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  1. Today I purchased a bunch of bronze cards (using in-game credits of course; who spends real money on this nonsense? ) to see if I could get up to 300 and to my surprise I got there fairly quickly. The thing is though, if I now start an expedition and the game asks me to select cards for this expedition and I look under "All" it says I have 232 cards 🤔 Am I missing something here or is this trophy bugged? I didn't sell any cards, if that matters.
  2. Well if I start NG+ I won't spoil anything since it's the beginning of the game again.
  3. I'm not that big on co-opping in any game, but I'd like to try and get the platinum trophy. So I'll need to do some co-opping. For the Polyamory Trophy I need to have the same three co-oppers in my game as I finish 5 quests. As I understand it, I can do the quests on my own, I just need to have co-oppers with me as I end each quest by going back to the quest giver. I am currently at the end of my NG playthrough and I would prefer to do this co-opping thingy with people in my friendslist, because it's easier. My questions are: - If I go to NG+, does that affect matchmaking? - Does my level affect matchmaking? - Can I invite anyone from my friendslist into my game, regardless of their progress and level? - Which 5 questlines would be easiest to do in this way? I guess it's not that big of a deal since I can just do a bunch of quests and not finish them until I have five unfinished quests.
  4. Well, that is unfortunate. Pay2Win shouldn't exist, Naughty Dog. Bad dog!
  5. Just wondering: I bought the PS4 version of this game which includes the 3 DLCs (left behind, reclaimed territories, abandoned territories). Does this mean that all the weapons become unlockable when gaining enough multiplayer experience or must some weapons be purchased separately, regardless of level?
  6. Yeah, finished it. It wasn't very difficult, as long as you make plenty of saves.
  7. I'm going for the run without using healing items and now I have a question: if you get hit once, your health stays at fine (most of the time). However, is it now slightly less than 100% fine? If not, does it reset to 100% fine, for instance after saving the game? I ask because if it goes to less than 100% fine and it stays that way I should probably not accept any hits early on in the game, because those hits might turn out to be quite annoying later on.
  8. Nope, not possible with a digital copy AFAIK, although I might try playing the last mission just to see if it works. P.s. Je Engels is goed genoeg
  9. According to this website it has been patched. As for doing a new playthrough: first off, I suck a shooters, so what may be easy for you guys will be hard as balls for me Second, I'm a bit anal about doing this kind of stuff using one char instead of multiple. OCD and all that. Thanks for the replies so far.
  10. When Googling this I'm getting mixed replies. If I want to get the platinum trophy I have to play the game on Uber difficulty. Is it enough to replay all chapters on Uber (meaning you keep all perks and upgrades you earned on an easier playthrough) or do I have to start a new playthrough (this resets all chapter progress, upgrades and perks, is the message I see on screen)? I know of the glitch where you only play the last chapter on Uber, but I have a digital copy so that's not possible. Please indicate how sure you are of your answer. Did you try it?