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  1. It's definitely not dead no matter what time I logon I get matches on eu server. The trophies are extremely easy with the exception of smash trophy seeming luck based. You will definitely get all the other class based trophies from just playing. The shock trophy is not described accurately you get it for shocking 2 the thief one might be too not sure if that's going to be patched so get it while it's easy. I only play 3v3. You need 2.4 million xp to prestige. From my estimation a good player will get that in 400 matches if losing a lot and not ranking on the podium likely 700 matches. When I prestige if I remember to post here I will let you know exact numbers. I can't make any promises as my health went to crap, but if there's interest in this game and I feel up to it I could explain class tips for wins and mastery as well as trophies. I am in the top 5 on 3v3 on weeklies and I play all the classes so I think I can give decent tutorials. General advice I would say try to get a friend to play with. So you can change class tactically. Randoms thinking they are snipe and blade pros make it really hard to win. Obviously those classes are good in right hands but most people think instant kill means outright better but you need a mixed team. I been playing mostly solo as my friends felt like they were costing me matches and wanting more practice. Honestly more fun losing with friends then winning anyway. Though I love the game in general. Besides you can pull off some cool tactics with a communicating team. Dunno if the guys who knew me are still around if you are and need help with wins message. Take care everyone laters.
  2. Didnt realise people were using this still I will check if there's Amy trials I missed and post them.
  3. New game plus in this game locks away abilities that unlock areas. I'm pretty sure the first demon gate is a long way into the game as far as powers are concerned, so youd llikely have to play at least 5 hours of game again (if memory serves you can't skip cutscenes in this game). It might be a lot longer I don't really know as it depends on its locations and what powers its locked behind. You'd have a better picture when youre into the game. But this is a long game so could be hours more than that. I just wanted to give you a heads up as it could be time consuming. To answer your question you could do everything in game except get all stray beads if you didn't beat all demon gates. So thats two trophies. Demon gates are literally one of the very last things you'd be capable of doing in the game as they are a survival battle. You could do everything else, but you'd only be able to get those two trophies out of order if beyonds theory is right. But either way you'd have to do a new game plus and play at least half the game again.
  4. Dude its nice you wanna do that, but fair warning you can get the plat in one playthrough you'll basically be subjecting yourself to a second playthrough of a game you don't know if you like yet. In all fair ness it is pretty awesome, just play it a bit before you agree to do the research.
  5. My game is too long and has too much content. Seriously though I get what you're trying to say TC, but the game is made for Mad Max fans. The Mad Max films are kinda boring if you dissect them, there is just a helluva lot of badassery. So you wander the dessert for ages and beat the shit out of people like a badass. That pretty much ticks all the boxes fans were looking for.
  6. LMAO I get that problem all the time. I had one earlier where it said click all tiles that include a bridge but it was just a picture on a big bridge looking out that covered all 16 panels. I really despise them. Maybe because I struggle with them I am in fact a robot.
  7. I'm pretty sure new game plus in Okami resets all instances, so the game would treat is as you haven't beat any when you start the new game plus. It doesn't carry over stuff like how many gates you would've had in your previous game because you simply gain nothing from just beating all three of the gates other than the treasure chests. Keep in mind this was originally a PS2 game which would make it highly unlikely it would track something like that when theres no purpose. EDIT: Also this may be subjective, but Okami seems like a weird game to hack considering she's got harder and more time consuming games on her profile that appear legit. As well as so many incomplete games it hardly seems like platting something is a major concern.
  8. Not interested in entering but nice of you to do a giveaway. In all fairness he likely wrote that so people can't make alts and join in or so only active community members enter.
  9. Regardless of if it glitched for you (some games pop trophies in a weird order) or if you used a modified save (which you'd know if you did), chances are this won't be reversed as this is a game a lot of people played and had no issues with it. You can just hide the game to be put back on the leaderboards or you can leave it there but you get removed from the leaderboards. I'm sure people would have looked through your profile already to check if you cheated on anything else by now anyways. Sorry I played this game years ago myself so I can't remember if there would be anyway to unlock those trophies in a different order.
  10. Simplest answer. Just go out meet some girls and ask if they are into gaming. If they aren't try and find some fun games you can play together. Most peoplle will have some types of games they will find fun. If you expect a lady to like exactly the games you like thats probably not going to happen. I got a broad taste in games so always been able to find stuff ladies I dated liked too. EDIT: Oh if this was referring to meeting girls while gaming online, probably don't be an asshole is your best bet.
  11. Not been on this site in forever but just saw this topic I just got the plat. For this dire subjugation you do not need her to do all side missions. From the start of the mission: Choose Levi preferably maxed out Run straight at Hange, you can try taunting a couple of times ultimately female titan should just follow. Fire a Flare when you get to hange and starting cutting female titans arms (legs hopefully should be destroyed by the spikes) After the flare is fired Jean should appear in a cutscene, at this point slice and dice the female titan If you did that under 5 minutes you will get the dire subjugation. Note if you are going for S rank you should only need to get her to three green exclamation marks, I'd suggest coming back to this later if you are having trouble. Laters and good luck.
  12. Hey you free to do LBP2 Cross Play trophies sometime? I was trying to do it on my own but this Chicken game requires too much movement to do that :(

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Man, so you have to hope something they can diagnose it. 


      I am so sorry to hear that. Well know you have friends here if you need to ever talk about it...or just vent.

    3. Superbuu3


      I know man thanks a lot. I would be talking about it more openly, but given the way things happened. I get really wound up when I talk about it. I think stress is just going to make things worse so I'm just going to dive back into gaming hardcore again I think.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Sometimes that is the best solution :) Finding an outlet for frustration


      Well if you ever want to play LBP2, I still need to do the Move trophies :D 

  13. its up right now for another 25 minutes
  14. Yeah i'm fine too thanks for asking.
  15. Cool hope you're doing good man. Haven't seen you in ages.