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  1. I really suck when I've to perform these king of inputs. I had to watch a video to perform this myself. This technique is more effective than Powerpyx's in my opinion.
  2. I unlocked this week Vendetta's trophy without having linked anything. The game is great btw
  3. I liked Heavy Rain very much but i had no fun playing Beyond two souls. In heavy rain you go where you want, do what you want to achieve your abjective or not (if you die) In beyound you have one fucking path. You do what the game want you to do and i felt zero freedom. When i wanted to leave someone, my character turned back. When i wanted to explore the map my character turned back. I really hope DBH's more like HR than BTS. If it's not i would have spent 30 bucks in the trash
  4. This task is very anoying to me, i'll try this method, thank you. EDIT : The glitch works proprely. I tried once but i wasn't able to find the place so i read this thread again and go for it. But i was Helgast. I tried anyway, to place the e-pulse along the window and it worked !!! You does not need to be a ISA to make it work. It work on Helasgt basecamp turret, no matter if you are a Helgast or Vektan Thank you for the tip, you saved me from dozen of hours
  5. Darky-Ced Prototype I use to start several times this game, in 2009, 2012 and 2016. I had bug trophies, trophies that never unlocked and others did. The fact that it use to bug i left the game for a moment, and restart in order to get all of them.
  6. Wow... three entire games for only one trophy, that sucks ! Thanks for the tip man. I just screwed up my fat and furious trophy. The game stop, back to the menu of the PS4. I restart the game, and I forgot to take donut drake for five minutes... And, thanks to you, i'll prevent this really bad glitch Well... It sucks to restart the game. Five times... Four days...
  7. The final boss isn't that hard. I defeat him on brutal difficulty. Just run, run and shoot up.
  8. Hi guys. I'm curious about this glitch. I hate time trial mode, it could help me. Does this work randomly or for all of you ? Does this depend on the version of the game (i'm on the 1.00) Thanks for your answeres, need for speed and fast and furious are my last trophies. EDIT : I just finished my game in time trial... and i got my last trophies !! I got a 2.23.00 lol. It was really close. I was desesperate but finaly did it ! Youhou
  9. I meant, trophies can be done without PS Move ?
  10. Hey guys ! I need some answers. I saw that a PS Vita is required for one of seven troohies of the DLC. But for the Move pack, is the PS Store required ? This game suck, really. I like it but the DLC trophies GRRRR First the DLC are expensive, second we need more equipment