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  1. Now it's way over 11%. What the hell.
  2. This fall the Mars DLC will come to PS4 which have already been out all summer on PC. Do you think it will bring a new trophy?
  3. This. I am wondering the exact same thing. How the hell have people managed to reach 42k poiints?
  4. This reddit thread explains what have been uncovered about the wumpa coin system so far!
  5. I can not understand how the rarity is above 1%, these time trials are brutal. Or is everyone who got the game this early ctr pros? Or am I just garbage at the game?
  6. I'm playing on normal right now, planning to for the 100% playthrough. However, if beating N. tropy and Oxide will be harder on Normal than Easy I was thinking about starting over on easy.. ..I remember never beating Oxide as a kid.
  7. Do the selected difficulty setting make relic time trials, N. Tropy and Oxide time trials harder?
  8. Ah, didn't think of that. Fixed now. That was me asking yes, and I "sort of" got an answer. Though I still see people here asking for help to platinum, so I've made this thread to make the situation as clear as possible for everyone. On all the trophies at 0.00%, you can fulfill the requirements all you want, they will not pop. And then there are a few trophies with a handful of achievers that nobody knows how they got them to pop. And noone have all these trophies, there are a different few for all of them.
  9. [THIS PLATINUM IS UNOBTAINABLE] I see people asking for help to platinum this game, asking for tips on unobtainable trophies etc. Figured I'd make this post to lessen the amount of people that get false hopes of trophies. I'll make sure to edit this post if the developers ever fix the unobtainable trophies... Which is highly unlikely seeing how they never fixed the unobtainable DLC trophies in the first game after it went free to play. [THIS PLATINUM IS UNOBTAINABLE]
  10. The platinum is unobtainable.
  11. Likes squids, octopuses and some big brass balls.
  12. I think the game is really hard to even get through on furi difficulty. I can not for the life of me understand that the platinum rarity is above 1% on this site.
  13. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune. That game though.