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  1. Hello my trophy was also unlocked!
  2. Hello, Thanks for sharing your tip. I've done the setup and I'm able to earn approximately 200k Zeni per hour. I'm currently at 5 230 000 Zeni, the farm is not finished ...
  3. I don't know when the update will be available.
  4. Hello, The trophy bug has been acknowledged by Epic games ( and for the full issues board). We will have to wait for one or more release to have this fixed.
  5. The Fortnite update is available for the PS4. I'm currently downloading the 20Go of data and I will tell you if my trophy will be unlocked. EDIT: I've done the update and my trophy was not unlocked. We will have to wait for a next update.
  6. The progression on the Epic account is correct (when you check with some Fortnite trackers online or with the in-game challenges). This is the trophy trigger that is broken.
  7. Hello I've got the same issue two days ago for a trophy: I think we have to wait for a patch ...
  8. Thanks for your answer. In Fortnite, when you complete a challenge, you have a reward at the end of the mission. And when your reward appears, then the trophy unlocks. So I've had the reward but not the trophy. I've also done 1-2 more missions but nothing. In addition, I've already contacted the dev team through the contact form directly in-game.
  9. Hello, I've just done my 1000 missions with others ( ), at the end of the mission the corresponding challenge was unlocked (I've obtained the in-game banner), however the corresponding gold trophy ( was not unlocked What can I do ?
  10. Ok So I was able to have the trophy related to challenges. After doing some crafts, the number of discovered recipes falls from 4 to 2, but it was enough to keep the level 2. I'm not able to say how and when the number of found recipes decreased.
  11. Hello, I've discovered a bug related to challenges in this game (PS4 version). Each time I use the grinder to craft weapons and do some challenges related to this, the "master chief" challenge is reset by the game. I've to craft 2 different weapons in the same session to reach the level 2 for this challenge a new time. Is it something known ? I've done some research but I didn't find anything about that. Thanks.
  12. Ok thanks for the answer. I play the Metro games stealthily to avoid gun fights as often as possible. I will pay attention to that when entering a gun fight. EDIT: I confirm that this is what you have to do to unlock the trophy.
  13. Hello, I've got a question regarding the Martian trophy. I've repaired my gasmask into the Aurora at Tokarev place, but the trophy does not pop. What is the repair method to use to unlock this trophy? Thanks.
  14. I've got a network error there is a few minutes after completing my last event in Superstar mode ... So I've unlocked the ENTER YOUR INITIALS trophy but I didn't unlock the crashtags and ubertags after the game ... I have to redo this last event to unlock them ...
  15. Hello, I personally did it with horse races, with the ones that requires to go through checkpoints around a city in the order you want.