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  1. I hear what you are saying dude. Regardless of peoples opinions this is true. We always make decisions that will change how businesses operate. People not understanding current gaming trends is the headache. This was all effectively a beta and many games are effectively straddling the line between beta, early access and full release. But if a games plan involves release over a large amount of time the crap going on here is the usual stuff. Anyone who has been gaming for more than a couple of years should know all the basics by now. Games with long term plans usually have big revamps. I already mentioned i will wait till the game has spiderman, but they released a roadmap check it buy it when it offers what you want. If you like the roadmap and happy to preorder but not expect best game ever at release buy it. But if you are buying into a service be aware of that. All the previews of this game panned it the beta was kinda crappy, but it certainly had potential. Also people are way more forgiving for long run multiplayer experiences. The bit that confuses more than everything is people acting like we are all on opposing sides, I don't give a shit if you hate/love this game. I will pay attention to interesting and well thought out points that help inform my purchasing decisions. The rest is just a waste of time to read and gives me a huge ignore list.
  2. I think this would be a really bad idea to enforce as a rule. I have googled some games that would be horrible to write a guide for and no one wrote one for, but then found a thread on here where someone posted a video for one or two trophies that were a pain on that game. Then in turn i get that trophy. There's often a bunch of helpful tips in that topic where people say whats right or wrong or if there is an efficient method, but it increases discussion. This is a forum where we are supposed to discuss things. Have you tried discussing on an actual guide half the time the guide writer is gone or there is no response. So i can see a lot of negatives vs minor annoyances. If someone literally writes a video with no explanation and isn't even will to say why the guide is helpful then sure sure get rid of repeat offenders. But that one guy who puts a video up then a guide writer finds a vid they can later add to a guide or inspires them to write one that stuff is awesome. If we are talking about shameless self promotion of twitch streams outside of status updates screw those guys this is about trophies and guides and a sense of community. Also offsite guides should be deleted. If there from legitimate sites then google can find them. I think youtube or video guides with threads here are fine though. Trying to find what you need on youtube can be a nightmare and then we can see if people think those were good or up to this sites standards.
  3. This guy gets it. The game was talked about as an evolving game, it will be good but you have to wait ages and they didn't hide this fact either. The amount of planned content will dwarf the actual game. This is really common for games to be like this these days. I am waiting till spiderman is out then i will buy it, because spiderman is all the content i need in any game, yes i love spiderman.
  4. Just aim for finishing games and forget trophies play more on the games you are enjoying if a game bores you quit it. If trophies overtake your gaming experience just buy less.
  5. Checked under playstation plus games in my library and it was still there. Tried downloading it and everything appears normal. Previous games htat have been removed get an X on the bar showing they can't be downloaded if you attempt. You should contact customer support or check if your plus has expired or something else. Also just checked it in the UK store. it appears to be delisted but is still available on PS Now.
  6. I think this will purely depend on the dev just like how some games randomly had shared trophy lists between PS3, 4 and Vita. There's never really been a concrete rule for this or region stacking. Even release time has no bearing as I noticed Okami was actually sharing a trophy list with the PS4 version from years back and some games released at the same time as there ports still have separate trophy lists.
  7. Good to see you man are you still trapped under a mountain of backlog games? Or you managing to get through it before PS5 is out?
  8. There's a tutorial section can't remember how long though.
  9. Hey guys, I'm your friendly resident Buu. I used to play a lot of games which landed me near the top end of the leaderboards, I always play for fun which normally lands me with some of the longest runs in games when people ask me to help on genres they clearly aren't experienced in XD. If you are friendly and need coop in games just feel free to pop me a message. I am always up for finding more Vita players I always have mine handy even if i don't play it much. A few of you might remember me, I used to run events known as we plays where we used to play through games together as a group and discuss the games we were. I recently been having people ask me to start doing trophy guides again, or join in on streams. I thought if people still want me to do stuff sure why not. I haven't really been trophy hunting much lately. I was running the biggest guild in Europe on Tera and sociailising with those guys more which was heavily eating into my gaming time. Anyway I am currently trying to see how Twitch streaming works and will be fiddling with that, someone asked me to start streaming with them at the end of this month. I was thinking about multiple ways I can run a channel, guides and getting a decent community of players up like we had with the we play groups up. Right now I feel like changing my gaming habits so I am totally up for this at the moment. Was also thinking of starting GE3 too, which might be a good place to start. There's obviously huge competition but my guides were always about speed and efficiency, so hopefully that will cater to some people. If people want me to start up something like the We Play thing again just let me know. Hope everyone is good should be seeing more of you guys.
  10. Hey guys i'm back

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    2. DamagingRob


      It probably doesn't make sense to some. Lol. But I would imagine a PS5 will cost a lot more, and I don't know when I'd start buying PS5 games. Larger hard drive, a new controller (since my newest one is showing signs of problems again, ugh), and the ability to self boost/be two people in a session makes it probably worth getting to me.

