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  1. Working towards this one now! I enjoyed your review!
  2. That is disappointing and I won't be buying it because of that . . . for now
  3. Sadly, I haven't used it since Luigis Mansion 3 came out last year.
  4. I loved the game, I saw it from both sides and understood it well from both sides. There is no right and wrong, I thought they portrayed Abby well and showed us her side in a decent way. However she set out on premeditated murder. Joel was trying to take his "daughter" back. Two complaints: 1.) No way Mel pulled herself up a rope 8 months pregnant. 2.) Give the players the choice to kill or spare Abby, let us find closure in our own way. Felt forced for a Pt 3.
  5. @Chaos_Bladez how do you have the game already?
  6. This game had been in development since before the VR version was. Next Thursday, July 16th! I can not wait. It'll be moved to the top of my backlog.
  7. Just noticed I crossed the 5,000 trophies threshold! Yay me! :D

  8. I've played a few matches online . . so I need to do 100 between botzone and then one in regular online?
  9. Seems it has glitched. Endless mode is not required. I'm not sure what advice to offer other than contacting Superhot support
  10. Has this been released yet? Been waiting for this FOREVER. It began as DLC but its a standalone game and seems they are releasing it for free if you purchased regular Superhot. I love these games and I wrote the VR guide I will certainly will be getting this
  11. 1.) Farpoint: (0.36%) 2.) Superhot VR: (0.64%) 3.) GTA IV: (0.95%) 4.) Arizona Sunshine: (1.25%) 5.) Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (1.56%)
  12. Just bought a Vita this weekend! Really happy with the purchase. Vita 1000 - 16GB card - charging cable and Uncharted for $180.


    Now I can play for an hour on lunch at work, at the gym, and when my girlfriend wants to play Apex! Going to use it for pretty much Vita only games but should keep me occupies for a couple of years :)

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    2. MikeCheck--


      Really? So just play on my Vita and then pick it back up on the PS4 with same save data?

      Hey @DaivRules any suggestions on cases? Thnx :) 

    3. DaivRules
    4. xEl_Cidx


      Mike - only on games with cross-save feature, where you start on PS4 and continue on VITA or vice-versa.


      Other games for example 2064: ROM you have to do separate playthrough for each version.

  13. I found one for $180 with a 16GB memory card, charger and uncharted! (Last uncharted id need to plat to complete them all!) it works great I’ve fully charged it once, yesterday and it’s working like a charm. Now when my gf plays apex i can play the vita!
  14. Anyone know where to find one? I keep checking local sellers and they are all hacked . . . not sure what that means in the way of getting trophies. USA resident
  15. Will not be buying very many games at full price if this is truly the case. Already hardly do. Last game I bought full price before TLoU II was God of War in 2018