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  1. hey John how´s is going life ^^

    Long time not writing together!

    Hope that all Thing is okay there at your place and it´s not too hot  August month… here we had four and half week just sun Burning down without any rain an last Weekend rain Comes back...

    Besides a Wonderful profile banner; Maybe you should also use a noctis Avatar?

    1. Johnathan994


      Nah Leon is my fave so for now I am going with Leon avatars... have any to recommend :D
      Oh I love the heat so this summer has been a blast :D 

    2. Meowski
  2. Oh god that is the best avatar-name combo on psnp
  3. Has an elegant way of butting a bullet between someone's eyes
  4. I'm new as you can tell My characters name is Sorey Sypho
  5. @Nimera
  6. What the hell is that Nope never What about this one?
  7. So after 2 years away i am finally coming back to this awesome MMO I don't have any expansions so I have a few questions to ask. 1. If I buy Stormblood do I need to buy Heavensward as well? 2. What is the best RP server? 3. Is it still as good as I remember
  8. Morrigan all the way Persona 5Q or 5 Ultimax?
  9. is there more to say??? I love that game
  10. No I never played a Fate game
  11. FF15
  12. DIGIMON STORY CYBER SLEUTH Digi-Wrangler Feed Digimon 100 times.
  13. Yes, I love Abe games EDIT: Damn you @Nimera!!! No I haven't played it but even if I did I would not tell you