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  1. Well this went dark quickly A fat american because I can run away from him An English version of Tales of Vesperia or FF16?
  2. Damn Folklore Haven't seen that game in ages one of the hidden gems of the ps3 era and in a dire need of trophies
  3. THIEF Got it for 4.99 Euros
  4. Working out vita or 3ds?
  5. I totally put the teen in teen wolf
  6. I have no idea what that ivorous is but get ready to fight
  7. Looks like a Persona villain or maybe danganronpa
  8. The new Colossus Still haven't played dad of war
  9. SILENT HILL 2 Free to Go Unlock the "Leave" ending. The older you get the better this game gets. Everyone should play it, even if it's this crappy port
  10. Train Fantasy or realistic?
  11. I am like the wolf of wall street but without the street
  12. 9/10 the previous one was better
  13. Damn what a movie!
  14. Thanks for believing in me OT: Clearly plays games that aren't vocaloid
  15. You don't need two eyes to be happy
  16. Is my favorite hater on psnp
  17. "he is better than Yu"
  18. RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2 True or False Clear Episode Four. What an awesome game!!! Cannot wait for more
  19. I want to be in a Persona game too
  20. Emily wants to GOD NO NO!!! GOD!!! NO!!!!
  21. BLOODBORNE Honouring Wishes Captivated by the moon presence,you pledge to watch over the hunter's dream.
  22. Bloodborne
  23. Sonia... DMC3 fine A new Prince of Persia or a new Devil May Cry?
  24. Sure but I don't want to intrude on the sadist party
  25. Oh dear god, bad pun Ayane Should play Thief, it's only 4.99