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  1. I don’t have a new game to earn a trophy on, what do I do ? lol
  2. Is everybody been redirected here after trying to sync?
  3. Well if people are still wondering.. yes it is.
  4. Did you guys get it after all? Is it glitch?
  5. Is it fix yet? Where is your 4th and 5th email?
  6. Apparently they do, season 2 should come in 2018.
  7. Is the dlc free $ ??
  8. My thoughts exactly, I was sure it was another telltale game.
  9. So I 3* the first map but nothing else unlock, idk what to do ? Do I have to 3* the village map too ?
  10. Yeah same for me need for speed ug rivals, maybe I'll take out again and play this week
  11. Yea you should def do it, you never know.
  12. Pretty much dead...
  13. So .. How did it went ?! Did it work, please tell me it works so we can get it that way
  14. Ok so I finally decide to start this game and plat it, my only question is how do I avoid to get all my trophies unlock when I have to play online for like prestige one for instance ?? I mean I need to play legit to get it, i don't want to be hacked and have everything unlock.
  15. Can't we do nothing ? Just like they did for crysis 2 servers?