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  1. been eyeing these games for awhile and picked it up on amazon, once I get star ocean to a certain percentage and the division 2 set up for a plat. I'll journey into the land of alchemy
  2. Assault Andriod Cactus level 5-3 S+



  3. Has a good taste in games and anime
  4. has a heart that's right next to her huge boobs
  5. in three languages
  6. Hey big guy; how is going?

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      pretty good penguin master shiro


      lots of gaming and keeping it real

  7. How many toilets have you clogged, when you super focus your poopoo chi Stoked you have chosen comrade for thy interview
  8. to control humans
  9. spawn camping in a dark zone = can't get into dark zone



    1. ruffedgz


      they should really make the entrance parts of the dark zone harder for campers to just sit around.. its really annoying.. like you should be able to drop in from a helicopter or something if you want :P

  10. nordic game grinding tunes



  11. Hasty hair 1.47 % Star Ocean 4 Remastered 50 more to go, then back to BT's
  12. with a bib
  13. I'd feel the same if It happened to me, I do remember it messed up your quest run , you were a trooper and made it through comrade I was using the strategy guide for quest and used that guide for which weapons to make for faize before he left the party.
  14. Right on that's a milestone @Venocide can focus on the worlds biggest welch on another run and knock out a bunch of BT's and the quest during this one remember to print off the the guide for missables from .org and highlight them.
  15. and ninja masters