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  1. TRAILS OF COLD STEEL 3 Combat ExercisesWon 100 battles.
  2. TRAILS OF COLD STEEL 3 Spring Once AgainCompleted the prologue. F U C K YES!!! God, I've had such a huge grin through this whole Prologue! And that opening? UGH!
  3. I do agree, up to a point. It's clear that Re2 remake goes for a different kind of horror compared to the older games. And I can always play those if I want to go for the "unseen" type of horror. I also would not got so far to say that the over the shoulder camera removes the atmosphere, it's just different as I've said. Not to mention that, while generaly you are right when it comes to unseen creatures being scarier than the ones we do see often, there are many monsters that remain scary or chilling no matter how many times you see them. And finally I would not really compare Re2 remake to modern horror movies. Most of them go for cheap thrills that fail every time while re2 remake has actual tense moments in my opinion
  4. TRAILS OF COLD STEEL 3 Class VII Begins Anew!Completed the orienteering exercise. Man I had to pause the game like 5 times because of how emotional I was getting I cannot wait to dive deeper into this game
  5. A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE InnocenceEarn all "A Plague Tale: Innocence" trophies Difficulty 3/10 Fun 10/10 PLAT NO.13 I am not that huge on plat collecting as some of them can become a chore, but this game is not only a gem to playthrough but it has a very easy and fun plat The relationship between the characters was heartwarming and the perils they go through were trully horrific at times. Plus, as an Archaeologist, the historical authenticity in the game is astonishing! The architecture and the bleakness of the 100 years war was presented in a top noch way and you see that the developers did their research. And the music? Ugh! Where do I start? I swear every note in this game is sublime and magical! Cannot wait for the sequel! I adore this game!
  7. Now that is some sexy news right there! I loved all 3 games even though 2 was a bit of a let down
  8. Am I the only one who thinks both ReMake and RE4 aged really well? hahaha Don't get me wrong an over the shoulder Re1 would be awesome and I would love a remake of 4, but both games are nothing but a joy to play in my humble opinion
  9. A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE Knights!Complete all chapters Just finished the game and WOW. As both an archaeologist and a writer, this game blew me away. Even though it is fictional, the amount of historical authenticity really enhanced my enjoyment. And storywise, the game is such a tight experience from start to finish! One the best examples why single players games are, and always will be, the best video gaming experience one could find! Next up, the platinum! P.s. Just found out the sequel is in the works! Made my day!
  10. Also, as i just found out, press the START button to level up hahaha I have no ida how I did not know that
  11. A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE AliveComplete chapter 11 2021 was has been the year of "how the fuck did I miss this game?" and plague tale is a very happy member of that club 😂
  12. Now that would be amazing!!! Could we also get Chrono Trigger?!
  13. MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE 2 Strong BondsConnected with Plus Ultra All with a certain team.
  14. MGS2 love the game!
  15. Dream Universe