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  1. I was thinking the same as offline seems useless for trophy hunting anyway. Thanks.
  2. My question is simply can trophies be earned with offline bots?
  3. Undertale - I won’t spoil as there’s hidden trophies. OMG HD Zombies! - It’s cheap. It’s fun. You can get most trophies in one playthrough but one trophies has you 100% every level 20 times! This is one if those trophies that makes you feel like the developer is trolling trophy hunters.
  4. @Saumiyan Looks like you have earned every platinum trophy for games you've started. Any games you have that you haven't started yet?
  5. @Dragon-Archon Finish Dynasty Warriors Next
  6. How do you update your trophies on this site? I'm a new member and apologize if it was obvious and if I shouldn't have posted it. I just can't find any way to update.