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  1. Look at the date
  2. Finally after 175+ Uragaan Hunts, the gold giant crown dropped. Relieved but disappointed that it took 5 and a half days. I hope the guy who was looking for Lavasioth crown(s) got his and hopefully they’ll be bringing Elder Recess’ to the event pool to better the chances for crowns on that map.
  3. I’ve been fighting Uragaan over the past 4 days, Hunted him over 155 times now. I haven’t tried today but I’m already tired thinking about it lol
  4. 139 Uragaan kills and still sitting at a giant silver crown All I can do is laugh. This is ridiculous
  5. Just need Giant Uragaan, killed him 89 times and only a silver. Can’t wait to delete this game until DLC.
  6. 200+ Hours Giant Crowns Barroth Great Jagras Jyuratodus Paolumu Rathalos Diablos Bazelgeuse Nergigante Kushala Daora Pink Rathian Mini Crowns Barroth Kulu-Ya-Ku Jyuratodus Rathian Odogaron Diablos Bazelguese Nergigante Teostra Kushala Doara Vaal Hazak Uragaan Rathalos Legiana