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  1. Football Character action games or FPS?
  2. Fanmade as far as I know and thank you ahahha OT: skip me and rate the fella above me
  3. TRAILS OF COLD STEEL Beyond the RailwaysCompleted Chapter 3. this game just keeps getting better and better
  4. Dude it's Dante from Devil May Cry OT: 10/10 as with fire emblem, FF characters get a 10 also welcome to psnp
  5. Tea Meat of Veggies?
  6. 10/10 anything Fire Emblem needs to be a 10/10
  7. Ys 9
  8. Castle Zombies or Vampires?
  9. Sonic Ezio Auditore or Edward Kenway
  10. Camilla is the best waifu
  11. Dude how could you not have at least heard of Folklore? One of the most underrated PS3 games. OT: nope
  12. Has the best dressed trophy cabinet on PSNP 😏
  13. Again, hard choice, but I think F7 remake barely takes it ahead of crash 4
  14. Damn dude you always have so many awesome games but i'll go with P5 strikers