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  1. Many die hard fans and many trophy speed runners. any game and every game will have a ridiculous speed done.
  2. Snorting bath salts
  3. caused by shiva
  4. Good things to point out @madbuk, seeing trophies in the world view has a whole and how every company uses them differently, what might be the future of trophies. Trophies have there own little world in the land of video games, when checking statistics my count has gone up for 9 years straight. Trophies have added challenges, kept a water mark of when they get completed and help set specific milestones. Trophies have helped the community with getting know others gamers with the same interest of games or hobbies. Overall they have Pro's And Con's. Were in a society where everything is capitalized. He's just trying to figure out which direction trophies are going and he made some good points.
  5. What is the mystic power that awaits.
  6. Samurai warriors 4 is a hella of a grind, but it's nice revisiting this slasher and hacking style
  7. long dorsal fins
  8. a planet uranus
  9. Only thy Turkeys is thy god to humans

  10. constructed by resonance
  11. over your pants
  12. Etnies skateboard video trailer, check it :D


  13. take my belt
  14. filled napalm bubbles
  15. what does this even mean, he's been saying this for many of years now.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NightRusticDawn


      Sale pitch aimed towards the investors, ceo is my guess because they must know people don't believe them anymore.

    3. PooPooBlast


      We'll find out at E3. I presume he said that many years ago and they've been working on it since(development takes years) but I suppose to remind people about this, he keeps repeating himself lol. 

    4. Galactic Nordic Nuts

      Galactic Nordic Nuts

      In a few years another more powerful system of every system is coming out. He's so focused on hardware and bringing back Xbox 360 games.

      Anyhow this is the land video games now, it has made billions in this world we call economics.


      With ps3, Pc, WIi u, Ps Vita  and Ps4 there are to many games to complete in my human existence lol.


      Happy Gaming Day Slayers 😎