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  1. Its a great idea, but it won’t happen. Similar to my VR Opt tag for games that are playable in VR and without VR. Got lots of support but went nowhere.
  2. The game took me 15-18 hours IIRC. The grind is pretty bad. Every 30 minutes I was getting 500 kills. The DLC bullet hell trophies are easier, if you have an IRL partner. What you do is have your buddy play on easy while you are on hard. You hide behind a rock and let your friend do all the killing. Once completed you will get the Bullet-Hell trophy
  3. If you're heavy in the VR space you'd have heard of this game, it had tons of promise and constant updates on PC. Seems the devs wanted cash grab release on PSVR and released it with no patches since IIRC. Now the game will be completely unplayable after the delist date as you need online to play it, even solo. They screwed over players and basically charged them for a two year rental with no refund or anything. Fuck these devs.
  4. Ayooo what’s up what’s up, testing!! Yes. There is a level select.
  5. @HusKy Hmm, I'm curious to know what you would recommend then if you have time to reply? VR hunting has a small community, but we do make use of the "VR Leaderboard". What would be a good suggestion moving forward that keeps the VR leaderboard intact?
  6. That is what's going to happen more than likely. PSVR2 games will be tagged as "PS5, VR" which honestly, is enough to indicate that you need a PSVR2 since the PS5 tag indicates next gen. Casual users will see the tag and probably think that it's VR1 enhanced by the PS5 or something. I don't see an issue with it though, it keeps all VR games on one leaderboard.
  7. I agree, it is unfortunate that games that are released as "VR ONLY" get a patch months later that makes VR optional. Time spent collecting the trophies to boost ones leaderboard positioning is then nullified. I agree also that removing the "VR" tag takes the game out of "VR" searches completely is annoying. There are games on this site that have VR compatibility but aren't even shown that it is because the tag is removed. This will never be resolved sadly though, as Dr. Blood Money is right. We are a minority, just really sucks when users spend 10-15 hours on a game completely in VR (like "The Persistence"), and then the tag is removed because devs made it optional. A while back I proposed the following (but it never got anywhere) I thought it would be a great middle-ground. I have to agree, I'm living with the change, but it did sting that games I'd completed in VR, that are now VR optional have affected my leaderboard points. Like you said, they are far and few between but sometimes you just never know when a developer will make their game VR optional, ruining any game you could currently be playing
  8. Hey! Just now saw this but I know the developers made the score requirement lower in a recent patch. As far as the video I missed a dozen or more notes easily. You just cant miss many IN A ROW, you can miss one or two but a chain of misses will end the run.
  9. PSVR2 soon enough!
  10. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6301-volume-vr This game is literally called "Volume: VR" - I played the game in it's entirety in VR, but it's missing the VR tag. There are other versions that are standard and traditional "flat" gaming. Seems a bit odd to not have the VR tag? Now, you could play it normally by setting the headset on a chair and playing from your couch but yeah, it's VR. Edit: Thanks team!
  11. Hello.

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      opps accidentally dropped the mic.


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  12. Well, my girlfriend attempted to play the game with her friend last night on my account while I was out, and autopopped the whole list lol. I didn't even want it but it is what it is!
  13. I know the counters were glitched and I've reached out the to developers for comment on the "Death From Above" trophy issues...
  14. When I completed a requirement and no trophy, I had to restart the game and complete the requirement again.