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  1. BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Be Not Afraid Win the war for Gotham.
  2. A dead crow out of five dead mice
  3. Should be crying blood
  4. Best thing I have heard all day!!!!!
  5. That would be awesome if true. The game, aside for a lackluster character stories, is awesome. And the DLC so far has been really cool, Geese especially. But if they added her as well I would Instantly get another 10 hours out of the game
  6. Seriously??? AWESOME!!!! When will they be released?
  7. My game is crashing all the time, crashing all the tiiiiiimeeee ALRIGHT I'M LEAVING!!!!!
  8. Love the game, a solid 8/10 but where is Anna? Geese is amazing, such a cool addition but I can't look at the roster without my favorite characters and be happy about it. Hwoarang, check, Lili, Check, Steve Fox, Check...
  9. I'm usually a sadist, but today I am shy
  10. No thank you mr. ball
  11. I'm sure somebody posted it but Charted! - Hard Complete the game in hard mode From uncharted 4... this was a gold in the 3 games before!!!
  12. Has mastered the soulsborne series!
  13. CoD