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  1. Perils of Baking Vita
  2. Thanks, all. I don't think I used anything for skipping, because once I uninstalled and started again it stopped giving Trophies again after a couple popped and I know for a fact I was using the button the whole time. 3rd time reinstalling was the charm and the rest unlocked.
  3. I could name so many, sadly, since I'm pretty much 40 at this point. HOWEVER, I will say Bloodborne for my feedback here. I don't enjoy those kinds of games and I was in such a state of FOMO at the time I caved. Played for a few hours and never touched it again. I know I could have gotten my money back if I put up a stink (I USED PSN CREDIT FOR PETER'S SAKE!!) but I never did. I'm dumb.
  4. They are absolutely bugged. I have beaten well over 50 community levels today alone (I stopped counting at 69 -- giggity). I still haven't gotten the 10 level Trophy. This is so sad.
  5. The only Trophy I have gotten is the first one, but as I have gotten to the very end of the game just before the credits roll nothing else has unlocked. Now I have the game beaten on Xbox, so I know what the story is, and even were I to not know what they require, I'd know that I would be nearly done with them by now. Is anyone who has recently purchased (or in general) had any issues like this?
  6. Interesting...
  7. It does not cost money to add a platinum trophy. It's all point allotment and laziness.
  8. Screwing up, apparently.
  9. This is happening to me as well, at least with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Minikit Trophy. I have all of them and have beaten the level WITH all 10 but I don't get anything. Lack of Insight also never gave me the Trophy.
  10. The Evil Within games are great.
  11. I'd say RE3 is the one from the choices you've listed, but Bioshock is great, too. Something not listed I would say is either Yakuza: Like a Dragon or Judgment.
  12. You can't post the URL for TT here?
  13. No Plat means it's Xbox for me!!! Although I had these games on Xbox to begin with, so it was more likely to be there anyway. Just now at a big discount. Too much to play and I am upset at the lazy Achievement/Trophy list.