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  1. Yeah agree: but game is multiplayer dependent to an extent
  2. Pretty big fan of RPGs and / or visual novels games that require lots of time and dedication to Platinum
  3. These games were great! The Vita cartridge I got had only Sly 1 and Sly 2. Enjoyed them way more than Jak I, II or III. Ratchet and Clank is a pass for me (for now) enjoyed them as a kid but not so much anymore.
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn was boring, repetitive and tedious to traverse the open world.
  5. #125: Ghost of Tsushima


    Amazing game, really took my time with this one. DLC just came out and I'll play through it a bit 

  6. The DLC is fun. Just going to play it and be done once I complete Wave 25 survival, all story missions and level 20 on one character. Not going to level all characters to 20, not going to do the Raid(s). The grind seems like Destiny level of time commitment.
  7. Isn't the point of gaming to love them? Gaming first, trophies second!
  8. Enjoys stealth games, and nice job on Ninja Gaiden!
  9. ...
  10. What about the quality of the free DLC? If this were EA you’d be “REEEEEE” about paid DLC. So shove it man. It’s good FREE DLC for an amazing game. Why would you be against it? You play games for enjoyment or for stressing over trophies?!
  11. Bro what the fuck. Who cares if you get 100%. You’re missing a great game because of it. Grow up.
  12. The multiplayer is fun! I recommend just playing through the coop story and then doing raids on one character. Level 20 with all characters is too grindy
  13. Where is Baku? Thanks!
  14. Gonna check this out tonight for a bit!! I'm still doing the story but playing main mission and skipping everything should take what? 10 hours?
  15. Looking forward to the co-op but not replaying the story, still going through it!