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  1. I asked someone on my friends list earlier who got the all side missions trophy and they said the random bounty missions aren't required.
  2. You pull the main lever and it opens the cages and frees the slaves below, assuming you are referring to the same abandoned ship that Anna tells you about.
  3. Quick save is not available on Ranger Hardcore, but checkpoints are the same, there's no permadeath/restart level elements if you die.
  4. Ranger Hardcore disables quicksaving, but checkpoints are still enabled and are quite generous, it's no permadeath/mein leben type thing. Also there is chapter select and collectibles aren't missable, however there are choices to make for the good/bad endings but I don't know them all, and actions that related to some of your crew staying with you, it's like the moral points of previous games but nowhere near as many to get
  5. I had the same issue, try it offline and it'll work. I think the servers are having teething problems.
  6. Yep that's the strat I used, warp strike then all creation (kamehameha lol) when it's available. Even better at 100% fire resistance as the fireballs don't damage you at all, you just have to take your time and not be too greedy or he'll punish you.
  7. Level isn't that important, the weapons you use are. Imo get a weapon/shield that can give you 100% fire resistance for Ifrit, and then use dragon whiskers upgraded with plenty of attack and defence, stacked with the Penetrator X ability, that's what I role as. Good starting point, I believe I was around 1000 Attack and Defence was around 1400 as I used the rampage Sigil. I am higher than that now, my character has dragon whiskers on more than 1 slot. And yes I forgot about the buffs, play the daily mission every day and buy the 30% crafting bonus from the witch in lestallum when you go to craft your ideal weapons.
  8. You don't but it will help immensely and it's what I recommend. Bear in mind the urgent quests in the update, especially the one I mentioned are far beyond anything in the base game. I'd also recommend the Rampage sigil for those for the increased defence and HP, as well as the very nice war strike combos.
  9. Yeah more or less as that's how I did it, I did most of it last december when there was still somewhat of a playerbase, but even with an OP character you'll struggle on that urgent quest I referred to, not impossible with the AI but considerably more difficult. Btw everyone should go with Dragon Whisker stacked with double Penetrator X, the most OP weapon available I believe. Oh one more thing, kenny is very RNG and rarely shows up, but he is almost always guaranteed to appear if you play the daily mission without picking up ingredients along with other players, finishing a mission with AI results in them always picking up ingredients, which reduces the chance of him appearing.
  10. Good luck to those attempting this completely offline, a few of the urgent quests are tough and much more difficult, namely the one with the giant flan and mutant deathclaw, the AI bots are completely useless there lol At least the KW grind is far less with the March update, you'll get a lot more through natural progression.
  11. Ah that's alright, as someone who mainly prefers SP it seems co-op ins't required which is good for me. I found score attack to be a drag on Rise as there was so much of it so I'm glad to see I won't require a high score.
  12. I always thought of the 3 flag system as a '2nd chance' sort of thing, my hidden trophies are mostly from a Blops 2 modded lobby and a game in 2010 before this website existed that I hid before it would get flagged (CoD Classic), I'm glad the rules give me a 2nd chance on this silly mistake I make nearly a decade ago when I was 18 and didn't care much, which I believe most deserve. I think this ruling will be questioned and always brought by others up as long as Hakoom is allowed to keep DTR on his profile unhidden as well, but I don't really know what's going on with that anyway so I won't comment further.
  13. Yes all Dojo missions, completing normal missions solo should unlock them.
  14. That's the problem, you need to complete ALL dojo missions again on Way of the Demon. Did you play through missions in Tori Gate? Sometimes missions won't unlock that way for some reason, the solution is to play some missions solo that you completed in co-op using Tori gate.
  15. What's your Way of the Demon mission progress under the Dragon of the North tab in the stats menu? If it's lower than 100 you are missing something. Make sure you completed all dual boss fights too as they count, including the ones introduced in patches. Dojo and twilight missions must also be completed, but none of the missions from DLC 2 or 3 count towards that trophy even if they are installed. I'd be wiling to bet you are missing a twilight and/or dojo mission.
  16. Damage you deal to enemies doesn't seem any lower, a single attack and then dodge under/double kick seems to KO almost all enemies with ease if you use Full Charge Capacitors, everything does hit noticeably harder though. I haven't noticed differences in enemy behaviour or anything else yet.
  17. I wonder if Starcrunch is looking at this thread after our 'disagreement' yesterday.
  18. Nah since you can't even go online without the latest update, and NG+ infamous was added by a previous update too, so it can only be done legit now.
  19. I've helped 15+ people get the Infamous trophy but yeah it has definitely been patched now, the past 4 I've tried with it hasn't popped, it's easy enough anyway with Mars weapons and razing the land using a helicopter.
  20. Are you gonna post the rest of the trophies later? Or is it not your copy? Great username btw lol.
  21. I got it after like 3-4 hours or so of farming rooftop score attack, by my count you can get about 90ish zombie kills in 4 minutes or less if you are fast, I know you get more on pitch 7 but it takes around 7-8 mins, not sure if it's worth almost double the time? I never did a kill count there as so many spawn at once it's impossible lol
  22. So my thoughts are that it is fairly challenging solo to get some of the gold medals, mainly rooftop escape, the fast furious one I don't even see how that's possible solo unless I'm missing something, a player has to be using the mounted gun to shoot the barrels and mutation capsules along the way for the extra points, even then it's a bit tight. Of course it's significantly easier in co-op, but the kill grind at the end is a bit of a bore.
  23. For what's it's worth it's significantly easier in co-op, it combines both players scores together and also gives the time bonus to the individual scores, it's really easy that way, beats taking an hour to beat escape the rooftop lol. Edit: this is my rooftop run solo.
  24. Ok finally got it, I used the same general strat as that video above, only I I tried to blow up the 3 behemoths with remote explosives, speed is the key imo, follow that vid for the spawns, I didn't switch to the SMG which I probably should have done since you get more hits for extra points. I had like 4k fewer points but was like a minute faster so got a higher time multiplier at the end.
  25. Does anyone have any tips for escape the rooftop gold? It's the only one I'm struggling with so far, I randomly seem to be between 3-4k off the target, I once did it with almost 4 mins left but I always seem to come up just short and I've tried it about 7 times now.