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  1. I'm not a regular maid
  2. Finally changed her avatar
  3. Swamp Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield
  4. In Nioh 2 I will be the main character!
  5. FINAL FANTASY TYPE 0 Eggs-citing Development Hatched 5 chocobos at the chocobo ranch.
  6. ME2
  7. The park
  8. Richter 😈 Persona 4 or FF7
  9. Ambient Castlevania or Metroid?
  10. Most FPS games I grew up with the fun ones like Serious Sam, Duke Nukem, TIME FUCKING SPLITTERS etc so these serious ones that the kids like today are really boring for me even though I finish one or two from time to time, like Bioshock Infinite
  11. Final Fantasy RPG or JRPG ?
  12. Lol Groove is probably the friendliest person here
  13. Panthers Nero (DMC4) or Bayonetta?
  14. This game needs a ps4 re-release
  15. Is a very active member of the psnp community