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  1. TRAILS FROM ZERO Welcome to the ForceCompleted the Prologue, 'Special Support Section.' This series just hits every single note with me
  2. God of war! Great game easy plat!
  3. Deathloop!
  4. Nioh 2
  5. Will there be cool attacks like we got them in the Mercenaries of old?! God I remember playing those modes just to check out each and every single special attack we could do
  6. DOn't mind a hard platinum but do we really need to have speed run trophies? Speed running always sucks the fun out of a game for me I know there are people who love that, but I think it always ruins a trophy list when we get one of those
  7. Just pre ordered this bad boy My first pre order since Valkyria CHronicles 4!
  8. HOGWARTS LEGACY That's a KeeperMeet Charles Rookwood in the Map Chamber
  9. Absolutely agree though maybe fixing the map would work just as good as having a quick travel option if nothing else we need 2-3 quick travel points per map just to make going through everything quicker. Don't get me wrong it's a blast the first time (or maybe if time passes between playthroughs) to go slowly through the map, fighting everyone. But if you are looking to revisit a specific area for a trophy or just to explore... it can be a d r a g!
  10. Demons Souls remake! It was my first ps5 game!
  11. Love it when trophy titles are quotes from the game! Or, well, the previous one hahaha As for the list, it looks like the standard RE fare, though I cannot say I'm a fan of speed runs
  12. God I hope cheat codes make a comeback! I remember scouring magazines as a kid for any code I could find! I also hope we get this mode in teh final game as well!
  13. NIER AUTOMATA Final WordsThank you for playing. PLAT NO. 25 DIFFICULTY : 4/10 FUN: 3958290323/10
  14. NIER AUTOMATA Treacherous BladeControl A2 for the first time. Post game depression incoming... What. A. Game!
  15. Like a dragon! You are so close!