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  1. If Final Countdown is just 'beat the game' what exactly is Legendary Monster? I know that the Bestiary remains filled in between games, but what about furniture and quests? Do you need to unlock and do them all in one game? Thanks for any advice! Oh, and what exactly is Super Rich? I sold everything in every apartment and beat Siegfried at game end which gives you an enormous amount of money (that it's too late too spend) but it wasn't enough money... If Super Rich is a money amount, how much is it? Again, thanks for any help folks!
  2. I tried a few similar things, but as long as the global standings are at 0.0% we can assume that no tricks will likely work. It means that everything that has been tried by anybody hasn't worked... They gave out early access codes to a few people, but with trophies disabled... It feels like they forgot to re-enable them... For anyone...
  3. Jesus... Alright I'll just go back to playing Nuclear Thro--- Oh, right, that's busted too... For about 6 months since launch... Steam just gets more appealing each day...
  4. I unlocked Lilith right away, like many people... The global board is saying 0.0% for all trophies even though it's been out for hours... So, it's busted... Yes?
  5. Well, I couldn't find a trigger for this near end game so for any future platinum seekers: from what I gather, this email is gotten on the screen below Zu (both times for me) if you go there twice under certain circumstances. To be safe, do this: BEFORE you have the lamp of time, go fight Zu, warp out before killing him (dying and continuing may also help?) and then go right back to him again. It should trigger on the screen before... I'm not sure if the lamp matters, but I think it's what this email is sortof referring to. Please post if this helps, or you find differently...
  6. This new vita email seems to come from repeatedly dying or warping out of a tough fight... Just finished Tiamat and realised I was missing it for all character ending... Any ideas folks?
  7. For the record, I've platted numerous doozies... MGS2, MGS4, Dead Space 2, Silent Hill 2, Muramasa Rebirth, Binding of Isaac and many, many more.... So I don't stink at games! That being said - I died 731 times over 33:44 hours I mostly screwed myself by being OVERLY concerned with ammo conservation. Like, I tried the famous chapter 6 section opening every time with using headshots to kill both initial guys (headshot crits at 30%) and so it took me about 6 hours to do chapter 6... I ended the game with mostly fully loaded lockers at least! Watching those Seraphim videos has shown me that enemies will drop quite a lot of ammo IF you are low, so excessive ammo conservation is unwise! I probably had about 5 ammo drops from enemies the entire game because I was constantly full of everything. So, that's my tip. When it's tough - use what you got! It's only around chapter 11 onwards that things start to get even remotely tight for ammo...
  8. Yeah, I'm a little confused by the references to a "standard Metroidvania" list... For such a beloved format it's seriously absent (with a small handful of exceptions) from the past 2 console gens... Low % IS very exciting. It means the devs are actually in touch with modern gaming, i.e. low percentage runs being a standard of modern speed run communities.. This sounds really exciting!! P.S. Wanna hype 16-bit Metroidvania? Go buy Demon's Crest in the Nintendo Store.. Health containers, items, spells, power-ups, transformations, multiple route stages, 4 endings based on completion.... It's great!
  9. If you saw my posting, I think your problem will more likely be buying from the Bestbuy or Gamestop US sites. Because my credit card and paypal are affiliated with Canadian addresses, they wouldn't complete the purchase.. I wonder if I used a gift card to pay....
  10. Any suggestions on another means of getting my mits on the codes for the DLC or ultimate edition? I'm in Canada (Toronto, where Scott Pilgrim is set actually) and for whatever reason the Canadian sites don't carry codes and the American sites for Bestbuy and Gamestop won't sell codes to us... I just finished reading the books, and they were do good.... Ideas anybody?
  11. Getting the platinum in this game takes monumental patience for tedium. Getting 100% in this game takes monumental insanity and hardcore fandom for this terrible outing of an amazing series... Kudos to my 69 fellow weirdos.
  12. Hideo Kojima still deserves major props for this... Who patches in trophies 4 years later to please fans? It's unheard of.
  13. 28 of us now... So, rarity, challenge and obscurity are BAD things?