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  1. So.. In co-op only the host gets the chests, and all those statue worship pickups. No archon or story quests can be done together.. That leaves daily quests. The rewards from random events can only be claimed by host aswell? I'm only at main rank 21 so far, and I haven't played any of those dungeons yet. Is that where there's fun to be had in co-op?
  2. Velo time trials aren't way too hard actually, they just require you to either make a few less mistakes than on Oxide time trials, or better usage of the reserves mechanics. Dev times however forces you to really perfect your reserves and take shortcuts without hickups. Myself I only managed to beat two Dev times before calling it quits. But then again, there are people who have really PERFECTED their gameplay who beat even Dev time trials like it's a tutorial..
  3. Also: Don't be a big retard like me and pick Interrogator-Chaplan, and grind away for +2hours. Only to realize that ofcourse it is the only class that doesn't have a trophy...
  4. So... I took a gamble and bought the game. I bought it purely for playing coop with a friend, and for that I can recommend it when it's on sale. We've played a few hours now, repetetive gameplay, not a great enemy variety, poor performance with stuttering fps and sometimes freezes.. But still braindead non stop action coop fun. So far we haven't had any problems with disconnects whicg I've heard people mention, neither have the game crashed yet. TLDR: I can recommend it as a buy purely for coop when it's on sale.
  5. I don't really enjoy the game, so I was aiming for snatching a quick plat.. No way I was going for 100%, and now with this grind not even plat, haha
  6. Yeah, but this only works if you have put money into the game, right? As a free player there seems to be no other way than the grind..
  7. Still no answer on how to unlock items the fastest way? After having done all the "new player" assignments and the three weekly ones the only place to go for loot drops seems to be via lvl unlocks in the battle pass.. Being a free player this will take ages?
  8. Yeah... Any way to get these as a free player? Or will I have to grind my ass off for 150 items legit now...?
  9. Well, yeah the map has one of the techically easiest layouts, but the time trial ghosts are quite fast on this map with not a lot of nitro reserve mistakes. On other harder tracks the time trial ghosts are actually easier with far less optimal runs with more nitro reserve mistakes. I myself play with classic controls, but I use the joystick. I know a lot of people prefer using dpad for the more advances moves like u-turns, which was the only move I did using dpad.
  10. Yeah, just get more familiar with the nitro reserves mechanics and it will be A LOT easier. Are you using the rock trick at the start of the lap in Coco park? I found it to make things a bit easier for me: Also, you are definately using the right class with Speed in Coco Park, but for most tracks in the game I would suggest using Drift class. I tried all maps with Speed first, thinking I was good enough, but I only managed on the open tracks with mild turns like Coco park, Android Alley, Roos Tubes etc.
  11. It's on deep sale yet again in the same bundle, did you get it last time? How bad are the connection problems, if I get the game it would be only to play coop with friends. Do you still get booted out randomly during sessions? Also, are the performance issues fixed?
  12. Finally I joined the 200 Trackmaster medals crew! Now I will join in getting my butt kicked in Super Solo! 😀
  13. Knowing that most people on this forum who have played this game probably dropped it as soon as they earned the platinum trophy, I can't help but wonder how many people on here have been crazy enough and went for the 200 Trackmaster medals? So far I only know of @lemaestre who've completed it, and is now battling it out in super solo mode. Myself I've returned to the game two years after earning the platinum trophy, to try getting those 200 Trackmasters. There is something special about this game that have lured me back in! ...though, I still have a very long way to go.
  14. Finally! After two years and a ~6 hour grind today: Trackmaster #180. Until we meet again in super solo!
  15. Memory shards are collectibles with fixed locations in the map. I've gotten the first three so far, and all they gave you was lore for the game.