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  1. Do you know if those who play without DLC are limited to 260 light power now? I've been playing for a few hours and I haven't found a single blue equip higher than 255, and all legendaries are no higher than 260.
  2. So, I just got the game the other day off Playstation Plus, and I've been stuck at light level 259 for a few hours now. I've heard infusing equipment is a thing, but the requirements are strange. Other than legendary shards, Masterworks Cores are needed. After a brief google search, it seems Masterworks Cores are DLC items... So could anyone tell me how am I suppose to infuse my gear?
  3. Not feeling this month at all :/
  4. Demon's Souls is probably my favorite go-to game.
  5. Even number eh? Today I'll go with 294 and 428
  6. my two guesses for today are: 217 879
  7. 451 287 joined a tad late to the party
  8. Very generous of you! Thank you
  9. First year in uni only started and I already want to kill myself...

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    2. DaivRules


      Uni gives you a chance to change your life into whatever you want. If you don't like something, try something else. You can figure out a way to make it pretty awesome if you are willing to seek out new stuff.

    3. IntenseFATE98


      I'm almost done with my first sem at Uni, although there were ups and downs, I've been enjoying it so far tbh.

    4. BumperSticker


      I'm not sure how unis work in other countries, but over here we have a few obligatory courses we have to pass in my specific field, like mathematics and physics, which aren't really my strong suit.

      I just want to get this year over with and forget about those awful courses...

  10. Don't hate me, but I caught all safari Pokemon within 30 minutes of release, without using a single GB
  11. My team was Lucario, Xerneas, Scizor and Diancie (<-- filler). I used M+5, DD and AP+. Finished with 5 moves left so the M+5 was an overkill. Basically, all I did was match Lucario whenever I had the chance. If I couldn't, then I matched Xerneas and hoped for Quirky+ to activate. Was planning on using Scizor during the last 5 moves, but I didn't have to.
  12. Haha, opened the app and got a message saying I was ranked at #9993 at the Mega Alakazam stage. Was expecting to just receive that Mega Speedup and the Alakazite, but guess I lucked out Also, cleared Darkrai's stage 125 and got another Speedup. Now I just need to beat that jerk Mega Ray... By the way, why do you guys care about S ranking the stages? Other than unlocking expert stages that is.
  13. Ended up with 72K on Mega-Alakazam. I would have competed regardless of the mega effect, since Alakazam is my favorite Pokemon. Seeing how he has a pretty decent effect is just a bonus
  14. Should be 25 today. Team Mystic.
  15. 61k on Charizard X. Xerneas was extremely useful. Hopefully, I'll stay among the top 10k. This is the first time I've actually tried getting anything other than Attack+