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  1. Some guy sent me a message before offering to buy me two games if I platinumed the Bioshock collection for him. Thought it was really weird and declined
  2. Sword Saint Isshin for me no question. Went from killing me almost immediately to finally learning his moves and being able to beat him in 2 tries on subsequent playthroughs. Very cool boss
  3. I like it a lot, like you guys said the story kinda drops off but its still a great game.
  4. Definitely Red Dead Redemption 2 for me, had a lot of fun with Assassin's Creed Odyssey too though!
  5. Big ol Flash Sale. Not bad
  6. I thought that even when they fixed it I would have to replay the game but they fixed my save file! So great thank you Eidos!
  7. Fun fast plat. Wish there was like a challenge mode or something though, after you beat it that's it
  8. When you have to buy the Catapult in the store you can buy energy drinks for 8 points and still have enough to purchase the catapult
  9. You can start with Berseria, its great
  10. I'd give it like a 4/10 It was a very simple plat after you get used to how the combat works and stuff. I soloed everything
  11. 1. I basically fought every enemy I saw and had no trouble with the difficulty so I don't really know 2. There is a endgame dungeon NG plus/Grade shop. Don't remember about ultimate gear its been awhile since I played it 3. I didn't play Zesty so I can't really answer I really love Berseria and highly recommend it
  12. My favorite Bethesda game. I really love it so here's hoping its real
  13. Online for sure. Getting invaded and invading others is a great experience, as well as seeing the ghosts of other players and the messages
  14. I thought it was great. Ancient Egypt was a really good environment for Assassin's Creed