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  1. Yes but you have to be sure to hit Returning from Mission, not Abandon. 1) Go into the quest 2) Check the Sizes 3) Kill the one you think its worthy 4) Return from Mission Size Updated if it was bigger or smaller than the one you previously had edit: snow ninja was quicker than me, no wonder why he's a ninja.
  2. 56 Crowns 35 Solo 21 SOS Helping Everyone was saying that you have to do it solo for quests 3/5 retries but thats not right, you can guess according to the reward, 1 Silver 1 Gold and 2 Silver 1 Gold Im pretty sure its always 3 tries. Most important thing, be smart and dont trust in your memory and eyes, measure your character against something of the monster and WRITE it down, try to measure two or three things and write it down and always look in it, if it is smaller or bigger, kill it and update your notes
  3. Got all the mini crowns, 2 giant gold to go, I think I will wait for friday to get Kulu and Rathian. 230 hours to plat
  4. Going into Kirin with only 1 faint its a crown itself!
  5. Yes, you can spam and do all retries (8 max for each invest) as you wish
  6. I may have sounded confusing but thats right what kriese said. I meant, once you got 809 for X monsters and the crown is 800, it means you have the smallest possible before being crown, next time you got an update it will be a crown. But of course this dont mean you will get it right way, it can take forever, you just have the closest level to the crown.
  7. thank you snow! got it
  8. Could you help me out brother? Just want to do it once, going to add u on psn
  9. Anyone has the barroth sfv quest? the save file
  10. Got the Rhatalos Crown, had to kill 10 rhatalos to get it
  11. Do you own a SFV save file? If not, how do you got it?
  12. Anyone got the Gold Giant Rhatalos? Is the only one I dont have
  13. Yes brother, you got it. Dont know why people here react so bad when everyone is trying to give them more efficient options to farm according to their experiences. Deep blue greens are giving the hell out of golden crowns
  14. You are wrong. The size as far as I know has 3 variations, 800 791 and 782 are mini crowns, so if you got 809 you missed just by one level. Same thing with gold big crown, they have 3 sizes, thats why people are getting gold crown updates in gold crowns they already had. Basically you have 3 shots to earn the crown, no just one determinated size https://mhcrown.com/mhworld/en/kuluyaku/ Here, 793, 802 and 811, all of them are mini crowns. I have the 811 and it is a crown. Also i have other monsters with the smallest possible size too. What I am trying to tell you is, if you got like 820 Kulu you just missed by one level and what I said was almost every monster Im missing for one level in 180 hours with 20 mini and 14 gold giant now, so its not that hard.
  15. Monsters doesnt have random sizes, they are fixed. Example, Ku Lu Yaku grows 9 by 9 lets suppose, the size in the site tells you the mini size and it is 800, 791 and 782 being the minimum, 800 is already the crown and 784 its the smallest possible, the sizes changes 9 by 9, if you got a 809 Kulu that means you was just one level above crown, next time you got and update it will be crown because there is no random number, they are fixed according to the monsters. All of my monsters are at maximum 2 level away from crown, 90% 1 level away.