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  1. Stop that specific attack by shooting an arrow from Atreus.
  2. Not sure exactly what section that is but if I'm remembering it correctly you either have to throw the axe to freeze something in place or use your blades to remove the green glow so the death saws power down.
  3. Nope no missable trophies, just play the game the way you want to the first time and mop up afterwards.
  4. You stay around and can do every quest and pick up every collectible you might have missed. And it's definitely worth your time imo.
  5. Apparently I was wrong: Didn't have any problem with it myself though.
  6. There is none missable trophies. The one with all allies requires you to do a few side quests before the finale mission, but if you missed it you can just redo the first part of the finale mission again after you've finished the side quests.
  7. I'd say that it is definitely playable, but I would wait a bit longer tbh. The framerate is better and in some areas even comparable to other games in the genre. But sometimes it dips to around 20 fps and that's not fun. And I'd definitely wait if you care about trophies. A few of them is stupidly hard because of the mechanics (like everyone getting alerted when you capture a stronghold which make one of the trophies nearly impossible). They sent out a patch as recently as yesterday so they're still working on it.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the replies! I'll do that!
  9. Hi! I just finished the game in normal mode, but forgot to get the RYNO and the Map-o-matic. Should I continue with my ordinary game and collect those before starting challenge mode? Read somewhere that everything you collect after beating the last boss doesn't carry over to challenge mode, so would I have to beat the boss again to keep RYNO and Map-o-matic in challenge mode? Or maybe just go ahead with challenge mode and collect all missing stuff before the last boss on that run?