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  1. Are you talking about base damage, or overall damage? Scaling plays a big role in damage, as well as damage type, and enemy resistance. The Holy Blade and Tonitrus are my favorite. Not because I like their animations, but because that combination is the best one for all encounters. My holy blades damage is almost 700 (in the stats screen) and its thrust attack is extremely effective for enemies with high bash resistance, also its range is quite helpful. The Tonitrus is useful for liquid and jelly type enemies. Despite these two weapons, the beast claws are fun to use, but rather ineffective for general encounters. The scythe is the only weapon I'm missing atm, so I've no clue if I'd prefer that one over the others.
  2. Anyone that has played souls games knows where that quote came from lol. "That girl, she said that the sky frightened her, that looks so liberating." "Those wings, I want them too." "Hey, would you say I became a hero?" - Zack Fair, Crisis Core Just about every line in Crisis Core is a quote worth remembering, but those are some of my favorite 1 line quotes. Here's one from my favorite game (Crisis Core is #2). Me and my daughter laughed for hours when it happened. The quote I'm refering to doesn't happen until later in the video, but the entire set up makes the quote more funny, than if you were just to watch the end.
  3. Am I seriously the only one finding this game the easiest of all the souls games? I mean, most bosses here I beat on my 1st try, and the enemies are all extremely easy to dodge. Dark Souls was a struggle for me compared to Bloodborne, and Demon Souls is somewhere in the middle.
  4. Dead Nation: Apocalypse edition, 4/10 Pretty simple game, although not taking damage in a co op game can be frustrating depending on the skill level of the other player. Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse
  5. It's a joke from PS, so I'd imagine it would be on their website. If it wasn't a joke, then they've mastered the art of air drying, the VR goggles, and would likely loose millions of dollars in sales because nearly no one would buy this.
  6. that was hilarious. I can just see Microsoft sending their designers out to steal this technology... not realizing it's a joke. My favorite part was when they were using the device in the house. Swimming on an ottoman, and swimming through the kitchen.
  7. I've noticed it's easier to fight bosses without lock-on, if the lock-on is high up. Makes rolling behind and camera angle much easier to manage.
  8. After having read this, I was dreading the fact that I would have to take him on. It was actually pretty easy though. I just took out the first group of spiders, then used the beast item and enchanted my weapon. Then I threw my strongest attacks at him, taking about 50% of its HP, (he actually spawned 2 groups of spiders because of it) and then stayed in melee range, hitting him for the rest of its HP. He just sat there rolling over and using an attack that never actually hit me. Now I'm worried for this half health dungeon coming up. That just sounds just awful.
  9. That's what happens with optional bosses. They can be missed. It's pretty crazy you've been on the bridge farming, but never ran to the end of both sides. Cleric beast was my second boss though. I found Father before cleric naturally.
  10. In case you don't remember where this is, it's after fighting the celestial boss. I took the lift down, and noticed a second boss. Having no blood viles, and near death, I teleported out of there to restock. Upon heading back, the lift simply won't nudge. I've even jumped off hoping to activate it. Anyone else experience this? Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem?
  11. Are you still early in the game? Because I don't think there's a way to farm it really. I'm nearing the end of the game, and I have 54 insight, 35 Madman's Knowledge, and 2 Great One's Wisdom. If you're still early, then I wouldn't worry about trying to find a way to farm it. Just simply keep an eye out for the items, kill bosses, and discover new areas.
  12. Cons (imo) Too easy, by comparison with souls games Loading times when not going to the hunters dream is oddly long I've tried summoning others on bosses that have killed me once, but I usually end up giving up after about 10 minutes of waiting. (Idk, and doubt, that it would make a difference if attempted before dying) Insight is annoying me. I have 51 atm, and nothing worthwhile to use it on, and the only differences I've noticed with it are minimal. I haven't used any of my many Madman items yet because I'm unsure if it would even do anything worthwhile (more of a personal one, but it's annoying me) Several laggy moments Gear and weapon customization is either extremely limited and linear, or non-existent. No actual magic/miracle skills Pros (imo) Pretty much loving everything else
  13. I'm not struggling with the game, except navigation, so I'm not really interested in this. (Is it just me, or is this the easiest of the souls games?) But, I may try it out with a new character after I get the platinum, just to see how unbelievable powerful you can get. Sometimes doing exploits like these after beating a game (on a new game) makes things interesting, and even funny.
  14. My first post is why I game on console, and not on PC (the console experience). This "experience" is the reason, which is the topic. OP is asking if trophies/achievements are the reason (open to anyone) we don't switch to PC, which implies "if not, then why?". How is my reasoning for playing on console fixable? I'm already playing on console, what's there to fix? Excuse? I've nothing to defend, and hold no blame or fault for my preferences/opinions (especially on a topic like this). Within our short, first time interaction, it has become clear that you have either chosen somebody at random to pick a fight with, comprehension is not one of your strong suits, or you simply have trouble explaining what you are meaning to say. If you prefer PC, then that's equally fine, but don't jump on someone who's preference differs from your own. A preference should never require explaining, nor be questioned. Your attitude is negative, your points hold no weight, and you're not accurately responding to my own points. I'm sorry, but because of this, I'm ending our conversation.
  15. You're disagreeing with me by my logic? What logic could I have possible put out there for you to disagree with "by my logic"? You're suggesting to turn your PC experience into a console experience. Sure, I could use my PS4's HDMI cable, hook it up to my TV, buy a controller drive, clear off some space for the tower, buy a new graphics card, as well as anything else I may need to ensure it actually runs the way it's suppose to... but I already have a PS4. I'm saying what's the point, and that it defeats the purpose. My PC is on my computer desk where it belongs, and my gaming systems are on my TV stand where they belong. There's no point in upgrading my PC and buying accessories, just so I can play the same games I can play on my PlayStations. I think you've taken my opinion/preference out of context.