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    Cis-female, web & graphic designer, writer, bibliophile, British, Unitarian, polyamorous, homoromantic, grey-Ace, petite, femme/androgyne, brunette, disability rights & anti-austerity activist, bipolar, bendy (EDS-3) wheelchair user, adopted Manc, JRPG addict, choral contralto, cat slave, OCD (order), fantasy & science fiction fangirl, Slytherin ... and a number of other things. Just ask!

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  1. Given up on my percentage on this profile at last in favour of installing trophies for all the games I own so I can vote on their genres at TrueTrophies. I can always keep up my percentage on my alternate :)

    1. Hemiak


      If you add them but don't earn a trophy it won't affect your percent on here. You will have all the unearned trophies though.

    2. Trialia_X


      Yes, that's what I meant. It annoys me about the same amount. But my alternate will ease my OCD twitching from that.