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  1. Anyone know if trophies can be obtained with the new character? At the star and can't dodge the final phase of laser beam and barriers using the normal dodge button mechanics. I feel like it will be easier for me with the quick dodge.
  2. Anyone know how challenging the plat will be. With level 7 and clearing the game without killing anything?? Love shoot em ups and want to see how this one is.
  3. Many trophies glitched. Got Clearing the Way instead of Light at the end of the tunnel for finishing chapter 2. No idea lol very weird.
  4. Can you restart scene after you die? So use continue then restart scene, has anyone done that? Or just restarted before you die.
  5. Done thanks. Step 3 isn't required I didn't destroy any wall to get another item. Just needed key, walkie talkie the gun I never ended up using but don't know if u need it. I still got the underground spawn and the monster mutation. Platinum done.
  6. Anyone know how to reach studio 6? Kill the announcer and find secret? Don't know how to do those. Already finished the game twice but instant death is at stage 5 after you kill the boss. Tried using the machine to teleport with the announcer but it doesn't work
  7. Guys I found the best method for this. 2 players needed. Player 1 is fighting the boss solo Player 2 will be watching via a share play screen and join as soon as the final blow lands on shredder. Start a share play session and share screen. Player 1 shares screen and solos the boss Player 2 will join as soon as shredder dies and boom trophy pops. Switch roles for other player and done. Easy fight aswell. Can use aerials to dodge ground pound on liberty boss and just stand n line with shredder to avoid the flame attack. Player 1 won't get the trophy. He can take damage. Just has to beat the boss.
  8. Great tips, especially the Intel thing. Possessing the best equipped player really helped the most. Solo melee killed the whole team, so satisfying.
  9. Damn I was using level 30 Puppeteer. Having better luck with level 6 necromancer. This strat is good. Haha. Just hope the wins count now and doesn't glitch out. 👍
  10. I started kensei playthrough. Health upgrades not showing up in guessing it's because u die instantly. So hopefully I just need the health upgrades if I collect everything else on this playthrough??
  11. Just had a few sessions. Only won when a player left and even then it wasnt as easy as it should be. Feels more balanced with 3 players. Well only won 4 games. Had my boss unit die in 3 seconds from spawning to ranged damage 🤷‍♂️. Definitely going to wait till they sort the balancing out.
  12. The trophy for defeating the dark ones..... Yes I have it...... Such hostility.
  13. The trophies are massively bugged. I got the trophy for defeating the dark ones while playing as the demon!! I lost and it gives me a trophy for killing my own team 😂
  14. The weird thing is. It does save everything. But it still shows the error at every turn. Closed the app and opened and its saved everything. This has ruined the fun I was having flying through this game.
  15. Anyone else experiencing this error. Currently on chapter 4 and everytime I try to save or pick a collectible up the game says save error. something went wrong Ce-107101-0 No idea how to stop it from occurring. I can still play but it's like playing with ads.