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  1. Update on “Lazer Priest - Advanced” not popping: So I found out what it was... on “Addicted To A Dream” the 5 stars were displayed on the song list. However, when clicking on the song and looking left to see previous attempts, there were none for 5 stars. Upon completing that amazing song on 5 stars, the trophy popped!
  2. @Soraking1991 Thanks for the reply! Yeah the game is amazing & it'll be points towards the "One Billion" trophy but I'm so nervous it won't pop. Doing the songs on advanced isn't too bad, I got most 5 stars in one attempt. I guess I'll start from the bottom of the list and work my way up and pray it pops early. Last resort would be to continue the game normally and hope they'd pop if I ever 5 star all songs on expert. If that doesn't work then delete the game save and start fresh with 5 starring advanced. This reminded me, I had earned the trophy "Complete 10 Full Combos" but the in game tracker said 9/10 lol. Can I add you as a friend to compare scores Sora?
  3. I agree with everything in your first post. The stacking of games for leaderboard purposes is ridiculous. I'm proudly #1 in the US on the VR leaderboards, although, not for long. I'll never crack top 3 in the world on VR leaderboards due to the top dogs region stacking games. How boring must that be? Play the same 5 hour game twice? No thanks. It isn't fun at that point . . . I have to always remind myself video games are meant to be fun. I've played some terrible VR games, and I'm at the point now where I'm done playing games I don't think I'd enjoy, no matter how enticing a Platinum may be. It's always been quality > quantity. I wish region stacking wasn't allowed. At least then the leaderboards would be more fair, and more people would game for fun then. If I were Hakoom, I'd stop. Call it quits now before you're passed... no one would question it.
  4. @Soraking1991, @DarthMagnus0605. Well, I'm still playing through the game for fun, and boy is it a LOT of fun and haven't really thought about the Platinum other than "this is going to kick my ass at my current skill." I did complete my first gold run yesterday but Jesus, that was insane. It really requires a full combo? Are you serious? That was annoying to miss ONE note and still not get the gold run. I'm pretty sure I got the very lowest score possible for it as well haha. I'm definitely getting better, but gold starring all songs seems impossible, much less 5 stars on expert. Edit: I completed the last song, Highway To Oblivion, 5 stars, on standard and unlocked the respective trophies for 5 starring all main songs on standard & beginner. I then 5 starred it on advanced and the trophy for 5 starring all songs on advanced did not pop. In game tracker says 32/33 songs on advanced, but all songs show 5 stars. Any advice?
  5. That's crazy. I'm playing the game now and have never played a Hitman game before! It seems like it'll be a 100 hour 100%!!
  6. @steel6burgh I apologize then, it just baffles me how people 'dread' playing a game, but will torture themselves for it anyways is all. I know how important 100% is to many people but each time I get a game and see a tedious plat requirement I'll just play the game for fun as completing some games to 100% can ruin the experience. That being said, well done on Hitman 3. Thats insanely fast. How did you manage to do it so quickly?!
  7. I wasn't giving you 'permission', but I know you were being sarcastic. You do realize no one cares about other peoples completion percentages, right? Maintaining 100% means you're very picky with games and would avoid games you would otherwise enjoy. Maybe the fact you "have" to keep 100% is why you're so rude lol . But, be anyone's guest to torture yourself and play something you "dread." If someone dreads something they would do anything to avoid it. So my point, don't complain about it if you're going to play it anyways!
  8. You could always... not play it if you don't enjoy it. Gaming is something meant to be enjoyed first and foremost, why put yourself through something you don't enjoy?
  9. I made changes to my comment, thanks for the info! How is the game? That's a ton of hours into it! I thought it looked really cool but I'm so late to the VR game that I imagine its dead
  10. Is there a physical version of this game? Wouldn’t that make it easier? Otherwise I’ve never downgraded to 1.0 via digital
  11. It’s glitched
  12. This happened a week or so ago (where servers came online) they may be testing, so don't get your hopes up until they release an official statement.
  13. Same developer but seems odd, the DLC is still listed under Mind Labrinth VR Dreams. I'll pick this up now that it is standalone. Pretty easy platinum too by the looks of it
  14. Gotcha
  15. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12749-brain-beats Needs the VR tag. Also, unsure if it needs to belong on its own. It’s already listed as DLC for “Mind Labyrinth: VR Dreams”