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  1. Yeah, it really looks promising, it would be a shame for it to be a gem and just fall into the background
  2. Dragon Quest XI, I have been itching to buy the game since it came out and still haven't
  3. I'm fine with that. The game looks really magical and if a bit more time means a better experience I am all for it. New IP's need to land strongly so I hope they polish it as much as they can!
  4. Xenoverse 2 it isn't hard and I love the series!
  5. ATTACK ON TITAN 2 LAST BATTLE This first step will be a big one for the human race.Completed Story Mode Chapter 1. Damn this is such a cool game! Absolutely loved the moment when Eren plugged up the wall and everyone turned to my character to let him know how much he has helped. As a huge fan of the anime that really struck home!
  6. I love looking at your cabinet, it really shows how much fun you have while playing games rock on!
  7. Minecraft Story Mode
  8. Olympic games
  9. ATTACK ON TITAN 2 FINAL BATTLE We've got a talented one here.Achieved a Battle Rating of S in any episode. wow!! This game kicks ass! I love that you get to create your own character and get through the anime PLUS you have all of these social events and free time to roam around Loving the game so far!
  10. DEUS EX HUMAN REVOLUTION The MantisYou defeated Yelena Fedorova, elite member of a secret mercenary hit squad.
  11. Dear lord was this game difficult to find but man am I excited to get into it AoT is one of my favorite anime of all time the whole concept of the game looks so addicting to me! Cannot wait!
  12. Shotgun An xbox exclusive that comes over to the ps5 or a nintendo one?
  13. Thanks a lot dude I don't mind those, speedruns are the bane of my existence in most cases hahaha
  14. Hey guys! I finally found a copy of this game in my local gamestore (have been searching since February, and I'm a huge fan of the show!) and was hoping you could tell me how hard the plat is? It doesn't seem that difficult
  15. Let us just hope that they actually allow the devs to make the games as they should be and not what DS3 was