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    Metal Gear Solid is my favorite game series of all time! I love story-driven experiences that tell a poignant story that can make you feel and think. Here is my list of my favorite story experiences:

    1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

    2. Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns Of The Patriots

    3. Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead

    4. Life Is Strange

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  1. For Battlefield games, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V depended an awful lot on stealth. The stealth mechanics themselves aren’t fleshed out enough to put that much stock in them. The campaign wasn’t terrible but there are so many cooler events they could have covered. It was disappointing they didn’t have a war story about flying too. Nothing is really memorable to me about these war stories. The French one was okay.
  2. If you go into 3rd person or “chase camera” there will be a retical showing where your bombs will land making this much easier.
  3. Are you guys excited? How do you feel about the setting? Are you upset there isn’t a campaign and did you pre-order? Personally I’m hoping for something in the vein of Battlefield 3/Battlefield 4 but with the movement and fortifications features of Battlefield V. I would like more customization options and hopefully not as much dependence on micro transactions.(Though this is EA so I’m not holding my breath) I know Battlefield V suffered a lot at launch and I didn’t like it much when I first picked it up but I’ve been playing this and Battlefield 1 and I think Battlefield V gets a bad wrap. (Though it was well earned at launch) I pre-ordered because I am very excited for a return to the modern setting and I’m interested to see what DICE brings to the table.(I also have a PS5 so I wanted the last-gen and next gen copies because my wife doesn’t have a PS5 yet) I am slightly concerned about the shift from classes to an operator centric approach with special gadgets. It can either be really great or reviled by the community. I’ve played every Battlefield game since Bad Company 2 and my wife and I play Battlefield V a lot together.
  4. After a million and one tries I am now a stand up guy.
  5. Does this work with Battlefield 1’s campaign?
  6. I’ve been going through the Battlefield games because I’m excited for 2042 so I’m trying to get all the multiplayer trophies so I can do the campaign whenever. I know Battlefield 4 is having a resurgence right now but is it possible to obtain “Won Them All” and “Call Me Sir?”Everything looks easy except won them all.
  7. If anyone figures out the solution to this problem please quote me.
  8. Good looking out man! The world is great, thank you!
  9. Thank you! Yeah I’ve been stopping to set it up again I’m trying to not check too often so it seems to go faster lol
  10. I’m 25% of the way there with the Hyman condo method and my god my fingers are already sore. This might be the most tedious achievement I’ve ever gone for. Dedication is required for sure
  11. Just an update for those curious. I used health, armor, weapons, and the spawn tank cheats and received the 100% trophy no problem. Cheats stopping 100% completion is a myth like it was in GTA III
  12. That’s exactly what I want lol it would be great
  13. Yes I agree the driving could be difficult at times for sure as well as the shooting but once you got used to driving you could do some wacky stunts
  14. There was that leaked Amazon listing for GTA IV Complete Edition but everyone is saying it’s most likely fake. There is also the former-Rockstar developer who put screenshots of a remastered/updated Liberty City on his Linked-In profile as an example of his work and then quickly removed them when game journalists and others started pointing it out. Unfortunately people think they just ported Liberty City to GTA Online but I hope they’re wrong. Those games are still great and a blast to play again if you don’t mind the graphics. I just platinumed GTA III and I’m doing Vice City right now. I think the trilogy for PS4 is on sale still. I picked it up cheap!
  15. GTA 6 is a given but years away at this point. They gave all the other GTA games as well as L.A Noire releases in some form on PS4 and Rockstar is massive. If they released the game with it’s DLCs and cut the multiplayer and prettied it up a little it would sell like hotcakes. GTA IV was fun and one of my favorite games but it ran like hot garbage on the PS3 and 360 and the PC port was abysmal. The game running at 60 fps upscaled and possibly prettied up would be great. The Series X runs the game at 60 fps through backwards compatibility and it makes me jealous I love that mission! I overall just loved the characters more and thought the story was great. I thought the trio was brilliant for the DLCs and it was cool how they incorporated all that together. I know the story and driving mechanics are polarizing to some but from someone who played these games throughout my childhood and watched the series evolve I felt like the direction GTA IV took was natural. The first time I saw that game my jaw dropped because I was still playing San Andreas. Truly the generational leap from PS2 to PS3 will never be felt again. Also the physics I love them so much!