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  1. God in mortal form
  2. More infuriating is Future Trunks doesn't appear >:/
  3. Rollercoaster Tycoon Joyride: Needs the VR tag removed. Per the Sony store, the VR headset is optional and this is true. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0182-CUSA09879_00-RCTJOYRIDE0SKUUS/ NA: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7421-rollercoaster-tycoon-joyride?order=rarity EU: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7422-rollercoaster-tycoon-joyride?order=rarity
  4. Extremely fun and not too difficult.
  5. So this was a fucking lie
  6. Hah! Fair enough
  7. Why put these even on your backlog? Lol
  8. @Messknecht I agree with you. The developers only have themselves to blame honestly. There are gamers who play to collect trophies (obviously) and players who game just to have some fun. The developers really should have been mindful of this and made an easier trophy list, especially for a VR title. That many matches is insane, hell, even 50 matches of each game type is a lot! It just sucks because you having to resort to AFK boosting did ruin a lot of peoples time, and as niche as VR is that really doesn't help anyone. When the list first came out I thought of AFK boosting but did not want to be "that guy", so to speak. Also, banning players should be an option if you're AFK. They should add a bots mode to allow these trophies to be obtained that way, no ban had for AFK boosting there.
  9. The people were complaining about @Messknecht boosting. People would be in matches where he was on their team and obviously it would be unfair as he'd just be spinning in a circle, rubber-band boosting. Apparently it would ruin other peoples experience with the game just for some trophies.
  10. Apparently nothing has been added
  11. look at all the ultra rare plats you have. You absolutely are required (seemingly) to get this!
  12. The plot isn’t too bad either. Taking place when the Allies begin their liberation of Italy in 1943, the Partisans look to help. Really fun. Nothing like it in VR. if you have issues with tracking on the Aim try this: https://www.psvraimstock.com/collections/frontpage/products/psvr-light-shield-v1-experimental-drift-blocking-solution you can use the DS4!
  13. Looks awesome. I love smash, and now I can hunt some smash like trophies
  14. Ugh sorry to hear that. So even if someone finds a bike, if it’s used on another account you’re basically screwed.
  15. The game may be fun and enjoyable but the devs aren’t getting my money until they fix the trophies. No way am I leaving my PS5 in rest mode and doing consecutive play throughs because their trophy list is broken. Which is a shame because the game does look really good.