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  1. No need for backwards compatinility fo the ps4
  2. I love you !! I don't know why but i'd like to say it again

  3. i hope so
  4. the only thing wrong with the dlc is the price of the season pass
  5. Shenmue 3 : a dream come true :), maybe another miracle will happen to me, like love again :)

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Yeah it could happen :)

  6. Again it's nice to see you back :)

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    2. terwas-lurake


      But then your deleted sentences still wouldn't make sense? :o

    3. Aoi Nagisa-chan
    4. terwas-lurake


      You said you would love everyone.

  7. It makes me so happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. With Shenmue 3, these are the best news i've heard in years
  9. Shenmue 3 !!!!!! Hope the kickstarter campaign is a success

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    2. Archavia


      It's already at 1.6M/2M after a few hours. It'll be funded within the hour.

    3. DJROE95


      There's no way that kickstarter's gonna fail to reach its goal with this one!

    4. Aoi Nagisa-chan

      Aoi Nagisa-chan

      1.7 millions already !! Yahoooo !!!!

  10. sorry about that
  11. Happy to see a friend back on PSN Profiles

  12. sad, it means no more games will feature Clementine
  13. for good or bad reasons. For me it'd be 01/27/2013 but for bad reasons
  14. is it a hard game to start with ?