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  1. to support war
  2. wibble wub wub wibble wubsss
  3. with hash butter
  4. the goblins appeared
  5. santa was angry
  6. and humping elves
  7. naked and ready
  8. It took me awhile to adapt too, After jamming Over Watch on my buddies laptop I got an asus rog a couple months later Steam has a huge library and it supports controllers for various games, plus I don't have to worry about trophies with specific games, looking at you call of duty. Just find which games works best for the thy land of Pc I was only jamming fps with a controller forever but after switching to pc, I prefer M/K. Welcome to thy land of pc, when you need a break from ps4 it's a nice change of pace
  9. to prepare for
  10. My sister punched snow in the face
  11. Hunt with pride and enjoy the challenging and easy games to balance out the battle Plus we have endless games to play tooooo welcome to thy site
  12. One must do one thing and then do another thing before doing the thing



    1. JadedDragos
    2. Temmie


      I used to do this when I lived in a house full of women and they would consider this a crusade and get very annoyed when people wouldn't put the seat down.


      Saran wrap also provides entertainment for the more adventurous prankster :P 

  13. who lyrically mumble
  14. 11/12 red eyes status
  15. Almost ready for alchemy, been in the GT sport zone, will be preparing after a few more gold medals and more battles completed on my 2nd So4 run