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  1. It's greyed out in the weapon wheel. I've not been able to use it as a weapon for the past few sequences. If I replay the level where you unlock it, the slave persona has it, but the assassin's persona doesn't and even then, you can't use the predator move with it while in the slave persona. As soon as you swap it out for a different weapon in the slave persona, it disappears completely again. A few people seem to have come across this glitch, but as far as I'd seen on other forums, there's never been a way to correct the issue. So I'm going to have to play through a new game just to unlock the whip for that trophy. It's annoying, but well, for a platinum, I guess worse trophies could have gotten a glitch.
  2. I have never come across a game with so many glitches. First I was unable to obtain the Platinum on the Vita version due to the sheer amount of glitches with several of the trophies. Now the whip cannot be selected in the weapon wheel on the PS3 version and I cannot attain the Hangman trophy. I have tried replaying the level where you obtain the whip and if you leave the weapon wheel alone, it can be used with the slave persona, but that persona cannot seem to do predator hangings. Has anyone found a solution to this problem other than replaying the game from scratch? This game has tested my patience enough as it is without having to go back through half of the story for a third time for the sake of a bronze trophy. Ubisoft never cease to amaze when they have released a HD edition of their game and they have STILL failed to sort out all of the bugs.
  3. I am having multiple issues with the loading screen, the black screen with that spinning cauldron in the lower right corner. It sometimes won't even get as far as the initial start menu. I can get past it sometimes, by constantly quitting the game and reloading, to only reach an infinite ongoing loading screen after loading up my game save file. I then, when lucky enough to get to my current save, will randomly encounter a game ending loading screen entering a new area that means the whole process starts up again. Not every load screen does this though. Tried it with the patch installed, without and also with the save data deleted and restarted. Help would be much appreciated as I am enjoying this game otherwise.