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  1. Might have to, thank you for that!
  2. One of the trophies is impossible and I gave up that's why there is no plat lol
  3. Call of duty: Black ops What a challenge.
  4. Any point in me going out and buying this game for the play? If so let me know please
  5. How much is this game preowned? I need to mop up the rest of the trophies
  6. I'm going to buy a new hardrvie for my PS3 to mop up any incomplete 100%/platinums. any games I should start of grinding first?
  7. i mean that I don't own one
  8. thanks for the advice, but i haven't got those game unfortunately and plus i have a ps4 now i mean any games out there/you have earnt which are easy but fun games
  9. can someone recommend me a platinum to get, really stuck on what to work for? thanks