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  1. This game is going to be amazing!!!
  2. Dear god this game is looking better and better
  3. Trine
  4. Killzone also, love your name
  5. Doesn't have an autumn themed avatar
  6. Has a very weird signature
  7. THE most beautiful woman of the 20th century
  8. Updated the post with the new short story and new artwork I know I'll e enjoy them since I am the only one here... talking to myself
  9. I have TLOU so this month isn't for me but this is a really great line up
  10. RESIDENT EVIL REMAKE 2 Broken UmbrellaWitness the true ending. God I love this series
  11. Applause mate! That one is the hardest to platinum by far and that is coming from someone who has been playing the souls series since the release day of Demons Souls in EU
  12. Would you guys recommend these games? I haven't played a single one since Eternal Mana... if any of you are old enough to remember it
  13. This series cannot get boring just give us the game!! And don't add penguin and two face this time
  14. This is by far the best thing Disney has done with Star Wars I cannot wait to play through this and Jedi Academy
  15. RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE Hide and SeekComplete Sherry's segment.