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  1. No Mein Leben? that's really disappointing, at least that would save us from the whining crybabies around here 🤔
  2. A Plague Tale: Innocence got a decent discount already.. and it's cheaper than when it was in Steam Summer sale! I bet it won't be cheaper than this before the winter, so now is a good time to pick it up. Might as well get Kiwami 2
  3. I've been playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 on PC and it's great, I highly recommend it. You might want to start with the first game tho, I heard good things about that one, but haven't played it even though I already have it
  4. Alright, seems like it. I don't think it went down to $4 on PS4/Vita before, I'll grab it and leave it for later. Already have 3 bucks left in my wallet and enough points to get it
  5. Yeah, it's awesome. Got it yesterday and done with it today, not long but surely worth it. Now I'm thinking about buying Crypt of the Necrodancer before the deal is off
  6. My top 5 in gaming, Umineko's album as a whole is the best in the industry.. there's so much emotions put into those tracks, can't get bored of them
  7. Thanks! There was a mistake I made while going through it in my first attempts, which was following one guide.. look at different guides and think of the best way to approach the mission I also couldn't use the glitches they used to skip some areas, but those areas were one of the easiest in the game, section 7 for example isn't tough the moment you know that you can actually kill a big solider with just 20% charge of LaserKraftWerk (which is one of the most important things to upgrade early in the game) which is why it's also important to choose Fergus root at the beginning to get this weapon I messed up in some areas on my final playthrough that I could've have gone through them undetected.. which caused me some troubles, but my reaction to whatever appears on screen became faster at that point, just clean up your mess as fast and as early as you can.. hid behind something with no other opening if possible ASAP and if there isn't any, just check on all the directions and shoot whatever moves on your screen while shifting between the covers Final notes, but it's worth to keep in mind that you won't die so easily unless you're low on health, try to always keep yourself fully recovered.. try to find upgrade kits to keep your weapons upgraded and always keep in your mind that your enemies aren't really smart
  8. Damn, seriously! The platinum rarity is now 80% on PSN, seems like it belong to 4 people out of 5. So there's at least one guy who legally playing it as of now
  9. Nah, that's a ridiculous excuse as it's not true at all. I jumped right into Mein Leben instead of practicing in "I am death incarnate" so it really took me many tries, I also used to left the game running in midnight while sleeping or whenever I'm out.. yet never crashed or froze on me or anything, and yeah I've the original PS4 which I got on launch late 2013 I did it once, reached the end of the game many times and I'm confident enough that I can beat it again cuz there's no such a thing Anyway, for me it was https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/1613-one-piece-pirate-warriors/35-were-running-away-we-stole-some-gold The game was so grindy, I got bored and gave up on it. That could've been my first platinum instead of TWD smh
  10. Neither of them is perfect by any means, S;G has its own flaws as well. Like the one OP already mentioned it took some time before it actually start, C;C also take some time, but it hooked me up faster than S;G did
  11. Well said my friend, now you should try Chaos;Child.. it's equally as good
  12. Umineko which I consider the peak of the genre, like Mario to the platformer
  13. That would be the second fight with Owl.. it was fun and perfect if you managed to master the parry system at that point, with of course some dodges in the right time
  14. Apparently, OP is one of the few who need to git gud 🤔
  15. My biggest and dumbest mistake I've ever done was buying a gaming laptop for $3000.. holy freaking shit! The laptop is great and all, but since the day I bought it there was barely any new games that support SLI.. well, at least on launch, but what is really irritating me the most is there's no upgrade kits as msi promised and it was supposed to be upgradeable! Playing Witcher 3 on 1080p/60 fps while everything on max wasn't really worth it.. holy freaking shit! 🤒