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  1. No.
  2. Is it possible to create a team? Or server for this is gone? And the only way is to find already created teams?
  3. Oh my God! Days Gone and its 100% is the reason I'm done with 100%ing games and probably with beating the trophies at all. I just tired, tired of multiply walkthroughs of the same game, even if this game is good. I'm hardcore Syphon Filter fan, and I really like Days Gone, but this is too far.
  4. This is MB-150 rifle from Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow. With the same bolts possibilities.
  5. If some content will be locked forever with online shutdown, it will harm the MK series legacy. Online specific games IS EVIL, they'll don't left almost nothing after themselves due to online shutdown.
  6. It will be Resident Evil 2 Remake.
  7. Gravity Rush 2 - most booring game in my life, first game was nice though. So I start playing GR2 because GR1 was good, but after all - I've completed it for trophies only.
  8. I beated 100% from RDR1 in september. For me this game is 80% boring, plot has nothing interesting almost all the time except last Black Water chapter and finale. Major part of plot it's just about finding two guys. On the other hand, RDR has nice dialogues and cool characters like Marston and Dutch. I will play RDR2 when I'm ready, because I like Marston's stories about his gang and all that, and I'm excited to see the whole gang in action.
  9. Nice! No new trophies, i really don't like new GoW that much.
  10. Infamous: Second Son
  11. Lol, that minigame was AWESOME. And easy as hell when I understood how to play it. Simple math.
  12. If you collect all Breach Software in main game and sell them first, Breach can be easier and faster, if you have luck to get A or S rank weapon drop from crates. (you obtain a lot of loot-crates from Breach Sowtwares). So I advice you do Breach after atleast one playthrough of main game with collecting all 30 Breach Software.
  13. I think it is Normal, but you should prepare for Breach Mode beforehand. Like collect all Breach Software in main game and sell them for getting chance to obtain good weapons in Breach Mode. Otherwise, Breach can be pain in ass.
  14. Got all, last one was Revengeance. I'm naked. )
  15. Oh, okay, sing me then! ) Really love Worms, just can't miss anything of it.