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  1. Had some issues with the trophy as well. Saved up 5 domination battle investigations from the farm and did them all at once in one chapter on my NG+. Unlocked no problem, if anyone else having issues with it as well, I would do the same. All 5 were investigations from the farm, so it seems like they don't have to be story related.
  2. I wouldn't expect to get the launch bundle at this point in time ordering from Amazon or anything. I do recall seeing the launch edition in brick and mortar stores like Walmart and GS still. Probably your best bet to snag it at this point.
  3. Hai there! Excellent name, avatar and profile banner! You're on fire!


  4. This was a great help, much appreciated!
  5. Did anyone ever figure out how to get the Metal Sonic trophy to unlock, I'm having the same issue.
  6. My 2 cents on top of what everyone else has said. Coming from a big Digimon fan, I love the game as it is the only one of the current JRPG series to get localized. The story is a little cliche in my opinion, but there are tons of references/jokes to other series. Pokemon, Yokai Watch, Shin Meagmi Tensei, and even JoJo's Bizarre Adventure are referenced in the game. All in all, I got my moneys worth with around 80hrs of gameplay already. If you are a Digimon fan, Anime fan, or JRPG fan looking for something a little different to play, I say get it!
  7. Thanks for the info, I'll keep this in mind when I go for all the medals.
  8. There are 10 missable medals, they can only be obtained by finding and talking to the NPC Victory Uchida. He will give you the medals over the course of the game starting from chapter 4/5 onward. Here is a trophy guide including his locations in each chapter, keep in mind this guide was based off the Asian release with English subtitles so location names and such may vary.
  9. You can, I think OP just wants to get everything in a single playthrough.
  10. Really enjoying this game, wish the DLC wasn't so expensive.
  11. NA code please!
  12. Persona 4 and 2, IS more so than EP.
  13. Going to give this a try with my friend, it is free after all.
  14. French Toast.
  15. Yes, the PS3 is a wonderful console for many genres.