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  1. Yeah thanks man Yeah thanks man!! Redid some of them and they appear.
  2. Sooo I was crown hunting in MHW and I was on two different consoles.. I got all the crowns in MHW But when I started iceborne I used my old save which was missing a few crowns. Realised later, downloaded my latest (with all crowns) and had to restart iceborne from scratch. Question is, I got some trophies from iceborne like endemic life, helping hunters, steam works. My guild card no longer shows these trophies since I've started over. Will I still get the platinum if I unlock all trophies, or will I have to redo those tasks to make the 100% tracker in game. If anyone understands what I'm saying lol
  3. Already done all the above.. MR is on 0 for all of these. Low rank and high rank too. Definitely glitched Just popped now. Still I think it's glitchy. I did like 18quests.
  4. Doesn't seem to be popping. Done over 15 quests.
  5. Ah I already killed him with some others.. So I'm going to give the heart to the swamp Queen so I can have the armor and the undying Kings gun.. I'll just kill him for the trophy. πŸ˜‚ Also can anyone explain the reroll campaign thing? Does it start u from the beginning.. I fought Singe and the Harrow on my playthrough. If I reroll will I be guaranteed to fight the Ent and the Claviger on my next playthrough?
  6. Anyone know if you can return the guardians heart to the undying King.. And then fight the undying King? Or will you have to upload save then redownload to do the other option??
  7. The emerald rank requires running through the levels, collecting certain amount of coins and dying 2 times or less. I hate rushing through levels so I hope its not that annoying because this game looks beautiful.
  8. I need 5000 to upgrade the rest of the guns. Could I say, save 5000 points Upload my save Spend them to get the gun upgrades and the trophy Re download save and use the 5000 towards class perks??
  9. On rails?? Wth how can this even have multiplayer lool That looks like garbage
  10. World War Z getting all the perks and weapons to max.... Longest grind ever
  11. Tomb Raider Underworld... Because my collectibles glitched and locked me out of that trophy so I was done with that game πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
  12. Never even knew this existed. Shame there's no platinum but it has multiplayer?? Haven't seen any gameplay
  13. After conquering insane difficulty the game is kinda boring now. All other difficulties are way too easy. But it comes down to who you play with. Mostly on insane everyone is playing correctly if they're level 30...if below then they're probably going for xp or they're just trash. It definitely needs a level lockout system for difficulty levels.
  14. Nope not easier at all... Its still challenging as ever. One thing I find annoying is all 'defend point x' missions you have to remove every single zombie or u will fail. It shouldn't end if there's only 1 or 2 zombies clawing at the objective. Takes a while thinning the horde sometimes.
  15. Did you ever get your stats reset?? You must've been lucky for that not to happen.. That would make this like a 500hr plat basically πŸ˜‚