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  1. Emo is not lame-o IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!
  2. yes!! A fight between Dante and her would be kickass
  3. You are so slick, I am more up for a partnership
  4. AC3
  5. Detroit
  6. 9 / 10 awesome new avatar
  7. Blackjack Castlevania or Metroid?
  8. No but that is probably my only regret in life
  9. Thanks the artists really nailed my characters
  10. As a person who hates clowns as they make me anxious, this picture confuses me hahahaha OT: swords FF7 remake part 2 or ff8 remake?
  11. Jonathan Brocas, one of the main characters from my book Tournament of the Lost which you can find here
  12. Bolognese RPG or FPS?
  13. MASS EFFECT 2 DoppelgangerHelp the Justicar resolve her mission
  14. The character Octavia, from my series The Lost Aeden you can find it by following the link in the OP