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  1. Got this glitch too I grabbed "chaos in deponia" from go store it's on sale and delisted in eu. I am curious if it's this game in particular as someone else mentioned it or if something like deliverables could be connected. I am just gonna delete my profile and back up saves. Will say if this fixes it. Edit: deleting profile does not delete vids or pics. They reappear when you sign in.
  2. @LoveInHell yay, I got the best mention. Competition rules state its only a competition if I am winning xD. You are awesome, always have an interesting opinion and hit the perfect balance between agreeing enough so I feel supported and disagreeing enough so that learn and grow as a person. I feel conversations that you feel you have learnt something new when they have ended are the best. I think your window of opportunity to catch up to my profile has closed as I need to tackle those vita/ps3 backlogs sooner rather than later. Definitely will check out "we happy few" you made this sound interesting. Also seconded @DaivRules is generally awesome and comes across as intelligent.
  3. I see people acting like this doesn't make sense for MS. Firstly MS lives like everything does. Halo maybe synonymous with Xbox but I am guessing a huge number of players like me have been loyal to PlayStation but have always been curious about halo. Essentially a huge amount of players would buy this. This is also meaningless for halo 6 and 7 or whatever if those are exclusives for 20 years you will have to play them on Xbox anyway. This could weirdly encourage people to get Xbox when the next halo comes out if it gets rave reviews. Also master chief is not comparable to Mario. He is more Nathan drake and I wouldn't care if he showed up on another console as long as I still got to play it. Keep your grubby mitts off ratchet MS. Also this a lot. Collections this old raise brand awareness they won't hurt MS or sony.
  4. First try in Armageddon I was shooting this guy for 30 mins then died and stopped playing for the night. Then booted up the game the next day I killed it in under five minutes doing the same thing. Btw I had the gun upgrade. I am aware range appears to effect damage. This is just a heads up in case someone wastes an hour thinking but I put this much time into it I can't quit now xD.
  5. I noticed the special edition is gone and just a normal version available on boot up Terry Bogart can be bought in store. And the other character says free. But there's a section greyed out. I can't find decent info on this. I heard the game was good and is a tiny game less than 4gb so thought it was a decent choice for keeping permanently installed. It also says they patched it for ps5 bc performance so I am guessing the lowercase still exists and this wasn't abandoned.
  6. Is this all the games? I heard the first two games were excellent
  7. I am curious does this reduce the pressure you can apply with your thumb. Or does this effect nothing?
  8. Ever thought of waxing it and fashioning it in to some sort of wig?
  9. Alright streaming inside on youtube in a couple of mins. Username same on youtube.

  10. I will be continuing my stream of inside today on youtube. The previous parts are on my channel. I was playing with a friend and talking about it. Let me know what you think.

  11. If I showed you my hands you would ask if you could paint my nails
  12. This game just suffers from a severe identity crisis the opening cutscene is done beautifully I just felt like pointing that out because it sticks in my mind for its slick presentation. The title is catchy enough that people just impulse buy it on sale thinking that sounds interesting. Its sold as a adventure/puzzle game suggesting you have to do something during the investigation parts. The huge flaw is if you make mistakes. I was happily playing through this game thinking i am sherlocking the shit out of this, but if you do happen to make a mistake I made like one there's no punishment and the game just pushes you back into the right place. That bugged me a lot. If anyone has played sherlock holmes you would be annoyed by this in that game mistakes allow you to continue and just kill off who you feel like. This game is extremely linear. The ideas of horror in the game are good, but are poorly executed with terrible stealth sections. I can't remember the game specifics that well but i am sure there are some cool moments in the asylum. I also remember I enjoyed this game and having done research for the most part got what i wanted. I don't recall collectibles being hard to find and our got the plat easily enough but i hear this gripe a lot. I definitely don't think you can call a game bad for having a collectible in a crap place, sure its annoying but it doesn't break the game. I really wish people were clear on this point, it annoys me hearing a game is bad missing out on it just because a trophy annoyed someone. If you are going to hate a game based on that always check missable trophies before starting aa game. I always used to do that when i used to try to plow through games quickly. Yeah exactly it was different enough for me to think it was worth playing and felt more like a game than the telltale stuff where you are really limited in tiny areas Thought the same dude
  13. Haha yeah this was fun, took me a while to work out what your PSN ID used to be XD. I think by the end only 10 of us got the plat
  14. But how will i know what you think of mine
  15. My point in the first part was any of the 15 other people could report someone even if they had been dealt with. That is a problem. Actually that is not completely accurate they aren't run by prudish mormons, rules by nature can be interpreted by the individual based on there knowledge, we have people from all age ranges etc and some won't even be familiar with certain terms or necessarily have the time to listen to a full conversation for context. There are multiple threads here which have shown people get banned for inoffensive names on PSN years after creation and at random, I can't give examples as a troll may very well use that opportunity to harass someone. There is little to no transparency on bans with Sony. This means you don't know why you got banned or the reasons for. See now you are saying its my issue. I clearly stated I do nothing to get banned under any context. I said if others do this I deem this unfair. Also just because a system won't punish me doesn't mean I can't say its unfair. I am not concerned about my account or safety here. I feel this system can be abused and that is everyone's problem.