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  1. What is it that decides if the little guy suddenly loses his balance after a jump? I feel I do identical jumps but some of the times he just can't stand up after thr landing. Same with how long time it takes for him to get up after a belly flop jump. This is especially problematic in the hexagone finale, when you sometimes can clear two block jumps, but other times not because he takes half an hour to get up from his belly. Is there any rules to this, or is it just random?
  2. I'm interested in getting this game, and I've seen it has quite a few DLC released. Though, there isn't any season pass..? So the best way to get all DLC is to buy the Ultimate edition which contains the first two and then the last two separately? From what I've heard upcoming major DLC will be free, so I guess there will never be a season pass?
  3. Nah, the OG from 2005 still holds its own very well against this new one. However, getting this new one for free now on PS+ with all the updates and fixes already released, one can't complain easily. Even though there still are a lot of issues with the game that will never be fixed.
  4. Nintendo 64 Playstation 1 Xbox 360 Playstation 3 Nintendo Wii Playstation 4
  5. No we did just a few trophies, I got the plat a year later. I guess I'll just give up haha
  6. Yeah, but that's only for the platinum/100% completion trophies. The specific trophy I want is just a random one in a game.
  7. How? When I go to a trophy I can only see the 50 first and latest achievers?
  8. What about registered accounts on this site then?
  9. Is there any way to view a list of all achievers ever of a trophy? Like for example I did a trophy years ago with a group, with such a list I could easily find them by looking at the trophy achieved time.
  10. Yup. The developers never fixed the glitched dlc trophies in the first game, so don't count om them fixing these.
  11. I've just finished the story and was planning to free roam for misc trophies, collectibles and just for fun. However, I realised there is no free roam in this game once the last mission is finished. I booted up the second to last mission or something and just "free roamed" there without doing objectives etc. However, nothing I do is saved until I complete the next objective, for example if I upgrade a car, it is saved only when I complete the next objective afterwards. So the 50miles trophy for example, needs to be done in either one sitting or split between mission objectives. And the collectibles? Are those saved instantly when being picked up?
  12. Seeing as many people finish this platinum in about 7-8 hours, I am very dissapointed in the length of the game. I was really looking forward to this game, but beeing this short, I'll wait for a sale.
  13. Very poor performance, lackluster graphical upgrade, totally broken sound, graphical glitches in cutscenes, having to restart missions due to game breaking errors, unobtainable trophies. This definitive edition is truly poor and lazy.
  14. I'm currently playing through the first mission, and noticed something instantly. While using headphones the dialouge in cutscenes is only being played in the left ear..? This isn't the case during gameplay. Anyone else who have noticed this? EDIT: Just saw that this has already been mentioned in another thread: