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  1. Yep - same here. I just toggle to in game settings, hit circle and then it lets me play. Okay for now, but not when MP drops tomorrow.
  2. No offense taken! I was being playful in my response as far as the question on the guide, I believe a patch made it impossible to get - there MAY be a forum post, IIRC discussing this. You may have to downgrade the game and re-collect them.
  3. Fixed, Mr. Smarty Pants
  4. Good VR workout games - in no particular order: - Superhot VR (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 08/10 / Fun: 10/10) - Stride (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 08/10 / Fun: 10/10) - Beat Saber (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 07/10 / Fun: 10/10) - Creed: Rise To Glory (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 05/10 / Fun: 9/10) - Until You Fall (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 10/10 / Fun: 8/10) - 2MD: VR Football (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 07/10 / Fun: 7/10) - To The Top (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 08/10 / Fun: 10/10) - Farpoint (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 10/10 / Fun: 7/10) - Sprint Vector (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 10/10 / Fun: 10/10) - Pistol Whip (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 06/10 / Fun: 10/10) - Box VR (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 08/10 / Fun: 7/10) Note: Great workout game, tracks calories, offers classes, use a fan to keep cool! - Swordsman (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 05/10 / Fun: 5/10) - Racket Fury (Platinum: No / Difficulty: 10/10 / Fun: 7/10) - Dream Match VR Tennis (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 07/10 / Fun: 10/10) - Audica (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 10/10 / Fun: 10/10) Note: Rhythm shooter music game that will test you - licensed music. - NFL Pro Era (Platinum: Yes / Difficulty: 07/10 / Fun: 10/10) Note: Unobtainable Platinum
  5. Yes, you can set it to one minute quarters and just go one for one - regarding the 100% completion percentage trophy. Winning the division, etc also do not work. I believe the conference champ trophy will unlock. 4,000 yards also did not unlock either.
  6. I'm still around, just on a very casual basis. I still game, but wouldn't say I trophy hunt. Currently replaying God of War in anticipation for Ragnarok!

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    2. Sgznf


      Glad to see you haven't given up gaming :highfive:

    3. MikeCheck--


      Hope you are all doing fantastic! You beautiful humans! :) 

    4. StygianWolf4


      I'm doing great, despite trying to collect all 200 collectibles in Construction Simulator, which I've found now. That's 80-100 hours I'll never get back, but I love it. Also no you! 

  7. Good job bringing this to light!
  8. Trophy Thoughts: - Decent game (maybe too expensive), playing in your favorite team's stadium is a ton of fun. - The only way I will ever experience a Vikings Superbowl As far as the trophies, some are bugged. Upon my first win, I unlocked the trophy for beating all 32 teams. I have the in-game trophy for beating a team by 14 points, but no trophy. I also unlocked the trophy for passing for 400 yards, but not 300 lmao. So, good luck going for the Platinum. I'm assuming these will unlock randomly on my journey with no rhyme or reason. The plat may be impossible. This game is fun and has the structure to be good with updates. Hope they do not squander having the NFL license and it should come to PSVR2 (fingers crossed).
  9. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/18362-nfl-pro-era Missing VR tag
  10. This is my farewell! The flame of passion has been extinguished. I enjoyed my climb to the top of the VR leaderboards. I have three games left but haven't touched my VR in nearly two months. 


    Thank you all on this forum for being so amazing, tips, boosting, and motivating. I will be around I'm sure still. If you'd like to keep in touch I use the PS app for messaging. Add me on PSN: MikeCheck--


    Until the flame is lit again, logging out.


    - Michael

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    2. Rewemarkt66


      aww, well were here if you come back

    3. serrated-banner9


      you will definitely be missed, i hope you will comeback someday

    4. MidnightDragon


      Until we meet again. 

  11. The current standard leaderboards is why I just relegated to VR trophy hunting - less shovel-ware.
  12. #300 - The Pathless. “No Path Untraveled”. A motto that us, as trophy hunters can all relate to. This game is amazing, the movement, exploration, boss fights are all out of this world. Developed by Giant Squid (Abzu), and Published by Annapurna (Outer Wilds, Stray. This game is beautiful and I highly recommend it to anyone, specifically Breath of The Wild fans. 

    1. Sendai-Horatio


      It could have had some form of overworld map because the red mists were not always reliable from a long distance. Some would only become visible if you traveled a good distance into the zone and the radar style pinging made some look very obscured. 

    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. MidnightDragon
  13. I love Football, but won't be playing this unless it releases on PS+ middle tier
  14. You figure this out?
  15. I convinced my IRL buddy to join me, we played last night but had lots of issues connecting (even with a private code) - - - partly because we linked after the first quest and kept returning to the village and losing connection. He got frustrated. I just told him this morning we should clear the first area so we aren't frequenting the village and disconnecting as much, but I don't know if he will join. Hopefully, you can start soon and I can tell you which mission I'm on (I'm not far into it). If you'd like to start it sooner, please add me! I don't want to convince my pal to trudge through a game he doesn't enjoy - plus he isn't a trophy hunter.