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  1. Also sounds like if you own a PS5 you will get two trophy lists. "You can either play HITMAN 3 in PS VR natively on your PS4 or via backward compatibility on PS5. To make sure all PS VR owners can experience the game in VR, we’re including a free digital copy of the PS4 version of HITMAN 3 with all PS5 copies, whether you choose to buy it via disc or digital. If you are playing on PS5, your progress between the PS4 (VR) and PS5 (non-VR) versions is shared between the two versions. You’ll be able to play the non-VR version of HITMAN 3 on PS5 with the next-gen improvements that we support (including Dual Sense support!) and then switch to the PS4 version for VR and all of your items and unlocks will be right there waiting for you. You will need to have both versions of the game installed on your PS5 to make that happen." So you'll get the PS4 version and PS5 if you purchase the PS5 and since progress carries over you would be popping trophies each time you use the other console to continue playing...? So sounds like you can Platinum it on Ps5 and then pop 'em all on PS4... why not?
  2. This game is amazing. I loved Astrobot Rescue Mission on the VR. This title is extremely well made. Inside the PS5, each level area is a different part of the PS5 with music and lyrics to match and explain. Not only that, the platforming is amazing, the artefacts are polished and look real. Nostalgia everywhere and TONS of easter eggs.
  3. Meh, auto-popping never really interested me, don't like duplicate games on my profile. Quality over quantity and since I've just got a PS5, that's what I'll hopefully get the platinum on!
  4. Yes, back from when I didn’t trophy hunt, early PS3 days!
  5. My favorite challenging platinums, in order of rarity and sprinkle in some of my favorite games / achievements in gaming too
  6. If you choose to purchase this game, basically flappy bird but in VR, be aware that the trophy for a “fly next to the train for 10 seconds” could be glitched on your profile. I have attempted to delete my saved data, and also re-download the game to no avail. I have flown next to a train consecutively for upwards of 20 seconds with the trophy not popping. I’ve tried to contact the developers but seems that they’ve gone under. There’s also a trophy for flying next to the train for five seconds which pops with no problem. Not only that but the game can be a bit frustrating at times. For example you may die with no reason after you’ve changed lanes after “clearing” an obstacle, or so you thought, but still die. The fly for 10 minutes trophy is not cumulative but in one run. Overall it’s a fun game and I’m glad that I have it but chasing the platinum if your save glitches is a major headache
  7. It was a decent little game with a charming story.
  8. Getting to 100 wins is quite boring for me, doubt I'll ever Platinum this
  9. Problem is, there is never enough time to play ALL the games we'd like in our lifetime, and balance work, relationships, health, etc. You have to pick and choose. I'm trying hard to get to a point where I can take a break. Even then I will just play casually. Maybe make yourself a goal and don't buy anymore games until the goal is met. That's what I'm attempting, but it is difficult.
  10. You couldn't pay me to boost this anyways LOL
  11. Come on, you know you're up for a quick 800 hour boost! 😅 NOT!!
  12. Best way to do it if you're new to the series is to just focus on Hitman 3, get the platinum and then buy 1 and 2 if you enjoy the 3rd game enough. At least that's my plan!
  13. Anyone know if the servers are up? Was thinking about going for this one ASAP edit: I’ll answer my own question, servers are still up! Get the online leaderboard scores uploaded quick! This is a tough plat though. Going to take a break after getting the scores uploaded
  14. Hopefully we get an update on this request...