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  1. 10/10 Harley is awesome
  2. Sure, I never fought Harley before
  3. I love that game
  4. TALES OF VESPERIA Secret Mission 10 Defeat the Leader Bat to prevent Pteropus from recombining.
  5. 9/10 love the character
  6. Is playing KH3
  7. I was actually thinking the same thing OT: Sniper, since you have a plat in all of the other games
  8. Yeah :/ Star ocean 4 😎
  9. I applaud you, whenever I had trouble with this game I just went straight for your comment in these threads bravo
  10. I know this advice comes to late but there are free DLC items that boost you like 170 levels so you don't have to grind for that 200 GJ on the plat though, I love this game
  11. TALES OF VESPERIA Secret Mission 9 Allow Zagi to absorb too much magic and destroy his bodhi blastia in the third battle against him.
  12. No thanks Dino
  13. Dragon Age Origins
  14. lol nope
  15. FF9 But all 5 are great