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  1. No one is talking about this but I thought it looked good. Not sure about the platinum viability since its at 0% at the moment. Rogue like aswell so 🙃
  2. Just got the plat. Was stuck at 99 with all saying they registered. For me however The spatula 'a wall in the chum bucket' was the one I was missing yet the game said I had collected. Just a heads up for anyone who is stuck at 99 try getting that one if u didn't already. You go inside the chum bucket jump on the table and wall bounce off the pipe
  3. Just press options - > clear area and keep walking - > Clear area keep walking. You'll get enough score by completing the level using this lol
  4. The way i got it.
  5. Devs are aware
  6. Its awful tried and tried. Done it smoother than this too still stuck at 84 879
  7. Ive tried everything for this. Like not even standing still for a second, constantly moving. Only got 84,500 not sure what lowers the score. This one is annoying
  8. It's going to be annoying manually tracking which missions you've beaten on hard. I can't see an indicator anywhere.
  9. Ahhh guess I'll play rocket league on the switch whilst waiting 😂
  10. Last trophy left and its a pretty boring one
  11. Hi, what do i need to get the Multiplayer Ability Trophies from Space Hulk: Deathwing ?

    Its not really clear.

    Thanks in advance

    1. A-D-I-L_99


      You've got to kill so many enemies till that number levels up. Basically keep yourself in an area and channel the enemies towards you, don't finish the objective. 

      I used another player so they could revive me and I could heal them, it takes quite a long time to reach highest level. 

  12. Yeah thanks man Yeah thanks man!! Redid some of them and they appear.
  13. Sooo I was crown hunting in MHW and I was on two different consoles.. I got all the crowns in MHW But when I started iceborne I used my old save which was missing a few crowns. Realised later, downloaded my latest (with all crowns) and had to restart iceborne from scratch. Question is, I got some trophies from iceborne like endemic life, helping hunters, steam works. My guild card no longer shows these trophies since I've started over. Will I still get the platinum if I unlock all trophies, or will I have to redo those tasks to make the 100% tracker in game. If anyone understands what I'm saying lol
  14. Already done all the above.. MR is on 0 for all of these. Low rank and high rank too. Definitely glitched Just popped now. Still I think it's glitchy. I did like 18quests.
  15. Doesn't seem to be popping. Done over 15 quests.