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  1. Yeah From January to March I have: REmake 2 Tales of Vesperia (OH GOD) DMC5 KH3 and those are only the games I will buy 100% P.s the Leon Mafia costume was badass
  2. Ps4 pro Anime or manga?
  3. Oh I hope we get the costumes in this remake like we will with REmake 2 Damn so many amazing games coming!!!!
  4. They really should 4-5 at the least also H Y P E
  5. This gif is fucking amazing OT: Yes!! it's my 3rd favorite favorite fighting game franchise after Tekken and Street Fighter but I always play this one the most with my friends
  6. I am fine with that
  7. PRINCE OF PERSIA Combo Specialist Find every combo in the game.
  8. Horror games are awesome
  9. Domino's A new Prince of Persia game or a new AC game?
  10. Amen sister
  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. hahahahahaha stalkers all around also that isn't remotely close to Berlin hahahahaha
  13. i can't fight the festive Iris
  14. You get presents... if you beat me in a dance off!