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  1. MASTER ASSASSIN trophy won today on my 2,894th kill! 🙄
  2. LAST SURVIVOR trophy won today on my 21st win!
  3. I've had some joy with these trophies lately, as follows: SHOOT THE KNEE (10 crossbow kills) - popped on the 11th kill TRIGONOMETRY NOVICE (10 sniper headshots) - popped on the 20th headshot kill FAST AND FURIOUS (10 roadkills) - popped on the 25th roadkill However I still have not got MASTER ASSASSIN (1000 kills) - on 2,754 kills as of today LAST SURVIVOR (10 wins) - on 20 wins, 14 of them have been on Solo I also managed 1165 kills and 10 (solo) wins just in Season 8 - but still these gold trophies elude me!
  4. You just need to practice, these trophies take grind and commitment, but the game is so good online that it will come in time. I've done around 225 races now with 13 wins (14 fastest laps, although that counts for no trophy!) and 7 poles I think.... Only Level 37 so by 50 I should be well on my way....
  5. Just do it properly. Dragon Trail is the best circuit in the game IMO. 👌
  6. 1 down, 2 to go! 🤔
  7. I did mine on Imperial Garden, Hole 11:
  8. The update was supposed to show extraction points at the end of the mission on Authentic level, but they're still not present!
  9. I like it. No regrets about getting it
  10. I got this today and doesn't seem to have trophies. I was peeved! It's not a bad game, it just takes patience and perseverance.
  11. When playing online this has happened several times with me. Today took the biscuit though - I was in the Colonel's League and had already won matches and finished 2nd in the other - I had enough point to get promoted after playing my 6 games. I had also eliminated about 38 players, so not far off the 50 trophy. I won a game just now (online) and as the jets flew over the map and the fireworks went off, the damn game crashed! When I rebooted is said my save file was corrupted, and the only option was to overwrite it. Now I'm back to square one (bar my trophies) Don't think I can be bothered to do it all again - an online game can take 2-3 hours.....
  12. Why are you bunch of helmets entertaining this crap thread?
  13. Orange juice........
  14. Mine is my number plate! Well reversed as you cannot have an ID starting with a number.........