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  1. Great guide, but the 'bad secret level" mountain... It's impossible
  2. Last trophy i need. Where is this treasure?
  3. Since you're at the fourth dungeon help me please I beat the second one and now i have to go to the beach. But some brown stowns block the passage to north. What the hell i have to do?
  4. Thanks a lot! Will try
  5. I need a little help for a couple of trophies. 1) allow a certain sprouties to hoard some bagels - where, exactly? I did this thing in some levels 2) Talk to a golem that wants to work. Where is him?
  6. Selling two digital code: - Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 PS4 EU complete game - Demon Gaze 2 PS4 EU Half price
  7. One of the best game i playied in 2017. And i play A LOT of games, since i works for some websites. If you like metroidvania and things as Axiom Verge, Castelvanie ecc you'll probably love this one. Also, if you found the upgrades is not su difficult/frustrating as you could expect.
  8. Here man You can reach that zone with the agent's dash - shoulder attack don't know how to say it in english lol
  9. Hope this will be useful guys. It's 96% because i saved before the last boss, but once completed the game running to the end it's 100%.
  10. Nevermind just obtained the plat. I did the map three times to find all the artifacts.
  11. If anyone found all the artifacts... please post a picture of the global map. I need an hidden area because i completed the game and still 99% of map and 48/50 artifacts...
  12. I have the game since a week, just need one last damn trophy but i need to find one last damn room.
  13. Indeed the last boss is bugged. You need to push the last red button while the laser gears are "rotating" around him.
  14. Level 27, up, left.
  15. Mmh yea it's pretty similar. Expect for the difficulty, damn.