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  1. This will start up again in a couplle of weeks was thinking of continuing the MGS series 3 > PW > 4 > GZ > 5, Atelier series if people are intersted or we can tackle some HD classics if people want, or even stuff that were in that bundle like the Darksiders games. If peoplel want to do bigger titles like Last of Us Ps3/Ps4 let me know. I'm not really sure where to start if we're doing this again.
  2. Welcome to the forum thats an impressive amount of platinums in a short amount of time.
  3. #181 - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 All Hail, Tekken Incarnate! You earned everything. Trophy tip for Tekken Lord, make sure you are fighting enemies the same rank as you the further away they are higher or lower the less progress you make. I had taken a break for years from this as my data corrupted, even though i was losing way more than before, the fact you fight enemies closer to you gets promotion matches faster. Keep a rank list handy if you are unfamiliar with the names they are available on the tekken wiki. Not really much to say I like the Tag games just because i like tag matches and moves in general. Tekken is geeting too floaty for me these days, as the only fighters I like are street fighter and DoA now. I will likely get Tekken 7 eventually though.
  4. I should be able to do that. Although i need to make sure my move is still working I think i have the Cross controller LBP thing o my vita I need to double check. However I just realised something we're playing very far apart and LBP has notoriously laggy online.
  5. #180 - LA Cops Platinum Badge Only the best of the best earn the right to wear a platinum cop badge. This was one of those games that was way harder then people will have you believe. Its like a shooting only version of hotline miami, but more frustrating because its less fun, although when i got good i started to enjoy it a bit. This is one of those games with a deceptively high platinum rate. This has a certain skill threshold, although the super patient might be well equipped for this. Essentially your normal run will be a painful, even if you max out your characters, running out of ammo with good guns is a big problems, make sure you equip the assault rifle. After that Hardcore will again be aggravatingbut by the end you'll have the hang of it, but then you play on nightmare and the game mechanics change, as everyone has perfect aim one shot kills you pretty much and charges you in a hoard. Luckily you get more ammo so spray and pray is a valid tactic and you'll end up making noise in hopes to lure enemies into gunfire. I was enjoying it at the end of my run. If you get the team 17 pack that has this and a few other games when its on sale you can get a crap load of plats and a few 100% games for around a tenner. I've platinumed 3 of the games and enjoyed them i think there's at least 1 other plat left.
  6. OK good because i can't be bothered to 100% most things lol. Well i got a move and vita and those DLC so we can work something out i'm not quite sure how those work online like do both of us have to use a move each or a vita each. MGS is really good, but the story only makes sense if you've played a few of the games and MGS 3 is pretty much assuming you know what Big Boss's future holds so I wouoldnt be surprised if the story would seem godawful, especially as Ocelots presence would be meaningless, whereas for MGS fans that would be enough to make fans scream. I mean I wouldnt advise skipping the story, but te gameplay alone is enough for it to deserve its praise, it still plays decently, but at the time the hunting was an insanely huge deal as was the camo index, which i don't think other games have at all. Mass Effect 2 is horrendously overrated, I think at the time it was launched on xbox 360 when it first came up it wouldve seemed like a big deal, but by the time it got on PS3 and especially now it feels dated. The world is cool though. I love hot shots golf I was thinking about it because the PS4 one is coming out now. Sure just tell me when you wanna do Streets of Rage 2 and i'll be up for it beat em ups are my favourite genre. I really should've bought Warriors I really want to play that again, but i got no one to spllit screen with like right now. Yeah I used to do trophy videos I don't have a world set up but i guess it never hurts to do taht for my channel i'll see if they are something i can setup.
  7. Its not really stealth in the traditional sense as you there's two of you so most the time one of the two of you will have a shot on the guy, theres only a couple of pure stealth missions. Most of the time you get spotted its due to incompetence on both people's part. In single player it would probably end up being a lot more stealth heavy, majority of the story missions I run through also as it was originally a psp game the areas are small and not many enemies. Are you trying to 100% all your games? Looking at your list am mmissing the trophies you are for LBP2. I'd be up for a We play of the PoP HD collection, Vanquish, Resonance of Fate, XCOM enemy unknown I need to do my iron man run i think. I've got hot shots golf vita so let me know if that has a versus trophy as we'd need to do that before servers close. I'll help you with Streets of Rage 2 if you want to 100% on that its my favourite game of all time.
