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  1. God I hope they only update the ps5 version with trophies. I don’t want any PS4 game lists above my ps5 games now. I’ve left PS4 in the past now the ps5 is out. Not complaining about new trophies, bring them on but no need to add to PS4 versions now. My OCD will go haywire if they update both 😅
  2. No problem. You should find enough by just going back to these places. Good luck mate.
  3. Go back to the places you raided (monasteries) and look for the small chests there. Every small chest in these places have 100 supplies each and you’ll usually find 3 or more chests in each place. Hope this helps. here is a link to a map showing the locations as you’ve already completed them and they don’t show up. https://www.powerpyx.com/assassins-creed-valhalla-all-raid-locations-map/
  4. To elaborate on the “yes you can” because that wasn’t very helpful. If you hover over the game on your ps5 and Press options you can change it between the ps5 and PS4 version via the game version option. Hope this helped mate.
  5. Oh, Yh but it’s going to be easy once they add a level 30 version with a group finder. You had me worried, thought they was actually adding something really hard lol.
  6. What do you mean? What trophy is being added?
  7. Overrated as a whole, yes. As I said, story is amazing but that’s about it. Stuff to do in between and after the story is boring even if not going for trophies. if I wasn’t trophy hunting I would do the story and be done with it, that to me is not a great game overall. Everyone looks at things differently but there are other game’s I enjoyed doing the side stuff and extra content between and after story so I’d say that was a good game even if some elements were grindy the game overall would be a good game. To me, red dead is more of a hunting simulator as it pushes you to hunt animals over most other things. I respect your opinion but I hope what I said makes sense.
  8. Story 1/10 - amazing rest of the game - 100/10 - boring as hell hunting 1 million animals, standing there looking through binoculars, bird watching etc is so boring and frustrating. Multiplayer, don’t get me started on that pile of garbage. For me this game is so overrated. Apart from the story being incredible the rest of the game is a grind fest and puts you to sleep or makes you wanna rip your hair out. Thankfully I’m almost done. This was a bad way to choose how to spend While off work during this lockdown. Don’t write on forums a lot but this game deserved a rant post from me lol.
  9. I can confirm the easy manhunt method works after last eat patch. Just got the trophy. I finished the main story, changed my global difficulty rating to challenging, fast travelled to the liberty island main mission, changed the mission itself to story difficulty and completed it. Trophy popped at end of cutscene.
  10. Can anyone confirm whether the seasonal manhunt exploit works after todays patch?
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Thank god it still works. I’m trying to retire my account with 100% completion but games like minecraft and warframe won’t let me lol. It was 100% until minecraft update.
  12. Can anyone confirm if the exploit still works in the bedrock dlc? God, I hope it does!
  13. Congrats on getting that 100% profile with 319 games done.

    That is some serious achievement :)

  14. Took the words right out of my mouth. I’m a ledgit completionist. 2 games sitting incomplete. borderlands 2, 1 dlc trophy, which I have the gear ready to put on and pop the trophy after AC liberations is done as I wanted rogue, 3 and liberations remasters all next to each other. I start one game and finish it to 100% before moving on. Im also fussy with how games are lined up in my list. I started hunting on the PS4 and made a new account for it so I will never step backwards and do ps3 games. All games of the same franchise like cod or AC etc all have to be done in order of RELEASE on the PS4 also. I’m an actual OCD freak when it comes to my account lol. Its my hobby which I enjoy in moderation as I have a full time job and have a Missis. Most of my trophies come in winter and weekends. Slows down a lot in the summer.