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  1. MONSTER HUNTER WORLD Welcome to the New WorldEarn the right to take on two-star assignments. I love it when the world in a game feels like you are going on an actually bloody adventure! Just wow!
  2. Give us 1 and 2 as well
  3. Oh really? I loved the first game but thought to just jump into this one but if you guys recommend it I might give it a go!
  4. DANGANRONPA 2 Murderous MarooningFinished the prologue Part 2 awaits!
  5. DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SPECIAL EDITION The Quick and the DeadDefeat 5 enemies in 1 second. I kick ass, what can I say
  6. A game that looks like it's raw fun?! COUNT ME IN!
  7. This game is shooting for the top of my most excited list of games this year the artstyle alone is enough to get me hyped!
  8. So. Many. Games! What a brilliant time it is to be a gamer
  9. And here I am trying to catch up with FF14
  10. DEVIL MAY CRY 5 SPECIAL EDITION Showtime!Complete the game on Devil Hunter mode as Nero, Dante, or V . Best fucking game from the ps4 era by country mile!
  11. You enjoy wacky games
  12. Has a great taste in games! But thinks Dante is boring, which is blasphemous 😏
  13. As I will be jumping into Monster Hunter World really soon, I'll go with that one
  14. The gameplay is looking Kinky, I might give it a go!
  15. Especially if it ends up being a checkmark collector like most open worlds these days