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  1. I was 37th. So I only got the Honor Rank 2 & 3 trophies. I still have to try for the Honor Rank 4 trophy.
  2. I at least got the Honor Rank 2 & 3 trophies with my 9875.
  3. So I believe all that was shutdown was the Penguin store.
  4. Good info. Definitely gonna give these a go and hope for good results.
  5. Besides ebay, where else can you buy retail Korean games.
  6. October 18th 25th https://www.amazon.com/Sherlock-Holmes-Devils-Daughter-PlayStation-4/dp/B01M1209WN?th=1
  7. Glad to see this on PS4. I played the Xbox One version when it came out and really enjoyed it. Barring the 10 hour trophy this would be an easy 2-4 hour completion.
  8. Sly 4 and The Walking Dead on PS Vita.
  9. Same for me.
  10. Used this to grab Rocket League and The Swapper since I didn't have PS + when these were free.