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  1. NIOH An Agreement Forged Completed "The Ocean Roars Again." This trophy is dedicated to @Nimera who gave up on beating this game after this boss 👿
  2. has the most fanservice-y avatar so far
  3. VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 4 A Reason to Fight Completed ch. 15, and defeated both Walz and Crymaria. 10/10
  4. Swan Lake is just the best
  5. Just got the ps4 version thanks to the Halloween sale Does anyone have anything to recommend for under 10$?
  6. Hey guys the same sale is on the EU store as well, what game do you recommend that is 10 euros or less?
  7. I will as soon as I get it
  8. I love these descriptions
  9. Wants another Darkstalkers game
  10. hahahahahhaha what we lack in video game taste we make up with friendship
  11. Ice cream?
  12. 10/10? @Nimera
  13. Yeah I loved that game
  14. NIOH COMPLETE EDITION Fashionista Changed your hair style or beard. Gotta stay stylish
  15. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  16. Should go for the SSS as well
  17. So for a long while now information has been popping up around the internet about a new Soul Calibur game. As I have not found a thread about it I thought I would make one. Here is the video that sums up all of the "leaks" so far. So what do to you guys think? For those who do not want to watch the video, basically it will be announced either at the VGA's or at the sony experience thingy. I hope we get an awesome guest character like the hunter from Bloodborne! Also Tira, Kilik and Cassandra better be in it
  18. I already know I'll have trouble with some of these -.- but still the game looks really fun so I cannot wait to play it
  19. Has a new awesome banner photo
  20. thanks dude
  21. Hey guys do you access the DLC after you finish the game?
  22. NIOH COMPLETE EDITION The Beginning of a Samurai Reached level 10.