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    Cis-female, web & graphic designer, writer, bibliophile, British, Unitarian, polyamorous, homoromantic, grey-Ace, petite, femme/androgyne, brunette, disability rights & anti-austerity activist, bipolar, bendy (EDS-3) wheelchair user, adopted Manc, JRPG addict, choral contralto, cat slave, OCD (order), fantasy & science fiction fangirl, Slytherin ... and a number of other things. Just ask!

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  1. Anybody else having trouble with this game crashing their PS3? I'm more than a little fed up of that; I just wanted to complete the game for my 100% account & get on with things, but I don't seem to be able to play through the disc version without the game continually freezing & sometimes actually crashing my console. I always knew it had the occasional place where the game acted as though you'd pressed pause when you hadn't, for a moment or two, but it's getting ridiculous! And I don't want to have to pay them again to complete a buggy game simply because the disc edition IS so buggy!
  2. I had to skip the arm wrestling regardless of whether it would affect my trophies - I just couldn't do it. Too painful for my hands, my index fingers kept dislocating. I went through a lot of morphine trying to get that win!
  3. Hm, that's a nuisance and a half. Glad it won't count as a missed item though. Dratted glitches - I ran into a lovely one yesterday that made my console reboot entirely every time I tried to examine the traces where sacks had been dragged in the railway case when I was playing the case from the Cases menu instead of the whole game from the start. So if I want to get all the conclusions for the platinum trophy I'm going to have to play the whole thing through as if for the first time. Bit of a nuisance for the ones I got already...
  4. Hell. Well, I never did start playing it, I don't think the trophies are even installed on my profile, and I don't have enough friends, time and/or energy to get all the online stuff done by the end of August, so... sod it. I may as well just delete it. *sighs* It was free on PS+ anyway. What's the point of even bothering to sell games with a huge online multiplayer part to them if they'll only work for a couple of years, 5 max, before the servers are shut down? It's stupid! *sighs again* Good luck, you guys.
  5. Here, have me with a painfully adorable puppy... ♡_♡ Taken yesterday. His name is Gizmo Napoleon!
  6. I don't even own a PS4, & it doesn't have enough games I'd like to play for me to want one yet. (Though FFXV may change that.) I can't really afford one though. I've been playing on my PS3 *and* my PS2 lately - I do wish they'd remaster FFXII for the PS3 or 4, since it's the only numbered instalment of the FF series that can't be played on any PS3-generation console and it's in my top 3 favourite of them...
  7. Toothache & neuralgia are sodding evil... curled up w/as much heat against my face as possible. Pain sucks.

  8. Neuralgia again today; hot water bottle & heating pad on either side of my face. Owww.

  9. Sigh. Just threw up a LOT, inexplicably, but at least I feel a world better for doing so...

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      oh no, it's morning sickness

    2. Trialia_X


      I'm no Virgin Mary! =P Not that I'm a virgin precisely, but I *am* a lesbian...

  10. New head nao pls? Stupid phantom toothache ;_;

  11. Given up on my percentage on this profile at last in favour of installing trophies for all the games I own so I can vote on their genres at TrueTrophies. I can always keep up my percentage on my alternate :)

    1. Hemiak


      If you add them but don't earn a trophy it won't affect your percent on here. You will have all the unearned trophies though.

    2. Trialia_X


      Yes, that's what I meant. It annoys me about the same amount. But my alternate will ease my OCD twitching from that.

  12. Tired out of brains, but very close to 100% Bejeweled 3 on my other profile, so I'm determined to keep going til I get it... Even if I do keep dozing off between levels! =P

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer
    2. Xaedere


      *yawning* Thanks! I'm done now. I didn't have far to go. So tired... Time to sleep nao...

  13. Well, time to update, why not... especially as I think the last photograph I posted of myself in this thread is about 2 years old now! So here's an updated one, taken the evening of April 1st, 2016 (last Friday, from when I'm posting this), at the General Assembly of Unitarian churches' Annual Meetings conference, during the Anniversary Service; I was there as a delegate from my congregation. A lot of people admired my corset - it was the first time I'd ever worn that one out - so my friend Nicky decided she ought to take a picture of me in it. I think it came out fairly well! I'm wearing navy cords & a black translucent blouse with it, though the latter is caught back over my elbows in the pic, and you can't see the former because I'm sitting down (in my wheelchair). Apparently the file size is too large to upload, so instead I'll try to link to it. =/
  14. Feeling bloody awful, & trying not to whimper. Every time I cough it feels like the top of my head's trying to come off. I hate con crud!

  15. Horrendous toothache/facial neuralgia in spite of aspirin & morphine & heat. Wish they'd do this bloody dental clearance already! ;_;