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  1. Hum that’s coming soon, I was thinking of buying this but I think I’ll pass.
  2. But who is in charge of deciding? How does it work, I would like a straight answer from them, like no don’t it you will get flag or yes go ahead, after reviewing your file, it seems you did everything else legit and kept big leagues for last, and knowing how hard it is to plat black ops 2, we feel we want to reward you with the plat with a guarantee that you won’t ever get flagged on this game lol.. type of answer
  3. Ok but what about me tho? I have done every trophy legit, I only need giant accomplishment(takes time, I’m half done) and showdown(story related). I intend to have big leagues last of course, it says you need 3 trophies to be banned or consider cheater, since I’m only doing one (bc out of my power: trophy unobtainable) I should be good?.......right?????.....
  4. I only have 2 or 3 trophies in campaign, is it doable to do all online before March 29?
  5. Def dead space 2 that hard run with saving only 3 times
  6. Perfect I’ll get a copy very soon then
  7. I don’t have a new game to earn a trophy on, what do I do ? lol
  8. Is everybody been redirected here after trying to sync?
  9. Well if people are still wondering.. yes it is.
  10. Did you guys get it after all? Is it glitch?
  11. Is it fix yet? Where is your 4th and 5th email?
  12. Apparently they do, season 2 should come in 2018.
  13. Is the dlc free $ ??
  14. My thoughts exactly, I was sure it was another telltale game.
  15. So I 3* the first map but nothing else unlock, idk what to do ? Do I have to 3* the village map too ?