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  1. Agreed! I always saw it in a similar light to FFX, brilliant games held back by voice acting hahaha I think they could really change that with a remake! along with a few other things
  2. Wait... Indiana will not look like Harrison?
  3. so chances are 50/50 ahahaha I really want this game to succeed! Leon is one of my favorite characters of all time and, though I enjoyed REmake 3, it could have been much better and would hate to see REmake 4 cut like that
  4. That is looking sick!!! Damn ps5 is getting so many brilliant games and it is barely 2 months old
  5. We had a perfectly functional and F U N mercenaries mode... what happened to that? why this?
  6. Fuck yes! I loved playing Beta Leon and Discount Ada hahahahaha
  7. PERSONA 5 ROYAL The Phantom PhilatelistTraded in stamps while in Mementos. Jose is adorable ahhahah
  8. I would skip ffx for the plat only because of the sphere grid because filling it completely is a CHORE, even though the rest of the list is really fun maybe go with Nioh, for the 10th, the list isn't difficult but it isn't easy as well and the game is WICKED!!
  9. PERSONA 5 ROYAL TechnicianTriggered a Technical. DAMN... this is a whole new game compared to P5
  10. Bioshock Infinite
  11. TLOU part 2
  12. PERSONA 5 ROYAL Spirit of RebellionObtained Arsène. Finally gotten this game going for the plat of course! The list seems so much easier than the original
  13. Finally!!!! Going for the plat!!!
  14. FINAL FANTASY X The Destination of HatredDefeat Seymour Omnis
  15. Fuck yes!! The soundtrack alone is worth the price