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  1. Time to install a fresh copy of win 7 and play eso in the meantime =D

    Have a kick ass Saturday gamer slayers


    See the source image

  2. 461/500 quest complete, goal almost complete. then 500 more after that in the land of ESO
  3. Eso treasure maps, i got 20 to clean out of my invo, youtube is da best =D

  4. with dark elves
  5. can see through the future with pixle patterns of meowism
  6. captain underpants is some funny status 😆

    See the source image

    1. PooPooBlast


      Duude. This guy was my childhood. I read so many of his books xD


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Galactic Poke Balls

      Galactic Poke Balls

      pokéballs...  yup i have been spelling it wrong this whole time I know...

    3. MMDE


      It's actually Poké Ball :) So we both spell it incorrectly.

    4. Galactic Poke Balls

      Galactic Poke Balls

      ahhh schucks, we have 😄

  8. So much brilliance, it can't be matched

    See the source image

    1. PooPooBlast
    2. Galactic Poke Balls

      Galactic Poke Balls

      That one had me rolling last night lol

    3. PooPooBlast


      Lol the stuff that this man says makes for perfect nemes


  9. feels gooood yoooo
  10. brothers butt hole
  11. so big bro; i´ve finally get yesterday my new Laptop from hp with Intel 1 tb for Streaming ;)

    1. Galactic Poke Balls

      Galactic Poke Balls

      kick ass new shiro :)  what be thy streaming site you're using.

      supa stoked, I haven't stopped using my laptop for a month plus

      Mmo got me hooked. 

    2. Shirokane84


       I am using twitch.

      See thats the reason why I am not playing MMOs cause there are enough good games on PS 4 ;)

      Just work for now on my latest new game cause on 26 january I playing MHW.

      Anyway how is going life; have you everyday fun with your two Little Dogs?!

  12. Huge greasy dildos
  13. ESO awaits almost to CP level 300 at 323 hours
  14. google eats you
  15. We are the world, we need money to be considered people 

    1. PooPooBlast


      Inspirational quote of the day!

    2. Masamune


      It is the root of all happiness. :awesome: 

    3. Temmie


      To the entire world, you're just one person.  One voice.  But to one special person, you're their entire world.