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  1. Back to messing around with Photoshop.

    Good news: I still have some of my resources from my old PC, so I'll be able save some time when creating a new sig.

    Bad news: I have to re-learn everything from scratch.


  2. You get Seeker of Darkness (Gold Rank)
  3. But Sony does have trophy policies and monitor games on PSN. They get to have a saying if a game should or shouldn't have a platinum.
  4. Meanwhile My Name is Mayo and games like Goat Simulator have platinums. Not surprised, given that nobody from Sony cares about what goes in and out from the PS Store.
  5. Ever since I've platted BBS on PS3. I said NEVER.. EVER.. AGAIN. The grind was brutal, and it wasn't even fun.
  6. Played Dragon Nest and Guild Wars 2 in the past, both had issues with end game but they were so addicting and casual friendly. But FFXIV is my main game now, despite its problems, it's really fun.