    3. Superbuu3


      @DamagingRob but bro you can self play with a ps5 too. If you think of it as buying a ps4 and that price is a discount on your ps5 suddenly it seems way cheaper. PS4 controllers depress me mine keep making the cam spin :(

    4. DamagingRob


      It probably won't cost me any more, since I'd probably wait for a $200 drop on the PS5. Assuming it's $500 to begin with. Just don't know why I'd buy one right now, if I'm only going to play last gen games on it. And then I don't know if every PS4 game is going to be compatible, or if I can still use Vita Remote Play with it. 


      And yeah, PS4 controllers seem to have a lot of problems.. I hope the DS5s will have less defects, but I don't have a lot of confidence in that. :/

  11. This seems like a good idea but now on PS5 having a digital only version you can get shafted with backwards compatibility for having physicals as well as the upgrade programme. I certainly am happy I bought mainly physical on Vita and PS3 but i definitely would have preferred to have been digital only on PS4 except for some exceptionally good games. I don't replay stuff any more.
  12. Considering what I have been called while growing up I can thin of a lot worse things than being called apu or someone saing thank you come again. Fact is racism existed before Apu and these guys on the doc seem to be acting like Hank committed a hate crime and it pisses me off. I'm glad someone mentioned that game, he was to my knowledge the 2nd indian playable character in a game, the first being Dhasim. If we don't put a stop to this they will take away all our nice things. I already got one racist mesage about me trying to start this. I don't understand why people are freaking out about it. I literally don't know anyoe whos offended by Hank doing his voice. The fact this comedian thinks he speaks for all Indians pisses me off. Yeah seen this it makes a lot of good points. Having no indians in Simpsons is worse than keeping him on in the background, thats 12 characters written out of the show, if we get rid of his family. I genuinely don't think this was about Race as much as the guy on the doc made it out to be. I'll get into this once I know people are listening though.
    1. DamagingRob


      Haven't watched it in quite some time, but man, how stupid.. Don't even plan to give him a proper send off.

    2. Superbuu3


      Its ridiculous, this kind of over sensitivity kills comedy. I don't even know how they would decipher what would be considered offensive, are we going to go back and start taking characters out of every sitcom.

    3. Masamune


      Completely stupid, this is one of the reasons I hate political correctness... :facepalm: They say it's because he's a stereotype, but isn't just about every other character on the Simpsons a stereotype? :huh: & now that they gave in, someone'll just find another character they deem "offensive" & want them killed-off too. 😑

  13. I'll copy what I posted on reddit here any retweets are up karma on reddit to get this noticed will be appreciated. I know havent been here in ages, but its something I feel very strongly about. I will be covering the hugely negative connotations of this move over the next few weeks. Thanks for the attention. I'll be back on here when I start up doing guides again. My health is sill pretty crap so I kinda took a break from everything. Who are you? I'm your friendly resident Buu, I'm a huge fan of Simpsons and I'm nobody important. However I am Indian a fact I have hidden online ever since I started using a computer. The reason I'm revealing this now is because Apu a character I loved since I first ever saw him, is no longer on the Simpsons. I want to do everything I can to get him back on the show. I'm not wealthy and I suffer from chronic illness which at times leaves me bed bound, meaning I watch a lot of Simpsons. The fact is if I chose an Indian character I could be like Apu would be right at the top of the list. What do you want? Short answer; I would like some help to dig up lots of helpful and relevant Simpsons scenes. Long answer; thanks to South Park I was alerted to how much traction the documentary gained. I thought the documentary was heavily biased and frankly had a lack of Indians who don't earn money from stereotypes. Doing further research I saw that Hari had in fact decided to cut content of less successful Indians, which started to make e feel the need to do something. I want everyone's help to show people why Apu isn't just a stereotype and in fact has had a positive impact for being the first fleshed out Indian character. I can't do this alone like I said already I'm no one and I don't have access to television producers to help me make a point so we need good old fashioned word of mouth. If we can trend on twitter #SaveApu I think that's a good start. I'll link this topic in tweets which I would appreciate if you reweeted. Also the lack of debate here in this topic is because I want to get this out of the gate before people start trying to tear down each other's arguments. How are you going to Save Apu? My friend actually asked me this hesitant to get into a debate, when for the first time he saw my 'Indian Rage' ignite, something that never usually happens. Actually I like that #IndianRage. Anyway I digress, this has been up for debate by a lot of people a lot of Simpsons fans and a handful of Indians. As both I hope to gain some traction and dig up more useful information. I want this debate to be split up over weeks (again something I argued with my friend), simple reason for that is to show I'm not going anywhere and to open up new points of discussion and at the same time completely tear everything that biased documentary tried to remove our beloved Apu. I have other plans, but step one is raise awareness. Why are you doing this? The Simpsons is an amazing programme that taught me it's wrong to laugh at others and instead we should laugh at each other together. By removing a show which represented me and taught me I could integrate (I was bought up in a white area). The only thing removing Apu has achieved is showing the next generation we don't know how. #SaveApu
  14. OMG thanks for the mention @Dr_Mayus I love you too man. Also glad you got one of these you definitely deserved it. Definitely one of the friendliest regulars on here.