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  1. 9/10 has many plats 240, with a variety of games. The balance between long and short plats.
  2. Completed Final Fantasy 1 through 5 on Steam, Working on Number VI, didn't beat theses back in the day, except Final Fantasy 1 

    Hope thy Ps land gets these remasters ⚔️ so you guys can enjoy them too :) 🏆

    1. AK-1138


      There is no enjoying games as patently dry, outdated, and boring as FFs one through three regardless of platform.

    2. Galactic Hyper Balls
  3. Nice work you slayed her well comrade ⚔️
  4. Thou has slayed them well, Thy Wipe Out Hd plat is one I could never complete, plus the fighting games and to top it off a 94.61% complete ratio 10/10 determined thou is.⚔️ So close on the mirrors edge plat too
  5. May thy Friday be grand hunter's 🏆

    Time for adventure in ESO and unwind from thy day.⚔️



  6. Star Ocean The Last Hope There are many more but this one really had me multiple times. May thy friday be grand hunters
  7. Right on thy thread is still alive.🏆 Slay them well travelers, in thy ocean of stars ⭐
  8. Next up, the same game 6 times in a row.
  9. EYES ARE WIDE OPEN, Remember to never blink in. 👁️
  10. Jamming some Skater XL vanilla mechanics and made a beat for thy session



    Skater XL (CliPs) - YouTube

  11. I will look thy left which is my right. 8/10
  12. Thou has crushed a many. AJ has them thumb's with proper meat jumping precision and beyond many titles Nice collection
  13. enjoys being batman while eating turkey sammiches.
  14. near a field
  15. Hey big bro; hope you`ll doing fine and have a great weekend!

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      All is well, been on thy pc lately.

      May thy day be grand.