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About Me

Yo! My name is Johnathan, if you haven't guessed already, and this is my profile so try to behave yourself! I am from England but I live in Berlin where I am currently studying Archaeology.
If you ever wan't to play something with me just message me on psn, I love playing games with other people so you will be more than welcome.

Favorite franchises:

1. Devil may cry (Favorite: DMC3)

2. Resident evil (Favorite: RE4)

3. Mass effect (Favorite: Mass effect 3)
4. Dragon age (Favorite: DAO)
5. Final Fantasy (Fave: Crisis Core)

Honorable Mentions:

1. Prince of Persia (Fave: 2008)
2. Tales series (Fave: Abyss)
3. Castlevania (Fave: Lords of Shadow)

4. Uncharted (Fave: Uncharted 3)

5. Kingdom Hearts (Fave: KH2)
Favorite Characters:

1. Dante (Devil may cry 1,2,3,4)
2. Leon Kennedy (Resident evil 2,4,6)
3.The Prince (PoP 2008)
4. Alistair (DAO, DA2, DAI)

5. Zack Fair (Crisis Core, FF7)
Honorable Mentions:

1. Sora (KH)

2. Nathan Drake (UC 1,2,3)

3. Morrigan (DAO, DAI)

4. Liara (Mass effect 1,2,3)

5. Vergil (Devil may cry 1,3,4)

And a 100 more other games and characters that I cannot put here because the list would go on forever. Why so many? Because video games are awesome. 

2018 GOALS

Have completion over 60%
Have rarity under 50%

Have 10 Plats

Play awesome Games


P.s. The trophies I put into my cabinet are the ones dearest to me not the ones I am most proud of.

This is Dante, he is awesome as seen in these pictures.