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  1. Is it bad that I found Madoka Magicka both horrifying and hilarious at the same time?
  2. As we're on a trophy site, a lot of people consider trophies not popping as unplayable. Any one of constant freezes, frame rates sub 20, multiple crashes, gamebreaking glitches and save corruptions are what I considered unplayable, have you encountered anything like that?
  3. I platted lego batman 2, marvel super heroes and lord of the rings, those 3 had zero issues, i recall none in lego movie either but that game was boring. I do recall people having issues with the lego harry potter games on PS3 and i think there's a few lego games with zero trophies like the first indiana jones and star wars complet4e but those had no issues to my knowledge in terms of gameplay. If worried about a game just backup your save.
  4. I am genuinely baffled by people using Souls as the 'hard ' game? Most players I encounter on dark souls, tell me shoot the dragons tail off and you get this sword pump all your stats into strength to use it. I am not kidding the number of players who did this or knew this, I don't think all these people just happened to do it, they obviously looked up guides, I see numerous people doing things like getting people to drop the harder rings to get or asking for MP carries. There's also the people who are like soul level 200+ because they just duped the crap out of souls. The souls games have hundreds of guides abuse and ways to glitch. I literally don't think anything if I see a souls game on a persons trophy list. 100% spelunky and the I will be impressed. But looking at this its obvious people would have just enjoyed souls more if there was a lower difficulty option rather than having to find exploits and glitches. The souls fanbase is so freaking "hardcore" people are just scared to voice their own opinions on difficulty. Every game plays best when the difficulty curve matches the learning curve and from what most people are saying about sifu, for the average gamer there's a point where it feels like you run face first into a wall.
  5. If anyone playing an RPG is skipping dialogue they are missing a huge chunk of the game, the whole point of RPGs is you are taking the role of the MC and supposed to be immersed, so yeah I too find it baffling when someone ignores the story in an RPG of all genres.
  6. I've only played the intro missions so far, aside from slight a random drop in frames for like 1 second, game seems to be fine. I'm running the PS4 version on PS5.
  7. If I deny even one disabled gamer from playing this game by protesting an easy mode being implemented I would be an asshole. Who gives a shit if most people whining aren't classified as "disabled gamers", if the devs are willing to put the option in and it has no negative effect on the game there's literally no case to argue. If people buy any product they should be given the choice of how they play it, who gives a shit if they don't think gaming is something that requires the time to get good at it.
  8. Written guides, I like to play the game at my own speed and get into it, obviously where written description is not enough i will use a video guide, but i find most content creators waffle on or have terrible sense of humours, or think shouting is a viable form of communication, silent videos which don't even explain what' going on are extremely jarring to, especially when more is going on in the video such as specific settings or specific situation or time in game. I rarely see badly written guides but i commonly see terrible video guides.
  9. I know this has been patched a lot and this is my favourite GTA, I own the PS2 version that was delisted I have no issues playing the game twice, so not really an either or, but is this playable or still horribly glitchy? I know there were some major patches, but its been impossible to google newer threads compared to older threads. Has anyone tried the version on PS now and have they encountered many annoying glitches or game breaking bugs.
  10. I wqas always curious about this game, how would you compare it to say payday 2, because I love that game.
  11. I had like 20 billboards, but i only ever used 1 billboard for all of 1 machine type. I just had the whole factory working on the same thing and then say for things like assembly had like 10+ stations and everything else between 2-5. I got the plat yesterday. I also never did the change machine setting thing. Also break rooms can turn into severe choke points so you have to think about where and how you set them up, otherwise some guys seem to be coffee addicts and refuse to leave.
  12. On a trophy website people spread, encourage and post vids to abuse every single glitch or exploit they can to unlock those trophies, its literally written in guides and people even do that nonsense with dialing back to patch 1.00 to get an easier version of the game. People request inaccessible or time consuming trophies to be made easier, but if its to access story content heaven forbid these devs are like the Michael Jordan of Evil. Let's face it a bunch of people are gonna wait for this patch to get the plat, but quick guys make rage posts so people don't think you were one of THOSE people. I agree with this dude, even if i love a game I would like to see some of the later stuff, tbh I always remember god hand in these debates that was difficulty perfection if you got good the game beat you down into easy mode. People who wanted the hard version preordered it and cared about it, this option will likely boost sales as more people will be willing to give it a try.
  13. I predict this going on plus in a few months, its a good game, it will be nice to have it accessible on PS5.
  14. How far are you in? Maybe its your layout post a screenshot of your factory maybe, the other thing is to check the obstruction view. There's a bunch of little things that could be effecting this before it being an actual glitch if a reload didn't work.
  15. OMG that was an amazing explanation you are the best