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  1. DARK SOULS NOT REMASTERED Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant.
  2. The split Tiramisu or Sushi?
  3. This is my problem as well O.o I can't download the starter pack as well since it says I have a ff14 copy lol
  4. Shadow of the Colossus another hard pick
  5. Oh god so many amazing games I will go for Destiny 2 but it was a really hard pick
  6. Oh I upgraded mate! HD collection, no MP But I can kick your but any time
  7. Yes! Sometimes I play a game just to try it out and then I get like 5 trophies for it before I quit and it can get annoying even though i don't care for trophies much So I think it would be an ever better addition to the people who actually care a lot about that stuff
  8. Sure girl alien
  9. So exactly a 1 after it was supposed to? I cannot wait
  10. I'll go for something not available on the PS consoles bravely default and second! Some of the best games I have ever played. And the music... dear lord!
  11. The first few chapters are available in the first post for free
  12. It's marked as free download but then is says I cannot download it O.o any tips?
  13. that is amazing!
  14. Wait the ps5 might be compatible with older games??
  15. HELL YES!!!