  8. Peacewalker is fully coop I think apart from the tutorial. I love it as much as every other MGS. I've already beaten the main story so if you suck I can put on higher level stuff and help, lthough I'll likely just use the tranq gun. Its just such a great game although for MP chat we'd probably want to use something other than PS3 chat as it does that thing where it boots you out of the match after you fininsh a mission. All the bosses in the game are 4 player everything else is two player. If we can get a we play going with 4 people at least that would be perfect.
  9. Don't worry dude I got you covered, have you got your backlog anywhere, I'll let you know if there's anything I feel like doing soon. We can do the MGS games if you want, I own 7 or 8 atelier games, 5 or 6 tales games, and so much oher stuff thats go online multiplayer its ridiculous. My trophy list doesnt show my whole game collection. People seem to like Last of Us have you got remastered you could do that and then do the online together. Oh well at least I was remembering the right game series I didn't actually play that one but I remember thinking it looked really cool. Yeah if its comes out at $55 i'm not buying that.
  10. He did you ever play the rest of the MGS games? If you still haven't beaten Peacewalker I can help you with that. I guess there's no reason to not move on to the rest of the series ASAP, as regardless I need to finish all the games anyway. When is secret of mana out is it any time soon I assumed it was single player. I thought that was the one with the boy and his dog, but apparently its not that. Either way my backlog is stupidly large and i get hundreds of games to finish i'm sure a few are multiplayer so just let me know if you're having a hard time finding coop partners, my sleeping pattern is fucked if you couldn't tell. I'd normally never choose o be up at this time on a sunday morning.
  11. The Sun family is probably the best looking family in the whole game, I mean Sun Quan is probably the ugly and even he's good looking he's just looking a bit too much like Lu Bu these days and doesn't have the awesome rabbit ears to go with his giant red bunny rabbit. I do wonder why they invest the time to make a character look better when they weren't padding out the character. I mean in general in western games you can spot the unimportant ones or who will die first as they'll have the half assed character model. But more male or female eye candy on the battlefield is only a good thing according to Zhang He and I agree. I think you're right, I wasn't sure though as that was always one of the deaths in a few of the games you seemed to be able to stop. Gan Ning's and Pan Tong's deaths are the ones that confuse me the most. As they need to add more characters like Liao hua should show up s he was involved in the later stages and they will likely try to give Jin story more and more. I almost feel like the whole character is like a running gag now. I mean his alt outfit is pink and has a panda on it for no sensible reason, although its by far his most superior outfit and the best thing about him. It also bugs me as I love Dian Wei and they make a point of them being equal in strength. Gan Ning and Ling Tong is one of the most unique and intersting relationships in the game. I absolutely love how they've got this huge vendetta that then turns into a bromance due to the whole brothers in arms thing. It has to be one of my fave character arcs. Outside of anything to do with Zhang Liao because I also love him and the battle where he fights Ling Tong is my favourite Wei battle due to the fact its pretty much the most badass single handed victories from any of the generals in the game and actually happened.
  12. Just ask me Mayus our bromance needs a revitilisation and i'd love to hear your sexy voice. I think it was the massages he was giving them that he was talking about in the opening post. Maybe it was some kind of weird video messaging.
  13. Nope, however millions of people do. When we're talking millions of people that will have an effect on the game industry as a whole, even if only 5-10% of those people followed through on a purchase.
  14. I'm surprised no one brought up the issue that they may give better reviews to companies willing to list their games on humble bundle. I mean we know they were involved in being paid for reviews.
  15. How old is your controller if its still under warranty try and use that if its beyond that you can open it and try to clean it. Obviously do it with caution if youre crap with these things wait till its broken completely. There's also the pinhole reset on the underside of the controller that might work. I suspect the pressure sensor in the controller button has gone does it work in game if you press it really hard? I also found this link, which has a fix: