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  1. These 3 trophies are bugged and yet still unobtainable.
  2. Well, what I feared also happened.... The trophy for completing all mission stories in the Chonqing level did not pop.... I don't want to reset or delete my data (yet), any idea what the issue might be ? Perhaps I need to do something special in one of the mission stories that I forgot or whatever ?
  3. I can confirm the Beat On The Brat stuff is not needed for trophies.
  4. Regarding all the NCPD and gigs trophies, I can confirm that NO trophies were bugged for me. I did pay attention a lot on if it was completed and uses to save a lot, also backup saves. But all 6 trophies are NOT bugged (for me).
  5. Not possible to rebuild reputation there after the prologue.
  6. I have the King Charming trophy. I can confirm that you need 81 reputation or more in every town (except for Pribyslavitz, Vranik, Rovna and Mill, those are not needed). You can also buy stuff from people and sell it again to raise their reputation but pay MORE than they want. Rinse repeat. Sleep or so and the reputation should be higher. Note: I did not have the Infamous perk (as I wasn't informed quite well yet) but I did the Pestilence quest.
  7. And nobody who mentions the Completionist trophy (Complete ALL quests)... Imho, that is quite a platinum breaker since there are indeed a lot of 'hidden quests' and also quests that are or will be broken because the game is quite a technical disaster for now.
  8. Maybe you receive that for winning an online Championship ?
  9. I did it in Bahrain It doesn't matter how far you're off. I was 5 laps behind and still got the trophy, you just have to make sure you don't crash (so save often) or don't get a DSQ, and I also did it with my controller rather than with my steering wheel.
  10. Normally seen NOT, since Bethesda sends out review copies AFTER the release. At least, that's what I read.
  11. I don't know why you all find Flesh And Steel so hard.... Just do a high chaos playthrough and just kill everyone with weapons. It's plain easy... Also the Shadow trophy ain't difficult as well. You are only spotted if the enemy's 3 lightning bolts turn red. And for no kill/no alert etc, use Emily.. Use Mesmerize, or even better, Domino to link enemies together and shoot 1 with a sleep dart or do a non-lethal takedown If you have linked 4 enemies all 4 will be asleep or taken down without being death.
  12. Much easier then F1 2015, only the ultimate AI trophy might be a tough one. Maybe driving on Monaco will do the trick, since you can easily block the AI there.
  13. LOL, all that hate for Bethesda... Seriously, never had any issues with Bethesda games. And in fact it's id Software who needs to check up on such issues imo.
  14. Then I have no clue :/ It's really strange.. On a side note, I can't seem to find the 2nd data log of VEGA Central Processing.. EDIT: found it.
  15. If you, for example did on 2 of the 3 challenges and afterwards you do the last one and complete it but don't finish the level it might be like in the images. I think that you have to really finish the level to have a secure completion count. But I'm not sure, it's just what I think. EDIT: I have the same thing as in the screen posted here but I can confirm that the trophy is NOT glitched !