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  1. Should go for the SSS as well
  2. I already know I'll have trouble with some of these -.- but still the game looks really fun so I cannot wait to play it
  3. Has a new awesome banner photo
  4. thanks dude
  5. Hey guys do you access the DLC after you finish the game?
  6. NIOH COMPLETE EDITION The Beginning of a Samurai Reached level 10.
  7. Lol Hino-Enma beat me 10 times already But like you, she will fall too
  8. Rantaro, dude, back from the dead? So no, enjoy it without being killed by a girl you were trying to help
  9. Her avatar is one of my favorite female characters
  10. YES!! a very underrated game
  11. it's really good I am on the 4th level and I have died more times in this game than in the whole of Dark Souls 3 I really recommend it
  12. Not announced but probable DLC
  13. Late Shift
  14. Evil Within 2
  15. HAHHAHAHAHAH this made my day OT: Just skip me and go for Lum1nous1