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  1. Si senior heat wave ?
  2. Vive la France, bruh. :)

  3. Yeah bruh :] My 3 weeks vacations approaches, I just need to wait until the end of July ... and you bruh, it's when your vacation? Cada ?
  4. No, he's an old Mexican friend.
  5. Yes, I would invite him to drink and go to a very chic restaurant
  6. I devoured her in full. George Fisher ?
  7. The government is reducing the speed limit for all drivers. 5 years later, we will all ride at 20 km / h in France hahaha, even a cyclist could overtake me. @Iris Heart Bruh I would see you go overtake me with your bike knowing that I drive with my car at 20 kilometers / hours :]
  8. I should think about changing my front tire, and this rain that never ends is the summer that starts well. @Nimera Ola, I saw your photo, you are very beautiful, and your cat is very cute too :]
  9. Worked and do nothing, I wish it would last every day.
  10. I bleed arrrr... it's just a small cut.
  11. Bruh, your beard, shave it ;]
  12. No, I will not fight, she's stronger than jiren :]
  13. Well, it's time to eat.
  14. I confirm that the ignored option has not been used.
  15. @Iris Heart @Cursed Heart You listen to the bests musics :], I will save everything on my USB key, I need to listen in my car.