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  1. Big ol Flash Sale. Not bad
  2. I thought that even when they fixed it I would have to replay the game but they fixed my save file! So great thank you Eidos!
  3. Fun fast plat. Wish there was like a challenge mode or something though, after you beat it that's it
  4. When you have to buy the Catapult in the store you can buy energy drinks for 8 points and still have enough to purchase the catapult
  5. You can start with Berseria, its great
  6. I'd give it like a 4/10 It was a very simple plat after you get used to how the combat works and stuff. I soloed everything
  7. 1. I basically fought every enemy I saw and had no trouble with the difficulty so I don't really know 2. There is a endgame dungeon NG plus/Grade shop. Don't remember about ultimate gear its been awhile since I played it 3. I didn't play Zesty so I can't really answer I really love Berseria and highly recommend it
  8. My favorite Bethesda game. I really love it so here's hoping its real
  9. Online for sure. Getting invaded and invading others is a great experience, as well as seeing the ghosts of other players and the messages
  10. I thought it was great. Ancient Egypt was a really good environment for Assassin's Creed
  11. Maybe they will shadow drop it during PSX Sony likes doing stuff like that
  12. I have Berseria and Xillia so Sylph me up captain
  13. The Witcher 3 without a doubt
  14. Its already been said but The Witcher 3 is a great game for summer