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  1. RIME Ask for a miracle Pay it forward. Damn...
  2. Changed her clothes
  3. You like me in black and white even more don't you?
  4. Transistor
  5. Is playing it as well
  6. RIME Don't say no Leave denial behind. I have no idea what I am playing but it's awesome
  7. Isn't scared of Iris
  8. Made my day lol hahahaha OT: PICK ME PICK ME!@!!!!
  9. I will share food... don't whip me
  10. RESIDENT EVIL REMAKE That Was Nice of You Save Rebecca from a Hunter.
  11. Monster Hunter world But I am starting rime soon, I heard it's really good
  12. 11/10 one of your best
  13. Strawberry?
  14. Nah, I like strawberries
  15. Yes Although Damnation is better Thanks a lot
  16. RESIDENT EVIL REMAKE Not Just Any Object Obtain the Stone & Metal Object using Chris. Leon would have done it in half the time
  17. I will scar Johnathan for life
  18. Has a private profile
  19. Damn SO4 is bad.
  20. You want a strawberry? I won't whip you.
  21. Always has awesome avatars
  22. Nah I already beat you 🤓
  23. Hey guys can you make one with Leon Kennedy from the resident evil games? Just make it look dramatic with the quote "If you don't try to save one life, you'll never save any."