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  1. NIOH An Agreement Forged Completed "The Ocean Roars Again." This trophy is dedicated to @Nimera who gave up on beating this game after this boss 👿
  2. has the most fanservice-y avatar so far
  3. VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 4 A Reason to Fight Completed ch. 15, and defeated both Walz and Crymaria. 10/10
  4. Swan Lake is just the best
  5. Just got the ps4 version thanks to the Halloween sale Does anyone have anything to recommend for under 10$?
  6. Hey guys the same sale is on the EU store as well, what game do you recommend that is 10 euros or less?
  7. I will as soon as I get it
  8. I love these descriptions
  9. Wants another Darkstalkers game
  10. hahahahahhaha what we lack in video game taste we make up with friendship
  11. Ice cream?
  12. 10/10? @Nimera
  13. Yeah I loved that game