 5 kills I still haven't gotten that.
  19. I have gotten the Gambit seal and I'm also just two guns away from the Destinations seal. They're both not too bad, but you'll commiting to two very different experiences here. Let's do some math real quick. For Gambit you'll have to get 45.000 infamy points, which is that mode's experience point system. The infamy points you get vary for the different ranks you obtain, but as a general rule of thumb, it's somewhere between 130 and 250 points per win, depending on your winstreak. Losses award 30 points. Once you hit 12.000 infamy, you stop gaining infamy for losses all together, so you have to win or you will lose a lot of time. Since you need 2 out of 3 rounds won, matches can take 15 to almost 30 minutes. Don't underestimate that. So, if you were to win every single game, that would mean 45.000 / 250 = 180 matches wins. That is if you never lose your streak. A match takes 15 minutes at the very least, plus loading times that's a maximum of 3 wins per hour. That means it takes a minimum of 60 hours for that seal, even if you know what you're doing and even if you're playing with a team. Anyone who says you can do this or should do this on your own doesn't know what they're talking about. I've easily played this mode over 100 hours and it is infuriating to play without communicating. You can't carry people in this mode. If people don't know what they're doing, you can't win. Unless the other team has even less of a clue what they're doing. Play with a team or get the Destinations seal instead. For everyone who wants easy gambit wins, here's what to do: 1. Communicate with your teammates. Don't be a dick, try figuring out what the team as a whole can do to improve without blaming someone needlessly. If your team falls apart, so will your winstreaks. 2. Run Ikelos shotgun and Sleeper Simulant. Ikelos shotgun will melt any blocker in seconds, even Ogres. By seconds I literally mean seconds. Maybe 3. Use your primary against normal enemies and your Sleeper against other players. 3. Don't horde motes needlessly. Ogres are easier to kill than small Phalanxes because of their shields. If you are on the verge of a threshold like 24 motes, it's okay to bank just 1 to be able to invade. You wanna deny the other team their motes. If you destroy them in the first round, a lot of people will quit out, making it even easier to win the second round. 4. Run 2 Hunters and 1 Titan. 4th player doesn't matter. Kill the two witches once the boss spawns, get Primeevil slayer to x2, put a melting point on the boss and use your blade barrages. This will instakill your primeevil. There are variations of this. You can have 4 hunters and let them use their R1 blades instead of melting point. It doesn't matter. The health bar will drop within 3 seconds, literally. Once you get your boss up, the other team can invade, which they usually do instantly. While that happens, take down your witches as a team using Sleepers. Even of the invader kills your entire team, you will take down the boss before they can invade again. This is the reason why you wanna play as a team. I played a lot with randoms and I reset my rank twice like that, but this is way way WAY easier as a team. I would estimate that I played 50 matches with a communicating group of 4. I lost maybe about 2 of those with the strategy I just told you about. While going for this triumph seal, I got the hidden servitor boss to spawn 7 times. Killed him 5 out of those. Only one of those times was me playing with a group. Once they patch the spawn rate, this will be very easy to do since the spawnrate atcweek 3 of the curse cycle will be the same as for all other bosses (bringing it up to 25% or something like that). On the other hand, let's talk about the Destinations seal. This can be done without a group, for the most part. It's mostly just doing every Lost sector once, which is easy and quick, then doing Heroic adventures on every planet, which are cycling weekly, which is therefore timegated but not at all hard. Whats more annoying is that you have to complete 3 collections badges. The one for the Red War is easiest. Just buy all 4 sets from the vendors of the 4 base game planets. Get the materials from spider. His resources change once per day, buy them at a rate of 1 legendary shard for 5 resources of x. The more grindy stuff are the Mercury verse weapons, which are timegated too. Takes 3 weeks to get them. Grindy, but easy. You need all 3 Escelation Protocol weapons, which can only be dropped from the bosses at lvl 7. You also need all 5 gear pieces from the chest at lvl 7, and you can only get 1 per week. For this alone, starting out fresh, it will take a minimum of 5 weeks to get this seal. Then you need the Strange Terrain strike as a nightfall to get the braytech osprey rocketlauncher. A friend of mine got it twice within 4 runs, I still don't have it after 40+ runs. Also you need the weapons from sleeper nodes, which are 4. I've opened close to 40 nodes and am still missing a gun. So, if you wanna be done quick and if you're starting fresh and if you got 3 guys to play with, I would argue Gambit is the mode to grind out here. If you wanna go slow and don't mind grinding solo, then I guess Destinations is the one to choose. Dreaming City also shouldn't be underestimated since there are dragon eggs to shoot, which are also on a 5 or 6 week rotation, plus the drop rates for the ghost and sparrow and ship seem very low. I also suspect (though I'm not sure), that you need the 1000 voices raid exotic for the collections badge, which, if true, could also be very grindy. I've opened 8 raid chests so far and haven't gotten it yet.
  20. That's true for some of the lore, but not for all of it. There's no collectables in Gambit for example and it's got its own tab in the lore section.
  21. http://www.powerpyx.com/marvels-spider-man-2018-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  22. Yes. You can finish them before you finish Act II.
  23. The game is like real life, in which choices also don't matter. By doing this, it makes it's artistic statement about the world.
  24. Just checked what I'd have to pay to get all DLCs for this. 70 bucks for Forsaken and 20 for the two previous DLCs. 90 bucks, what a bargain.
  25. It may have something to do with the sensitivity a game uses. Anyhow, the PS4 controller is awesome to handle, one of my favourites, if not the favourite in gaming, but in terms of quality, it's absolute garbage.