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  1. Really appreciate the layout of this post
  2. Had the same issue, was 100% that it popped but didn't see it anywhere. Went to bed and actually completed the requirements again the next night and it didn't pop, but I checked it and I already had the trophy time stamped with the day before. So I dunno weird bug but I think you have the trophy
  3. Its included in the ps5 patch
  4. Akumu is the one that comes to mind to me, chapter 6 is actual hell
  5. The Last of Us Part II No doubt
  6. Looking forward to it, seems like a fun list!
  7. Nico I'm stuck on 16 and Bass the last input on 20. So close but so far
  8. I'm stuck, been trying for hours. Definitely a plat killer for me
  9. Some guy sent me a message before offering to buy me two games if I platinumed the Bioshock collection for him. Thought it was really weird and declined
  10. Sword Saint Isshin for me no question. Went from killing me almost immediately to finally learning his moves and being able to beat him in 2 tries on subsequent playthroughs. Very cool boss
  11. I like it a lot, like you guys said the story kinda drops off but its still a great game.
  12. Definitely Red Dead Redemption 2 for me, had a lot of fun with Assassin's Creed Odyssey too though!
  13. Big ol Flash Sale. Not bad
  14. I thought that even when they fixed it I would have to replay the game but they fixed my save file! So great thank you Eidos!