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    Metal Gear Solid is my favorite game series of all time! I love story-driven experiences that tell a poignant story that can make you feel and think. Here is my list of my favorite story experiences:

    1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

    2. Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns Of The Patriots

    3. Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead

    4. Life Is Strange

    5. The Last Of Us

    6. God Of War(2018)

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  1. I just platinumed this game and it looked like a very artsy experience. I love foxes and it looked like a relaxing bite sized morsel in comparison to the triple AAA games I’ve been playing to completion lately. I wanted to say that this game has some good ideas and some pretty visuals, however the gameplay and controls absolutely drag this game down. I’m playing as a fox and expected to be nimble, yet more often than not the floaty physics and annoying movement would frustrate me. The puzzles are absolutely braindead and I’d say calling them puzzles is being generous. As far as story telling goes, this is one of those games that doesn’t speak a word and you’re expected to figure it out as you go. I feel like that generally only works well with easy to understand concepts. I think the intention was to leave it up to interpretation but most of the time I would ask “Why am I doing this? What is the red stuff in the sky? Where did everyone go?” Sometimes the puzzles didn't make much sense either. I get that it’s hard to write a story around animals that don’t speak but they could have presented some scenes that show the fox’s motivation to do what it was doing. All I learned throughout the whole game is that the world is corrupted by a plague and the only humans you run across are dead. The ending wasn’t exactly great either. I’m not trying to be too harsh on this game because it has solid ideas and an awesome score. You can tell the two people who worked on this game did their best and they probably had an extremely small budget to work with. Overall I’d give it a 5/10. If the puzzles and gameplay were better it would have been an 8/10.
  2. I LOVED Mass Effect and I really hope the legendary edition pays off. I’m just worried about going for the platinums lol
  3. Yeah I have been running the Western Digital 5 TB drive and had little to no issues. I did however start moving PS4 games I would actively be playing to the SSD. Spinning it off the disc works fine but I’d rather wait for it to port over and benefit from the speed of the SSD.
  4. Yeah when I grabbed it on plus and booted it up, I was horrified to be unable to find a match. I have never played Stockpile and I regularly had to switch servers to find just solo Mayhem games. The day I finished getting the platinum myself and others in the boosting group noticed you could no longer access U.S Central, Australia, or Japan servers. I’m assuming the developers temporarily closed all the other servers to stop the player base from being separated so you could at least find games again. It’s a fun game but it’s going to need a lot of help snd a lot of good will to pull it out of the rut it’s in. I suspect when more people can get a PS5, more people will be able to play this game.
  5. Hey everyone! I actually really liked this game and I think it has a lot of potential. However, I just wanted to warn everyone on here that the player base for this game is already almost non-existent and it makes getting a normally 7/10 platinum a 9/10 in my opinion. Finding matches is hard and you are lucky if you find anything other than solo game modes. Also the achievements Instant Service, No Escape, and Flamethrower are very difficult. Instant Service is buggy and almost impossible to boost(I was lucky I got it or I would have given up.) and No Escape+Flamethrower are almost impossible without playing the aforementioned team games that are impossible to find or having someone help you boost it. If you miss car combat games like Twisted Metal you’ll enjoy this(though I like Twisted Metal and weapon pickups more) give this game a try. There isn’t really much depth to this game though and it suffers from a decent amount of balancing issues and problems with it’s netcode.
  6. Hello! Would you be willing to help me get pure white character tendency in Demon’s Souls? It would really help me out

  7. With the PS5 comes the new accolades feature and it’s nice when you get them. I don’t know if accolade information is accessible like trophy information but it would be cool to see everyone’s accolades or display them on here somehow
  8. Any tips for Home Run and No Escape?
  9. Title. I tested this with No Man’s Sky and it’s PS4 version. The camera would kick on and work without issue on the PS5 version but while trying to do the same with the PS4 version the camera won’t kick on. I thought it might be an issue with playing No Man’s Sky off of an external hard drive so I moved it to my SSD and still had the same issue. It’s not a huge deal but I really hope it’s not like that for every PS4 game. Has anyone else had this issue?
  10. Just to update this thread. I don’t know why but the HD camera for PS5 does NOT work while playing PS4 games which is nonsensical to me.
  11. I’ve played both versions for comparisons sake and aside from 4k and better load times and less pop in I don’t see a large difference in the game.
  12. Wow you scratched a distant memory in my brain. I LOVED Blood Money. The opera along with the dark gritty visuals was so haunting. The ferris wheel always stuck with me in that game haha.
  13. When Meryl knocks out Johnny and steals his clothes in MGS1
  14. One time I smashed a Gamecube controller trying to beat a Super Smash Bros Melee secret character fight when I was a kid lol