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  1. My way is easier check out this video:
  2. Been stuck on this trophy for awhile, tried all 3 of the popular methods multiple times can't get it done. If anyone thinks they are good enough to do it for me over shareplay add me. If not thanks anyway (the trophy list for this game is dumb)
  3. You shouldn't give up on the platium as you don't need to be doing much in co-op you basically just need someone to join your game. I completed my co-op trophy in 2 different sittings with both players just doing their own thing on the map while I did mine. TBH each time we were all just grinding out the challenges. And yes, the challenges are stupid - like using all the weapons a silly amount of times (esp when the weapons are rubbish) but it's worth doing. I'd also recommend doing the driving parts through out as much as possible - driving to places in the ambulance and running down husks was a good shout.
  4. Mine was call of duty:modern warfare 2 - epic game - probably the best COD ever! Very proud of that platium
  5. Those clusters...some of the undercave ones...SNEAKY
  6. I've almost platiumed the game but I have to say it's been a real grind mainly due to the consistent crashes. I haven't experienced crashes on one particular part or in one place but it just regularly crashes, resulting in losing acquired kills and data. It's disappointing for an PS+ game...overall just not impressed. Think it's one of those constant save efforts!
  7. This game is awesome - the main character Big B is legend and I was actually disappointed when the game ended as i enjoyed it so much. Well worth playing - let's hope for a sequel.
  8. This trophy was a killer espically that last shard. You need to look for an extremely tall building that is gold and white. It doesn't show up on the mini map when you look for it (by pressing L3) or when you're under it as the shard is right at the top, literally on the spike of the building. At first I thought I had climbed to the highest point as I kept slipping down but after a couple of attempts I managed to get to the top and there it was! Honestly the relief I felt when I found it was crazy! But it was time well spent. If this is not your missing shard I would recommend using a printed out and crossing them off as you go. It's easier if you do this when starting a new game though. This platinum is worth the effort- keep going guys- you can do it!
  9. I managed to get most of the songs by visiting shops, bars and newsstands. The worst one was the hacking one blvck and white. After a few hours of restarts it did pop up in a place others have suggested next to the theatre for sale, near the stadium in Park Square. You need to run to this area immediately after restarting the game and a woman wearing white jeans and a blue denim shirt will have it. She'll be walking by the bus stop. I've watched a video on you tube of someone else getting it in exactly the same place from the same woman, so keep your eyes peeled. Honestly, this trophy is luck of the game as to when it will give it to you, but it does pop up in that area so it's worth hanging around. Good luck guys...it's a frustrating one!