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  1. People always try to spell my last name with "cks" instead of an "x". So I am always saying "with an x." Sadly, I didn't think to capitalize it as WithAnX. :/ Let us change our names, Shu.
  2. Broken Age and Super Meat Boy. Both make me want to hurt myself for various reasons.
  3. PS I Love You XOXO Kinda Funny Gamescast (You Tube) Game Over Greggy (You Tube) Colin and Greg Live(Twitch) Pretty much all of the IGN games podcasts Cain and Rinse The Giant Bombcast
  4. Not a tough platinum, just takes about 10 minutes a day for like three months unless you have mad Rayman skills. And that's after beating the game 100%.
  5. I finally got this platinum this morning after just over 8 months. Granted, I stopped doing the challenges for a few months, but this still took so long. I would have given up, but it became an obsession after a while. I just couldn't leave it at such a high percentage without finishing. And I promptly deleted it off my hard drive. That time will now go into Super Meat Boy everyday, though I have no illusions of getting that platinum.
  6. I just got the platinum last night, but I only wound up with about 13 billion.
  7. Did you do this with just the normal meat boy, or did you use any unlocked characters. I've read it's easier if you use different characters on different levels.
  8. I’ve beaten the Forest area, both Light and Dark world, with all A+ ratings. I thought that I was doing pretty well and then I started looking into the trophies. Beat the Forest without dying. I died more than 800 times. Lol. Granted, I was also trying to get the bandages, but still. But once you start getting the feel for the controls, you can do some pretty amazing things in this game and I will return to it as soon as the feeling returns to my hands.