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  1. Wow, what a lazy, weak trophy list. Too bad.
  2. I think it's just because nowadays 5 minute platinums are a dime a dozen whereas in the ps3 era this was one of the easiest platinums available. There weren't platinums for sale in those days, even the easy ones required a little effort.
  3. Looks like there could be some tough trophies, but I am totally up to the challenge for this game! Been looking forward to this for awhile as well as the Cowabunga Collection, glad to see its almost here.
  4. This is how I got the very hard difficulty trophy (obviously with the difficulty set to very hard) so I can confirm this is a good strategy.
  5. I have to agree that this "remaster" is genuinely terrible. As others have stated, I had numerous freezing issues to the point where it forced me to save constantly so I wouldn't lose progress. That was annoying enough but it is what it is. Now while trying to complete the final dlc trophy for finishing worlds of hurt under 15 min, I loaded my save from yesterday only to find out my plasmids have apparently glitched and will not work whatsoever even though my bar is full and have plenty of hypos. I found a fix for this after some searching but then noticed when in the options that despite setting the difficulty to medium when beginning the challenge the game had set itself to easy for some reason, so I still have to start over despite finding the fix for the plasmid glitch. I can excuse a few glitchy things but damn, this "remaster" is truly a piece of crap.
  6. It's one of those things where technically it is possible, but it would require an unprecedented situation where hundreds of players decided to start playing this game again for some reason. Realistically, it's definitely not possible without boosting. I finally platinumed it not long ago, I believe toward the end of 2021. I can tell you that even if you're boosting it will be no walk in the park and you will have to dedicate quite a bit of time. I started from scratch and had it 100% in about a month but I was playing basically every day. It is a rewarding 100% though!
  7. I agree, even though I felt there were too many it was still pretty fun wreaking havoc on the nazis.
  8. I would say yes. I platinumed it a year or two ago and I thought it was great. If you're a fan of open world sandbox style games you will most likely enjoy it. The city is fun to explore and the gameplay is pretty solid overall. The only negative thing I have to say is there are far too many of the free play events/random events or whatever you call them. I remember there was a trophy for completing almost all of them and it gets very tedious after awhile. Still no reason to avoid the game though imo.
  9. He's the bestler, better than all the wrestler!
  10. Impressive trophy list! Nice to see someone else still playing PS3 too

  11. All they make these days is GTA 5 over and over so you won't be missing a damn thing.
  12. I did my first attempt yesterday and died right at the end of chapter 5 because I got ahead of myself and forgot to pick up a couple painkillers. Pretty stupid way to die lol. As long as I learn from the mistake it's all good as I still more than likely will have to try a few more times. Doing this shortly after regular NYM is definitely helping as I have a pretty good knowledge of what to expect at all times, but still certainly doesn't make it easy when all it takes is one mistake and like Mike Goldberg used to say "IT'S ALL OVER!!"
  13. Nah, this was worse.
  14. I don't go out of my way to play shitty games. I never played 2K20 because it was obvious it was a piece of shit. If you were dumb enough to pay for it knowing it was a piece of garbage that's on you. If this is one of the best wrestling games you have ever played, I feel bad for you. Not mad at all, the game just sucks that's all. It would appear I hurt your feelings by insulting this game, you will have to suck it up because I'm not the only one who doesn't like this piece of shit.
  15. Haven't tried it yet, it's that bad?