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  1. Hey you free to do LBP2 Cross Play trophies sometime? I was trying to do it on my own but this Chicken game requires too much movement to do that :(

  2. its up right now for another 25 minutes
  3. Yeah i'm fine too thanks for asking.
  4. Cool hope you're doing good man. Haven't seen you in ages.
  5. OK thats fine, I can completely respect that opinion, I won't even comment further. If you meant what i thought above that came across as hypocritical and biased, my main issue is when people seem to turn a blind eye to certain game companies doing shoddy things. Like I said this isn't me saying let EA off because you let someone else off, my point is we have to make a point to complain as a group to all the companies who try to change things for the worse.
  6. you look great just smile. Hey you remind me of this guy on here from a couple of years ago. He started this topic is that you? That picture is freaking badass. That mask is wicked Cool shirt, but i think that piercing is really cool, i don't usually like the bull style, but the side piercing goes with it, but man that looks way too painful.
  7. At the end of this, its pretty clear. I have issues with all non cosmetic microtransactions, you have issues with microtransactions in certain games. Thats the basis. That can't be denied. Also look here: I already said it. So don't act like I changed my stance thats a non edited post before all of yours.
  8. People seem to do that a lot, I always thought Ultimate team was awful. I mean you should be able to play with all your favourite players if you want too.
  9. OK I'll clarify: Firstly I think Battlefront is horrendous, the random nature of there crates and the gambling element is a serious problem Now your use of the word insidious (GTA made microtransactions for player advantages on console games ok and that is what encourages more companies to muscle them in) is the exact word i'd use to describe GTA, it snuck in microtransactions in a way that people were ok with it, while they prevented players from farming cash, which is a major thing, farming is a typical part of gaming, why should efficient farming methods be shut down This momentum should be used for people to point out exactly why non cosmetic microtransactions are damaging games, and forcing gambling and addictive habits. Its really messed up in the bigger picture.
  10. Im not defending Battlefront its bad, but i'm condemning GTA. Not sure where you thought I was defending Battlefront. I literally said hey need to make it fair to players.
  11. No but it implicates both. I say punish all. Trump says don't punish me you didn't punish the other. Seriously don't try and quote John oliver to make an arguement if you missed the point. In GTA a low level player can buy an attack chopper and gun down low level players and steal money off their corpse tats the games system. That is certainly an advantage. That has always been the case. Very Easily are you serious, check how long it would take you to buy a apartment, a business, a yacht, a combat helicopter, a fast car and a tank. Then see how much time that would take a level 1 player. You also are charged maintenance fees in game, like your mechanic.
  12. @Cubone@BeautifulTorment Common arguements for battlefront 2: Allows players who pay to have access to more and better stuff Gives advantage to those players in vs modes or just in the sandbox Game has been easily hackable meaning lots of people are getting all the stuff you pay for for free and no effort Can you deny those?
  13. I completely agree with this. I mean Rockstar makes sure any chance people can farm cash is shut down fast you can't even steal cars to sell often. On top of that hackers were still in game for years only more recently have they started to shut themdown but if we pay real cash for shit hackers should be shut down fast. Although people will argue that everything is available with in game cash, despite the fact prices are overinflated, they never put in the stock market online, and that you have to spend a ridiculous amount just to get the bases and you are essentially buying spawn points, as the flats have little function. Also GTA set a precedent that now means its ok to do microtransactions. They didn't listen to fans at all.
  14. They said they had it in place so that maps and characters and game cotent could be added for free. Don't confuse crap other people are saying for justification. Uniting a player base is a very good reason for doing stuff, they just need to make a system that is fair to the player base and gives no advantages to anyone.
  15. Don't confuse charity and clever business publicity. It costs a huge amount of money for companies to store crap, old 360s are crap no one wants them they are even more useless becuase of Xbox one backwards compatability. On top of that its rebate, a significant number of ppl will pay $60 and fail the rebate, this is the same crap mobile phone companies do on rebate contracts and I know so many people who got burned by those. Lastly after Dave pointed out that old consoles have cockroaches in them and I think of dirty old consoles, for all 5 of the 360 console exclusives that aren't BC is it really worth it. I really hope stupid people don't trample other people over this. Also if these don't come with a years warranty, all you did was pay for their console disposal with your time. Companies are businesses they make money and thats their motivation.